Serving Size changes


I just got my first huel shipment in about 7 months and I noticed that there is less powder in each bag and the serving Sizes are smaller. I wasn’t given a new scoop so I have no idea how much powder to use… Anyone have any suggestions for correctly measuring the servings out if you don’t have a scale?


Heyo! A full serving of Huel is a heaping ¾ cup or 100 grams, and it contains 400 calories when mixed with about 16oz/500ml water. I’ll send some scoops out to you, though!


There is 40 grams less Huel than before due to changes in the formula. There are still 7,000 calories in each bag, but the powder itself is roughly 2.3% more calorie dense.

Since you have the old scoop, you can find out the calories with this:
1 level scoop: old formula - 150 cal, new formula - 153.5 cal
1 rounded scoop: old formula - 166.7 cal, new formula - 170.5 cal


Thanks! Tyler. Most appreciated. I actually don’t have any old scoops either or I would try that option. In any case, thanks for the scoops.


For clarification, the old scoop can be used as fairly comparable to the new scoop? I just ordered a new set & didn’t include scoops because I assumed them to be the same.


If you use the old scoop and continue using the same amount of scoops as before, you will get about 2% more of everything, so about 10 more calories for a three scoop shake, slightly more of all the vitamins as well, etc. You would also use up the bag 2% faster, etc. Its not much, but if you are strict about numbers, there is a small difference.


So, I’m confused, I have two different scoops. One that is straight (older) and a tapered one we go on the last order. Did some water level measuring and the new tapered one is bigger than the older straight one. Is that correct?


The new scoop is bigger, and the new formula is denser. I’m not sure about the water amount, because the new serving size is bigger. Basically, to keep it simple use the new scoop with the new formula, each scoop is 200 cal as opposed to before when it was about 150 cal.


Hey Sonali. Sending you some scoops now :slight_smile: in the meantime, a heaping 3/4 cup is around 100g which is the standard serving size.


Yes–the new scoop is bigger!


This is very useful information. 200 calories and 400 calories aren’t enough options. Now I can have a 307 calories option.

I dislike the 2019 scoop because powder often splashes onto my kitchen table when poured into the shaker, due to larger surface area on the 2019 scoop. This rarely happens with the 2018 scoop.

But what’s with “level scoop” vs “rounded scoop”? I thought it should always be “level”? I use two scoops for 333 calories, and I’m undereating the whole time?


Our recommended servings are based off of a level scoop, so your meals would have been accurate!