Tell us about your first tastes!

I just started on my first Huel shake/drink I’m not entirely sure what to call it when you just mix it with water. And though I would start a thread for reporting experiences.

I mixed the Vanilla and eyeballed the odd 70 ml. Between the powder and water it was pretty much at the 600 ml line on the shaker bottle. I have been drinking it slowly as I reply to things online after going for a run.

My first reaction was that it tastes “raw but not unpleasant.” The flakes are enough that I find myself wanting to chew, especially after I swallow, but that does not bother me. I am not around a mirror, but I imagine the ones that are left behind are visible, so having some water handy to be able to rinse them off when done might be good. I also noticed a lingering sweetness that at first was distracting but as I keep starting and stopping my drinking I guess I have grown accustomed to, but another reason I might want plain water as a chaser (NB. I am pretty sensitive to sweet).

I think it settles. I feel like these last ~200 ml are thicker but I may be imagining it. It has been 50 minutes since I mixed it. Something I may need to watch, and if it is the case just sake every so often if I am drinking it slow.

Stomach feel was good throughout, except for the relatively quickly pounding back the last 100 to 200 ml, that caused some discomfort in a feeling of heaviness. There are lots of possible reasons: because at the end it was so thick, because I was getting full, because I did it so fast, or because I am not accustomed to eating so much. Chasing it with some additional water (400 to 500ml) seems to have helped.

I ordered one bag Vanilla and one of the Unflavored so now I am very curious what the unflavored will be like. I am only traveling with the Vanilla at the moment though, figuring I would finish that before starting on the Unflavored.

I’ve been drinking it for 4 days. I ordered one bag of UU and one of Vanilla.

The first couple of days I was making a 115gm shake in the late morning, blended with fruit and veggies. I would eat an early dinner, and then have another shake, 90gm, later in the evening.

I like to eat brunch and then not think about food again until dinner. But the 115gm resulted in a very thick shake. I like thick, but this was a bit too much. Of course, I can thin it with a lot more water, of course, but I decided to try doing 3 smaller shakes instead. So this morning I had 70gm blended UU / vanilla with fruit, this afternoon I’ll have 70gm UU with V8 and lime, and tonight I’ll have 70gm vanilla with almond milk. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m enjoying the shakes. I feel good and I feel satisfied.


I received my first order yesterday (vanilla flavor) but I’m not quite ready to dive into a big glass yet. I’d been watching and reading a lot of reviews and have actually been fairly wary about the taste/texture.

This morning I decided to try just a 1/4 cup of Huel. Didn’t measure the water, just mixed it to a nice thin consistency. Took and swig and, surprisingly, loved it!

I love the nutty, oatiness to it. It does taste a bit raw, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. It tastes like letting raw Quaker oats sit in a bowl of water for a few hours, then strained.

I couldn’t pinpoint any vanilla flavor, but it does have a flat, back end sweetness. Next time I’ll order unflavored, as the sweetness tasted too artificial and didn’t seem to add anything positive to the experience.

Looking forward to jumping on this as my only food source within the next week or two!



Just started on my first Unsweetened/Unflavored (UU) shake. Used 2 scoops and my final fill level was about 450ml. I tend to like earthy things, but to be honest, I would not recommend UU for straight consumption. I would not call it unpleasant, but it is not pleasant either. I find it just very bland and by a few drinks in I was trying to think of what I could easily mix with it. I think, possibly just adding a little sweetener might go a long way towards helping with straight consumption.

I am really glad UU is a flavor option and I think it would work great blended with some fruit, for cooking, or otherwise supplemented. However, for drinking unadulterated, I will be sticking with Vanilla, and will probably try out a mixture of the two for finishing my UU bag.

Update: I am finding mixing UU with Vanilla to work quite well. I am still experimenting with ratio, but I am thinking I will settle on 2 scoops UU and one scoop Vanilla as my preference.

I’m using the UU shake. I have a bad reaction to Splenda, so the vanilla wasn’t an option. I tried it plain, and I have to agree that it needs something. I put in some frozen berries in my first shake and some flavor syrup in the second. Both worked well.

I just had my first Huel drink today. My first taste reaction was “well, it’s not magical, but it’s not that bad.” I got about halfway through the drink before I felt surprisingly full. I put a shaker ball in but there was still quite a bit of clumpiness no matter how much I shook it- I will definitely try blending it next. I put stevia in because it wasn’t sweet enough to my taste, but this may change as I get used to not wanting as much sugar anymore. I did notice the last 100ml was very thicky and grainy and it made me gag a little. But overall, it was very satiating. I did chase with water.

I haven’t had any farts, but I am noticing a little bit of uncomfortable thick burps deep in my chest.

I’m sure you will get the hang of what works for you and I’m glad you didn’t encounter any major issues. I shake occasionally as I drink to counter settling (not a problem when drinking quickly); if you blend things probably end up finer also alleviating the issue. I think the overly thick dregs you encountered may be responsible for the stomach feel afterwards.

Are you using the Huel shaker from the first order?

I have only once had a clump problem of any significance using it (and no shaker ball). When I had an issue, I had not followed the directions. I thought it strange that you odd that you add water, shake, then add more water. I now realize that it is important to have the extra empty space when shaking so thing mix well. If you have it too full of water when you are shaking, the water slows things down making the shaking less vigorous.

Yes! I followed the instructions exactly and used the Huel bottle. I’m looking forward to experimenting

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Just got my first order this week. I got one bag of the Unsweetened and one bag of Vanilla because I wanted to try both. I started out with the unsweetened mixed per the directions by itself an I just couldn’t do it. got just a few sips in and it was just too much. I can drink things like black coffee and unflavored club soda with out a problem so bitter flavors are nothing new to me, but there was just something about the flavor/texture combo that I couldn’t handle. I tried the vanilla by itself and it didn’t go much better at first. I tried mixing a bit of coffee in but didn’t really seem to make much of a difference. I did find something that works for a start. I mixed 1 scoop unsweetened 2 scoops vanilla and about 4 or 5 ounces of Aldi Chocolate almond milk and I was actually able to handle it. I am the first to admit that I have a bit to much of a sweet tooth and am working on reducing it. I know that is not an ideal item to flavor it with but at the time it was the best I could come up with since I don’t have a blender or or a mixer. When I tried this combination I have been able to drink it much more easily. I am going to try maybe some vanilla flavoring or some sugar free syrups until I can get used to it and tone down the sweetness. I am open to more suggestions if anyone has any ideas on how to better flavor it for someone just getting started that likes things on the sweeter side.

EDIT: Been a few days since I got my order and the experience has improved drastically. I found a recipe that I like a lot and find it much easier to drink.

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Had my first drink today. 3 scoops with 500ml or so of water. l Thought it was really good actually. Im pretty used to protein shakes and all of that, so it wasn’t hard to enjoy. Trying to drop some pounds before my wedding, so supplementing this for lunch and breakfast.

Didnt drink my breakfast drink, and drank my lunch one from 11am-noon and its almost 5pm now, starting to get pretty hungry, so i think its time for an early dinner.

We’re happy to hear your experience has improved! In case you haven’t checked this out yet, we have plenty of fun recipes on our website, here:

The forum is the right place to be! Our Huelers share their fave Huel creations all of the time. :blush::+1:

Totally understand the #SweatingForMyWedding struggle! Been there. If you’re looking for weight loss tips, we have some helpful info, here:

I thought I should include my new fave Huel creation. I call it the “Huelthy Cinnamon Roll” :joy:

  • 225ml of water
  • 225ml of unsweetened almond milk/coconut milk blend
  • 3 scoops of Vanilla Huel
  • Cinnamon (Eyeball it, about 2 tsp)
  • Agave or stevia to taste
  • Shake, boom, done.

If you use U/U Huel, you might want to use more of certain ingredients to obtain a sweeter, richer flavor. Let me know what you think! :+1:


I just got my first box of Huel yesterday and I was really excited to use it! I think it’s a great product! My first serving was actually pretty good. I was expecting a lot worse. It tasted to me just like I was drinking pancake mix. But less thick. I think I’ll try some different flavor additives in the next few serving until I can find something that I’ll enjoy drinking daily but I was overall impressed. I’m also extremely full and that’s a good thing! Thanks for a great product.

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Got my first box today, and am still a bit unsure about it. Not that its bad in anyway, just not overly pleasant. I got the Vanilla one, and maybe its just me, but I don’t taste really any vanilla at all. I had to check the bag to make sure it wasn’t the unflavored one. I prepared it as the directions said and took a swig. It tastes pretty much like it smells, very oaty. A lot of people are mentioning the sweetness, maybe Im missing that too? I think someone mentioned adding a sweetener to it? I am looking forward to learning new recipes because I love the idea and convenience of it, I just need to figure out how to make it work for me.
Any words of wisdom/ guidance?

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We are happy to have you on board!
Many of our Huelers do sweeten Huel with their own ideas (maple syrup,honey,cinnamon, etc). We have a very helpful guide on our site with tips on how to sweeten and flavor your Huel. Here is the link:

I got my first order today and mixed up a batch of the Vanilla flavored in a Blenderbottle.
This is my first foray into meal replacements, and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted better than expected and was
easy to ingest.
My motivations are to try to live healthier and eat better.
So far, Huel is everything I had hoped. I hope a month from now I feel the same about it.
Time and my willpower will tell.


I’ve been drinking about 50% Huel for nearly two months. I’m feeling great. At some point you might consider a blender. It allows you to increase the variety of way you can flavor your Huel. Frozen fruit works very well.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that when I need variety.

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Got my vanilla Huel yesterday. I made a shake according to directions except without the ice, then last night I warmed up some coconut milk and added the Huel and some cinnamon to it. I had dreadful SBDs but I think it was the coconut milk, because this morning I had a Huel smoothie with banana, cashew milk, mulberries, water, ice, and Huel, and it was delicious, and no side effects. I didn’t snack all day. I had a plain water Huel according to the package directions (no ice) and was full mid-afternoon, then out of habit more than anything, and not wanting to shock my system too much, I had a regular dinner. Oh, I wish I hadn’t! I feel like I have a half-ton anvil in my stomach. I was just too afraid to go straight Huel for all three meals. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be such a chicken. My goal is to do a cleanse, as well as get more nutrients in me. Maintain my weight, maybe drop just a few pounds, not too many though, I want to be fit, not just thin.