Tell Us Your Unflavored Huel Hacks!


Calling all Unflavored Huelers (in preference, not personality :wink:)!

We’re working on some great content for people that prefer the UnflavoredUnsweetened version to help them find ways to flavor and sweeten their Huel. So, who better to ask than the Huelers themselves to share creative creations with us. Since we are big on convenience and nutrition on-the-go, the easier the concoction, the better! Your idea just might make it into our video!

These are some of the ideas our team has come up with so far:

50/50 Unflavored/Vanilla
Add your own sweetener: stevia or monk fruit - other healthy alternatives?
Powdered peanut butter
Different milks - which are your favorites?
Flavor Boosts
Cinnamon - any other spices?
Vanilla extract

We want to hear from YOU! Comment below with your favorite U/U hacks. :raised_hands:


green onion
and spicy V8 instead of water
tastes like you’re drinking a taco.


Seriously, my favorite is to use a blender and add a banana. So frothy and awesome. Changes the entire taste and consistency.

Trying some stuff with Cacao powder and chia seeds and ground flax seeds (not all together) but don’t have anything to recommend yet.


I made a batch of “runny” guacamole and added huel, it was the consistency of pudding. Since the guacamole is pretty spicy (and I add lime juice to mine) I couldn’t taste the Huel at all. I ate it like pudding not on Mexican food.


I’ve only done it once, but I was a little surprised to find Sriracha Sauce works alright with UU Huel. It wasn’t amazing or anything but I’d do it again. It is nice to have a simple variant that is not a fruit or other sweet flavor.

I was inspired by the successful reports of mixing with a spicy V8 blend because I was jealous and wanted spicy Huel too.

I would caution about adding too much as I think the flavor could become too vinegary and risk ending up with a combination like dill pickle juice.