Sweetening Your Unflavored Unsweetened Huel

Right now I’m subscribed to the Vanilla Huel (not gluten-free), and quite frankly the sucralose stevia combination in the formula is getting to me. About halfway through my second month on Huel (one smoothie a day made with unsweetened, toasted almond coconut milk and a frozen fruit medley of bananas, blueberries, and strawberries), I noticed that the sweeteners left a residue in my mouth and on my teeth. This is definitely not from the fruit, as I used the same combo in non-Huel smoothies. The Vanilla formula also made me much more thirsty than normal and I drink a lot of water. When I don’t consume Huel, this doesn’t happen. So I’ve narrowed it down to the sweeteners because I’ve had bad experiences with both sucralose and stevia in other drinks and foods.

I’m considering switching to Unsweetened/Unflavored (not gluten-free), and I was wondering how other people sweeten their Huel. I am considering adding coconut/palm sugar syrup to U/U smoothies. Anyone care have any other suggestions that don’t include white sugar, sugar in the raw, sucralose, or stevia?

If your fruit is sweet enough, you may find you don’t need an additional sweetener when making a smoothie. Fruit juices can also help with this.


I’m a complete newbie but so far I have sweetened with 1/3 of a banana and 2 strawberries (with 2 scoops of unsweetened unflavored Huel), as well as cold brew coffee concentrate and a teaspoon of chocolate with 2 scoops. Both drinks were tasty, not very sweet, but sweet enough for me.

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For me agave nector or plain fruit. Honey too if you want just a touch of sweetener.

I don’t mix with water and the smell of maple syrup makes me nauseous.

I thought it was pretty clear in my original post.

Especially when replies come up via e-mail or when you return mid-thread it can be easy not to connect later post with earlier ones.

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Has anyone tried mixing in PB2?

Personally, I prefer mixing my U/U Huel with monk fruit sweetener. For flavoring, you can do all kinds of things - get as creative as you’d like! Some of my go-to’s are powdered chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla extract, or almond extract. Hope that helps provide some inspo!


I had bad effects from the sweetened Huel so I went unsweetened. I want to keep the calories/sugar down so I sweeten with stevia instead of the sucralose from the vanilla Huel. If I have coffee or something else bitter I use about 10 drops and with frozen strawberries (3/4 cup = 35cal) I use about 8 drops. I’m using this specifically: https://www.nowfoods.com/natural-foods/betterstevia-liquid-organic and I expect it will last me quite awhile.

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And I know your post mentioned not liking the combo of stevia and sucralose and I felt similar but with just stevia I find it not overwhelming and I can sweeten it just enough.


I believe PB2 has come up in other threads.

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i’ve been doing it since i’ve had my huel (only on week 2, so…) but only doing a serving (2T) per huel, just to get an extra little bit of protein. doesn’t affect the flavor, that i’ve been able to tell.

My BF uses just stevia. Personally i drink u/u with just water, sometimes some turmic, but i am pretty plain jane. Also found as time goes on the sugar cravings get less. PB2 has had great reviews. Hope you find your right combo!

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Maybe mixing a bag of unsweetened and vanilla to thin it out?

Or if blending it use grapes for sweetness.

I’ve only drank U/U Huel and I’ve noticed a gritty residue feeling on my teeth as well, so it may not just be the sweetener? I use 2 scoops in 14 oz plus ice and found that drinking water alongside Huel helps with preventing residue feelings.

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