How to improve unflavored Huel


For my first order I got one bag of Vanilla and one of Unflavored. I loved the Vanilla but now I’m stuck with the unflavored which I really don’t like. Does anyone have suggestions for making the unflavored taste better? I tried powdered peanut butter and a bit of sugar, but it tasted even worse. The flavor boosts would probably help, but the chocolate, strawberry and coffee are all sold out right now, so I’m waiting on them to be restocked.

What do you do to make the unflavored Huel drinkable?


A lot of other people have used an instant coffee mix to help make Huel more palatable. I would try using cinnamon and other powdered mixes. Also, mixing it with flavored yogurts to make smoothies would also help.


I sometimes use a bit of cinnamon.


Order more vanilla and then mix the two :slight_smile:


To 2 scoops unflavored unsweetened Huel in 400 mL water, I added a tablespoon almond butter, a tablespoon lemon juice, a teaspoon of chat masala, and a teaspoon of sugar. It was not bad.


Banana sweetens it without adding sugar. A little agave goes a long way. I want to try monk fruit next.


Thanks for all the suggestions! Today I used sweetened vanilla almond milk in place of half the water and it was a big improvement! I also picked up some banana artificial flavoring that I’ll try since the banana flavor packs are now sold out