Oh god the taste


I was really looking forward to using Huel as a meal replacement for work. First uses, I always use the blender, add ice and make a smoothie. In the first one, I used cinnamon to add flavor. The second time I used instant coffee and vanilla extract. But honestly, I am finding the taste to god awful. the second time it actually made me gag. I purchased the vanilla. what can I do to improve the taste/experience?


Do you mix in water or milk? If water, how much water do you use, and how many scoops?

I find 12oz of milk with 1 scoop taste fine.
and 20oz of cold water with 3 scoops also taste fine

I’ve even added 1 scoop of Huel and 1 scoop of Whey to 16oz of milk, and that tasted fine too.

I’m a very picky eater, and I find the taste of Huel to be okay…

Do you use the UK version? Is your Huel expired?


I’ve always had trouble drinking most weight gaining/protein shakes, and the first time I tried Huel I thought it wasn’t going to be any different. When it comes to eating food I’m huge on texture, so the super thick shakes always made me gag, and I’d end up pouring it out before finishing it. But with the Huel I’ve found that cold water and about 24 oz of water for 3 scoops and its like I’m drinking water. I tend to drink them fast, even with the 24 oz, because I’ve found the longer it sits the thicker it gets. If the taste is still getting to you, I would suggest trying some cocoa powder


I just recently tried putting about a table spoon and a half of penut butter and a full banana in my shakes (blending them) and it completely changes the taste! I’m used to drinking protein shakes so the taste to me wasent too bad but now I can’t wait to drink them!!


First of all, I don’t use the bottle with the mesh insert, I fix Huel in my NutriBullet. Shaking that bottle will never get it mixed enough. I’ve done many things to add flavor, try a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter and/or chocolate syrup — you don’t need much. My latest discovery which I LOVE is to use Cranberry Juice or Cran-Raspberry or Cran-Grape PLUS a scoop of peanut butter (about 1 Tbs.) and the powder and 4-5 ice cubes — tastes like a PB&J sandwich. Don’t have juice? Jelly or jam works too. I’ve also used fresh berries with banana or fresh mango or mango juice. A little cinnamon and/or vanilla extract helps too. If I really want a treat, I throw in a splash of non-dairy coffee creamer, it makes it very rich.


Cranberry juice + peanut butter + Huel? @HandbagJunkie, I must say, you’ve got me very intrigued about this combo. I’m always down for a good pb&j. I’ll def be testing this one out. :yum:


Hi Dee :wave: We’re sorry the shaker didn’t provide the consistency you were looking for - everyone is different and while the shaker is a great, convenient option for many of our Huelers, some may prefer their Huel blended and that’s a-okay with us! I just wanted to clarify though that for any new Huelers reading our forum, shaken or blended is simply a preference and there is no single way to enjoy Huel.