Personal experience with Huel

Honestly, I was disappointed a lot with Huel. It works pretty well but the taste is awful!! I’ve asked customer service about ways to make it taste better but it shouldn’t be this hard and the taste is still really gritty. I’ve tried a lot of other powders and they were not like this. Definitely a waste of money. Will not buy again.

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You try the ready to drink?

I found the best way to a smooth texture is to double blend. I have a little personal Oster blender. I blend my mix (usually with frozen fruit but not always) and put it in the fridge for an hour. Then I put it in the freezer. After about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, I blend it again. It comes out very nice, sometimes even frothy. I like it very cold anyway.

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i originally wrote a response to this post that was several paragraphs long, talking about the benefits of drinking Huel versus the continuation of subsisting on junk or a poor diet/exercise regimen, the recipes that have been posted here on the Huel forums, and a few other responses that came to mind, but your original post doesn’t make all that much sense.
maybe i’ve been jaded since i started commenting in the forums just starting recently…by responding to most of every post i read even though other people felt that the original poster was just trolling. but you didn’t give any readers of your comment much of any information to go on other than you didn’t like the texture, that you had contacted customer service to have them tell you how to make the shakes taste better (?) when there are many recipes posted in the forums by users on how they got their shakes to taste the way they liked them to by trial and error…
so i think that you are simply trolling. by the many other threads that have been posted that sound exactly like yours without offering any other information as to why you are dissatisfied.
you reasoning is lacking in any substantial reason. have a go at any of the recipes that are posted here. why contact customer service to ask about ways to change their product for your specific taste?!
customer service is for missing or late orders. missing products. wrong orders.
Desert_Way is not a Huel representative and can not vouch for the veracity or validity or Huel products.
no one else is either, unless they have the tag in their screen name. but most people that post here are simply users, either happy with or unhappy by their experience with Huel on the whole…but they generally have more aptly posted threads reasoning as to why they are happy/unhappy with their experience.
now this post is longer than the one i originally wrote, and for that you are welcome.

I think people lose sight that it is not supposed to taste like a dessert. It’s essentially baby formula/breast milk for adults in that its more about the nutrition than anything else. I don’t think anyone loves it on their first sip. It all depends on how much you want to utilize the product for what it is.

Taste is very subjective and I don’t think anyone can help you with that but you. They offer flavor boosts but if you already find the base powder that offending, those probably won’t help much. There’s tons you can do on your own to make it better suit your taste. About the gritty taste, try using a lot more water. When I started, I was using 15 ounces of water per scoop. It helped me a lot. I also recommend adding muscle milk to your Huel, unless the vegan aspect is important to you. Muscle milk tastes really good, has a strong taste to mask Huel’s, and helps balance out the protein:carb ratio.

I am not sure it’s the taste that may be the hurdle. It seems to be the texture. This takes a few days to adjust. It did for many of us. Now, I barely notice the texture. But any powder with ground up flax and oats is gonna have this grittiness since that is how those foods are.

Try giving it more time. You already paid for the bag so you might as well see if a few more doses allow you to adjust. And sip some water after taking a few gulps to see if it helps clear any grittiness from the throat.

Sorry to hear this Kira. What flavours did you try and what is that you didn’t like? What were you expecting? What bits worked for you? We can figure this out.