New Version of Huel Powder (v1.1) and New Berry and Chocolate Flavors


Hey James,

I’ve been drinking Huel for a year now (2/14/18 was my first order - a true love story here).

I’m not really into the community or anything - I just drink the stuff. I noticed the new scoop and serving size a while back and wasn’t jazzed about it. I still use three of the small scoops most of the time for the consistency I like at the volume that feels filling, though another option is cool to have.

I do like the increase of omega-3 and B-12, because why not? I never realized Huel 1.0 had D2, so D3 is cool. I’d be fine with animal sourced stuff if it were better nutrition for my body, but I know that’s not in the ethos, so fine change. But I digress…

My question is this: are there photos of the original nutrition information label and ingredients list available? The nutrition info link does not allow me to compare the new formula and ratios to the old. That would be cool.


Attached is a picture of the 1.0 label. You can compare it to 1.1 here -


Thanks, @Sothan_Huel

For future reference for others reading, past version info and labels can be accessed via the Versions of Huel article in the Guides & Articles section.