New Version of Huel Powder (v1.1) and New Berry and Chocolate Flavors


Chocolate was good too! Very happy. I was confused about the new scoop, though. It would have been nice if there was something in the package letting us know serving sizes had changed from the last version. Or something in the confirmation email?


I noticed the fiber content went up by 9 grams for 2000 calories and the chocolate comes in at a whopping 52 grams for 2000 calories. My Huel intake is at least 3000 calories per day. Based on what I read, over 70 grams of fiber per day can cause issues and even interferes with absorption. I will be getting at least 66 grams a day with the new Huel. As too much fiber increases gas and bloating, I am a little worried if this will make it even worse. Since Huel is low Fodmap and most allergens are not in Huel, the bloating and gas seem to be more fiber than my system can get used to. It would be great if a variation of the Huel product could someday be available for people who are focusing on every meal being Huel, but needing to avoid overdoing it on some things. That is probably a tall order, but I would be interested in a slightly lower fiber content than the 1.0 Huel, not one that adds even more like Huel 1.1. Are the details available of soluble versus insoluble in the 1.0 compared to 1.1?

As for the flavors, I tried both and love the chocolate. It reminds me of devil’s food cake. The berry is good too, but more subtle. I will be sticking with Vanilla as my staple, but will try these as a treat, so long as they don’t tick off my digestive system any.

Nice job on moving this great product forward.


Hi @JohnnieD72

Thanks for your feedback. There is no reason why fiber would ‘interfere with absorption’. There is also no reason why the low FODMAP fibers in Huel would increase gas and bloating. Fiber requirements are a little vague and are based on a moderate energy intake. If you have a high energy intake - as in your case - you will have a higher fiber requirement. Indeed, if you were eating a solid-food diet, you would be consuming a higher fiber intake by default (assuming good food choices, of course).

The ratio of soluble : insoluble fiber in Huel is approx 45 : 55 (a bit less with chocolate flavor)

Glad you’re loving the flavors :slight_smile:


I got a chance to try the berry Huel powder today. For the first dose I always do straight up Huel powder + water, no additives. Just to see how the unadulterated product tastes. It was quite tasty. Slightly better than Vanilla Huel powder in water.

I make most of my Huel doses with milk/water mix and then add stuff. I imagine using milk and adding half banana to this berry Huel powder is gonna be great.

Good job @JamesCollier


I am very excited to try the berry and chocolate Huel. I was going to order some when it was announced, but bills and other stuff got in the way. Ordered Tuesday and supposed to arrive this Saturday!

I have to say I am hoping I really like the new flavors. Since I started I have exclusively used vanilla and have been adding stuff to almost every shake I make for variety (and/or more protein). It would be even easier to make Huel-only shakes if I still get a choice of flavors!


I have both new flavors and the new sized scoop coming with my order next week. I plan on using the new scoop to go from four 500 kcal drinks to five 400 kcal drinks. Anyone else try a 400 kcal version? If so, did you use the same 20oz of water and how much did the consistency change?


I went from having 3 150 calorie scoops to now having 2 200 calorie scoops per shake, so a little bit less powder. I just add less water than before accordingly. Consistency is about the same.

For reference, I used to fill up the entire Huel container for old formula for a 450 calorie shake. Now I only fill it about 80%.


Thanks Mike. I’m thinking of keeping it 20 oz with two 200 kcal scoops and adjusting if thats way too runny.


Can we use old scoop for new orders ? I mean new version can also be taken in 456 kcal per meal right ?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the calories per gram are the same, just comes with a differently sized scoop now. So using the old scoop equals the same calories still. ?


ignore the 456 kcal per meal part…i meant was we take 3 scoops(500calories) in general per meal in 1.0 version. Can we also take same 3 scoops (old version scoop) per meal in 1.1 version also ? or stick to new scoop 400 calories per meal with 2 scoops(new scoop in this case)


Absolutely. I always wing it with my Huel dose each day. 2, 2 1/2, maybe 1 1/2 scoops , and then I will add things here and there, blend it, and refrigerate it. I’m using the OG scoop with my new blueberry Huel powder. Works just fine.

I’ve never felt the need to weigh or accurately measure my Huel. I go by what I feel.

Do people honestly weight out all their foods? Did people carefully measure foods before they started using Huel?

Guys, it’s not a prescription. It’s food. Use the force.


Can someone with huel in their username please start a new post explaining calories and scoops- there is entirely too much confusion around how to measure huel.

Yeah, i wonder if people count exact numbers of goldfish crackers or potato chips for a serving.


Hi MIke - sorry for all the confusion

The new serving should be simpler, ie 2 scoops = 100g = 400kcal.

Here’s a pic of the serving directions off the pack of Huel US v1.1



:joy::joy::see_no_evil: I weigh out most of my food if it isn’t prepackaged, like Quest bars or similar. But things like fruit, veggies, rice and even my Huel scoops get weighed out. It’s easier for me to track on MFP if I do it as such. A medium banana to me could be a large banana to you, but we can both see what 150g of banana is. :woman_shrugging: :beers::yum:


Have you seen the posts about using old scoops with new Huel or new scoops with old Huel? It seems there are some who can’t do math on calories per scoop because the bag shows calories per 2 scoop serving. Then the are some who do so much math that I lose interest in trying to follow. I keep suggesting that the easiest solution is WEIGH with a scale rather than various approximations of volume. I seem to be a heretic.

sigh i guess this confusion will go away on its own as v1.1 and new scoop completely replaces old.


We don’t take kindly to your kind 'round here. You know… the kind that use that metric system. Round here, folk only use good old fashioned measurements. Scoops. Pinches. About this much. About yay high. Yonder over there. A smidgen. A gaggle-flock. I mean, God told Noah to measure the ark in cubits, not meters. He’d a measured his ark in meters, them poor animals woulda drown.

This whole “confusion” will just work itself out after a few months as people naturally get the new scoop. But we sure as hell aren’t going to resort to something as logical and easy as using a kitchen scale.


Sorry m’lord, i shall return to 4 bags per hogshead each fortnight and a half until I’ve lost 2 stone of body flab.

I will also begin a regimen of running one and one third leagues per day as a healthy exercise.



My energy requirements aren’t as high as yours are, but I’d be interested in an update regarding any differences you may have experienced with the new formula. I, too, have had gastrointestinal issues.


So far, I have not noticed any difference in terms of my digestive system reaction to the differences, but I have not been consistently using the new formula yet, as I still have some of the 1.0 to go through. My initial reaction has not given me any concerns though. I am kind of siding with the theory that more is probably better for me, even though some information warns of too much fiber. It is hard to find solid scientific data that is proven, and not just theory. After I go on the 1.1 version for at least a week, I will be happy to provide more info, but so far, I don’t see any issues.