New hueler, need help getting past taste

Ordered huel last week, came fast, within 4 days. Was super excited, did lots of research, all the reviews were great. I really hate to say it but ive never tasted anything so vile in my life. First day i blended 1 scoop of chocolate powder with 7 oz water, ice, banana, tsp of natural peanut butter. Choked it down past my gag reflex. Next day tried berry powder with fresh bluberries, same amount of water and ice. Today i had chocolate powder with tsp of instant coffee. It tastes like sand. Im so disappointed but determined to stick it out as i spent over 100 bucks on this shit. Is there ANY way to make it taste better?? And to everyone who said “omg it tastes just like a shake!” Bitch have you ever had a shake before??
Please help.


I like mine watered down to where it is more like a drink than a shake. I do about 22 ounces of cold water to two scoops. I don’t add anything to it and I like the taste. I use both the chocolate and the vanilla.


Same. It is wayyyy too thick. Gotta water it hella down or its undrinkable.


I use vanilla almond milk because I like the added flavor and don’t like it watered down. Really disliked mine with water. There is a recipe thread on here you can read to help with some recipes. But if you don’t like it with water try a different liquid.

Same as the other repliers - I think thinning it out will help you a lot. I do 12oz water per scoop, blended, left overnight in the fridge. I also add good quality cacao and cinnamon.

For the Huel flavors, I use half gf chocolate and half gf vanilla. I have a big container where I just mix a bag of each flavor together and seal it, so I can just grab a premixed scoop.


The best quote on this message board, so far.

But we need to help you at least get through your current supply. Whether you re-order is something you’ll deal with later. But let’s at least make sure you don’t toss what you already have. Urban legend has it that every time a bag of Huel is tossed away, a random vegan is struck down with mad cow disease.

Huel powder works best either really really thick and eaten as a hot porriage, or dilute like a cold smooth Ensure style drink. In between concentrations is when you’ll run into problems.

For the drink, don’t be afraid to dilute it down, blend it, and store overnight in the fridge.

As a porridge, vanilla Huel works well. Scoop out your portion, add enough milk to make it a thick paste. Microwave it for 2.5 min. Stir, then add a bit more milk to get it the the thickness of a hot cereal porridge. Nuke it another 30 seconds. Stir in some cinnamon and top with raisins or apple slices.

I think its a good idea to try your first few times without adding anything. At least that way you know how it taste on its own and work your way from there. I’m personally not a fan of the vanilla flavor by itself and I haven’t even bothered with the berry because I know I won’t like it.

I drink mine with 15 ounces of water per scoop and drink it immediately after making it.

It also helped me to keep in mind that this is not supposed to taste like a treat. This may be an oversimplification but its basically just fuel for your body. With that mind set I was able to start enjoying my Huel instead of just tolerating it.

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Have you tasted it without putting bananas and peanut butter etc into it? I just have mine with water and no it’s not the best taste ever but it’ll do for me. I got vanilla and choc and I have to say I prefer the vanilla and I put a shot of espresso into my morning vanilla shake :slight_smile:

I started Huel a little over a week ago. I was in the exact same boat. My first drink was too thick and combined with the taste (it was vanilla flavor) just made me gag. The next day for day2/shake1- I added cinnamon- and it helped but it was still not the greatest. For day2/shake2 I tried peanut butter and I began to realize that in order for me to enjoy it (at least in the beginning) I needed to add a little extra. Then on day 3 I blended it with milk and a few strawberries. This did the trick. For some reason- I think my brain couldn’t get past mixing it with water. It was like eating Wheaties Cereal with water. Now that I am used to the flavor I think I might be able to try it with water- but at the same time - why ruin a good thing. So far- so good, and I’m halfway through my second bag. I actually look forward to it now.


I just got my first shipmen, the taste of it is so disgusting I don’t think I’ll buy more. I have tried all kinds of ways to make it taste better and I just can’t past that taste. I’ll keep trying.

Try 500ml water + 100g of Huel + 2x servings of instant coffee + 1x serving of caramel flavor boost. Shake well.

And please, don’t go calling us “bitch”

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OK. I had the same issues and now that I have lived on Huel for about eight weeks I have found that one scoop of a flavor/one unflavored along with cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, cinnamon or berries help me get it down. The deal is this for me: the effects on my strength, energy and overall well-being make it desireable. I am 65 with a seasonal job that requires physical and environmental endurance. I bring Huel in a cooler and life is good. Premake it the night before I drink mine in glass jars at home and in old Soylent bottles at work. If I wanted something to be tasty I know where to get Cheetos and Snickers but I also know how I would feel. I figure I can eat in winter when work is finished.

Exactly. It isn’t about the taste.:green_heart:

I add ice and milk to mine. Also, try leaving it in the fridge overnight. Once mixed it is good for up to 24 hours. The graininess will go away. Just get a blender bottle with a harder shaker ball. If you leave it sit…it will get thicker, so dilute it if you try this method.

Hope this helps!

Check out my post: New hueler, need help getting past taste

I had a really negative first experience when doing 2 scoops of vanilla because of the stevia after taste. I’m only a couple weeks into it and here’s what I’ve found to be the best. Keep in mind it will always have a bit of an oaty flavor in the background. I’m still refining some variations but right now my initial shakes have been 1 scoop each of vanilla and UU in the Huel shaker after filling it halfway with water. I add instant coffee and then shake a bunch and leave in fridge for a few hours. Not sure if the coffee further cuts some of the stevia flavor but I like having the caffeine boost built in. I then chop a handful of strawberries, a banana (helps a lot), and put maybe 1/4 cup of orange juice in it (or can top off w/ water). Use a stick blender and blend it right in the shaker. Pretty tasty and you can increase the strawberry amount to add more of a flavor boost. Can’t speak to the flavor boosts yet since I haven’t tried them and they also have a bunch of stevia in them. I’m leaning towards supplementing flavor myself vs. using their powders right now.

I make my shake (unsweetened/plain plus chocolate) with skim milk and one banana. I like the taste.