Chocolate Huel Taste

Howdy. I’m new to Huel, and ordered a couple bags each of chocolate and vanilla, and one of the berry. I just tried my first taste of chocolate, and it’s very unpleasant. There’s just a bit of sweet, and not really any chocolate. There’s also a strange, almost bitter, aftertaste. Is this normal? I’ve tried Soylent chocolate, and while not exactly a chocolate lover’s dream, it’s definitely more pleasant than this.

It’s not undrinkable, but I’m not sure I’m going to like it. I’ll be giving a few flavoring options a try that I’ve seen on here, and if anyone wants to give one in this thread so I know I’ve got the current recommendations that’d be great.

I just wanted to make sure this was normal, or something funny with my bag.

Thank you.


Things I have figured out in my huel journey. The thinner you mix it the sweeter it will taste. Let your huel rest for a while after mixing it this will also improve the flavors.

I gave the chocolate a try and ended up giving 1/2 bag away to colleagues at work. I love the vanilla, berry, and U\U, however the chocolate I found far to chalky in flavor. I’ve tried adding cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter, chocolate syrup, almond milk, fresh berries, mixing it with berry, vanilla, and U\U, and I was able to get the flavor better, but never what I would consider to taste good to me.

In contrast I make a morning shake with a vanilla and U/U mix, unsweetened apple sauce, blueberries, and a shot glass of unsweetened apple juice, which I am very fond of! I blend it the night before and stick it in the refrigerator overnight. Delicious! The berry I like with just the powder and water, blend it smooth and yum!

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Are you able to drink the U/U plain?

Thanks for the reply. Testing thickness and letting it sit are definitely some of the things I’ll be trying.

The shaker of chocolate is my first try. I picked chocolate because it’s usually a safe bet for me. I like chocolate stuff. I didn’t even order any of the UU stuff. Just chocolate, vanilla, and berry.

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I have yet to try the chocolate Huel. I have, however, added the chocolate Huel additive to my vanilla Huel and it was good. Of course the vanilla Huel had the sweetener so the chocolate was just cocoa powder. But the combo of vanilla and chocolate flavors was real nice. So I wonder if mixing your actual chocolate and vanilla Huel powders one to one might do it.

If you have any packets of stevia, try adding a half to whole packet of that to your chocolate Huel to see if that does the trick.

Another thing that goes well with chocolate flavor is blending in a half or whole banana.

The berry Huel powder is pretty darn good, IMO. So keep hope that you’ll like that one.

After some experimenting what I’ve found to work for me is 400ml of cold water, then add 2 scoops chocolate huel 1.1, then I add 1 scoop chocolate ON Gold whey protein, then I add 150ml more cold water. I then blend and let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. End result is about 520kcal with 52g of protein and a chocolaty flavor that I prefer.

Like Kilroy mentioned, the flavor profile does seem to change the longer you let the mixed huel sit.

No, it tastes like flour. But the U/U lends it’s self best to adding things, and I use it to cut the vanilla and strawberry sucralose sweetness and aftertaste.

That’s cheating.:joy:

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Tend to do the same with every protein shake, milkshake or similar. However, I think the safest best in term of Huel are New Vanilla and Original (perhaps U/U to add to the mix if you don’t like things too sweet)

I’ve made a shake that was half UU and half chocolate, plus a scoop of Gold Standard chocolate Whey powder… Tasty


I also made the mistake of ordering One bag of Chocolate and one bag of vanilla in my first USA order. Man oh man, that chocolate is disgusting! I have been doing 1.5 scoops of Vanilla and a half scoop of the chocolate to balance out the flavor. But I am almost out of Vanilla and have decided that I am just going to throw away the rest of the chocolate. Not worth it at all! YUCK!

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:sob: Throw out… Huel?

I’m going to stick with the original vanilla (to which I add instant coffee).

The berry tastes like breakfast cereal and the chocolate tastes like cake mix. I feel like I’m eating candy. :frowning:

I love the chocolate version. Of course it doesn’t taste like Soylent, but it’s still really rich in chocolate. I find Berry to be kinda bland in flavor, it tastes like berry but not strong enough.

After a few tries, I’m still not into the chocolate. It’s not horrible, but is better with some almond milk and coco powder. The berry was just very lightly flavored, especially considering how fruity it smelled.

Oh no! This isn’t what we like to hear. Would you like us to send you an extra bag? We offer vanilla, unflavored, and berry!

It’s all about mixing it up. :wink:

Besides mixing the flavors, I’ve got some cocao powder on hand, along with a Huel bannana boost. Also experiment with U/U—adding a little old fashioned sugar, a dash of Old Bay, and some lime.


That’s some serious Huel organization!