New Version of Huel Powder (v1.1) and New Berry and Chocolate Flavors


I have recently been weighing 100g of powder for breakfast. It’s cool that’s the new target.

Could Huel please get us a quality/endorsed food scale that can be set and stay in grams? My US scale has ounces and eighth-ounces by default; it requires pushing a button to measure in grams … every time I use it. I imagine this is the norm for food scales in the US despite the fact many are made in China (or really anywhere else in the world uses the much more sensible grams)

I would really like to get away from “scoops” as a unit of measure - we might as well measure in handfulls or “eyeball to about ‘yay’ much” :slight_smile:


Can I just add one bag of chocolate to my usual 2 bags of vanilla. So 3 bags all together. When my next subscription comes up?


Same for me. “You Do not have any active subscriptions”. Except when I choose, “Manage subscription delivery”, I don’t get such an error, suggesting I do indeed have an active subsciption. Suspect an issue with the website.


Update on subscription issue: You should now be able to change the flavors on your subscription now. Below, are the steps to do so:

  1. Login to your Huel account, or create one if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click “Manage Subscription Flavours”
  3. Amend the number of bags and flavor mix using the drop down menus
  4. Click update subscription

Of course, if you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team! Due to the holiday and limited staffing, I recommend sending an email to as the best method of communication.


Yes, please. My pantry currently has 2.5 UU and 4.5 vanilla, and the OG Huel chocolate powder. So I’m full up at the moment. I’d be interested in seeing other’s opinions first.

Not even sure if I’d need a berry flavored one. I frequently blend frozen berries into mine. It’s nice adding in the nutrients and natural taste of the berries and the added benefit of making it colder from the start. And as far as chocolate, I can just add the chocolate I already have.


When I click on manage subscription flavors it is just a blank page with ads


Just changed my subscription flavors to give Berry and Chocolate a try next month if it has a good taste no more adding flavors to the mix.:+1::+1:


I found I didn’t care for the vanilla due to the sweetener aftertaste. I prefer unflavored with my own sweetener and choice of flavor.

So I’m wondering if the berry and chocolate are sweetened the same way? In which case I’ll just continue with unsweetened. I still have a lot to go through before my next autoship, I’ve been loving it. But I’m interested to trying a few of the new things to find my perfect setup.


So when we order the new powder, will we get new scoops that come with it? Also, does the recommended amount of water change? Are just the chocolate and barry different, or are they all different? Do the vanilla and the original taste different than what we are used to? Can we still use our same shaker or do we need a different one now?


Yes, but I have tried to bury thing too, and you have to add over 2 cups of berries for three scoops if you want to taste it. Probably around 2 1/4 cups. That is crazy expensive, and it is annoying. Yes, you do get benefits from eating a whole berries, but eating over 2 cups of berries per day is probably overkill. It would be better just to add less berries to the already flavored one, or just get that one and eat berries on the side or as a snack. Adding your own chocolate is also annoying and expensive. At first, I thought the flavor boost seemed kind of expensive, but then, I actually realized that it is more expensive to use cocoa powder because I have to add 2 tablespoons before I can taste it. Now that they already have a chocolate powder, that will be better because you don’t have to have a chocolate flavor boost. You can get a different flavor boost and have even more flavors. Plus, I do not have time to add frozen berries every day. I just want to add water and go. That is what it was designed for. While adding your own flavorings is optional, you should not have to do this in order to have variety because it was technically designed so that you can just add water. You can prepare Ziploc bags of powder and flavor boosts, and you can just have them with an empty shaker or something like that and your backpack. I was planning to go that route in the future. Basically every restroom has water, and many public places also have water fountains. And before you say that it would be gross to use water from the sink in the restroom, it is just the same tapwater that is everywhere else. However, if you really insist that you think filtered water is better, when really it is just tap water that they resell to you, you could buy gallons of it and keep it with you. Or you could buy one of those UV light filter pan things. However, I think that our water is safer than ever before, and it is fine, so I can just always have food with me and all I need to find is a water source. It is also more convenient then the ready to drink one because you can carry enough food with you for a week without your backpack becoming that much heavier. No, I do not expect to be stranded without food for a week, but I meant so that way I don’t have to always remember to put my breakfast or whatever in my backpack every day. I only have to do it once a week. Yes, I know that the actual pouch has that special coating that protects the nutrients, but since it is going to be in Ziploc bags and it is only for a week, I think it would be fine. Or maybe I will just put a pouch in my backpack. You actually can flavor an entire pouch very easily and just shake it up.


Yes, you can do that. You can have any flavors you want and whatever quantity you want for your subscription.


The chocolate flavor tastes like a cross between chocolate Jello pudding and licking the spoon after stirring brownie mix. The flavor is stronger than the vanilla flavor, but not overwhelmingly sweet. The texture seems the same as vanilla. Its darker in appearance than regular Huel, like chocolate.

The berry flavor tastes like strawberry yogurt, but more subtle. Its about as strong in flavor as the chocolate flavor. The powder looked just like regular Huel at first glance, but on closer inspection it is slightly pink and contains bits of berry, strawberry I think. Because of these bits, it has a texture similar to strawberry yogurt as well.

Overall I am very impressed with both flavors. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finishing these bags. They might both be better than vanilla, but I’ll hold judgement on that until I have finished each bag.

For me, the berry flavor is really good. It might become my go to flavor moving forward.


you’re making my mouth water


Thanks for the feedback @omikes! I think I am going to try both new flavors, however I don’t see myself going away from vanilla Huel as my main flavor because it is so easy to change/add to and create new flavors. Heck, I can turn vanilla into chocolate and berrry flavor but not really the other way around.


Not me. I add about 5 to 6 strawberries or maybe a half cup of blueberries to my vanilla Huel and I definitely taste it.


So, are you sending out new 50g scoops?


What would we do to get the new scoops with our next order? How much water would we add with the new scoops? Also, since the formula has been updated, do the original and the vanilla taste different?


As of right now, the new scoops are included in first-time orders, but if you have a subscription, you should be able to add scoops as a one-time order at no additional cost by accessing your account, going to Manage Subscription Delivery, selecting Add Product, and choosing the scoop. Of course, if you have any issues at all, please reach out to us here or and we’ll get it taken care of ASAP. :slight_smile:


Just got my first order of Berry and Chocolate, v1.1. Extremely happy with the berry flavor! Can’t wait to try the chocolate. Thanks!


Yay! Thanks for sharing! :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry: