V3.0 is here in the USA!

Today is the big day that we release v3.0 in the USA, our best Huel yet!

Finally we have a globally aligned formula where you guys in the US get the same Huel as the rest of the community! Previously, the US and European Huel Powder ranges had different levels of the main ingredients and the inclusions of some of the vitamins and minerals varied. In Huel Powder v3.0 we’ve completely aligned the ingredients and the majority of the vitamins and minerals to provide the optimum amounts. The only exceptions are potassium and chloride where the US inclusion is higher to meet the high Daily Values.

We’ve tweaked our formula so more of our vitamins and minerals come from whole ingredients. Like acerola cherries which are a natural source of vitamin C as well as a natural source of iodine from kelp and kombucha helping us out with some B vitamins. And there’s more:

  • We’ve added probiotics, in addition to the already existing prebiotics, improved the taste with all natural flavors, as well as giving Huel a smoother texture a little added tapioca starch and sunflower lecithin for a silky smooth Huel every time.
  • If you’re on subscription then your existing sub will be updated automatically to v3.0

Head to our product page here to get yours
You can read more about the Principal Changes here!

If you have any questions, let us know below!


This is out; so that means my next shipment will automatically converted to Huel v3.0? Also I cannot access my account currently, says in maintenance. Hopefully that will be fixed so I can see my updated subscription details.

Hurrah, the stevia is gone! I guess next time it’s time to order I might risk a bag of vanilla. Wish there was a sample option.

No more Stevia? So what is the replacement? Anyway, I can’t wait to try Huel 3.0. Hopefully the website is fixed soon…

Are there any plans to bring the Coffee flavor to the US?

There’s no replacement, it’s just some flavor tweaking by the magicians in product development.

We’re always working on new flavors for you guys so watch this space!

We’re looking into it…

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No questions, just to comment to say that new stuff is terrible. Won’t be ordering again. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good product and fixing something that wasn’t broken.

Hi @apocalysque

Really sorry to hear this. What is it that you’re not liking about v3.0 compared to v1.1?

The texture (the new stuff clumps) and the taste. The old stuff tasted like a dream. The new vanilla tasted like it’s rotten and the new chocolate tastes like bland, sour dirt. I literally threw away a whole bag of vanilla because I thought it had gone bad. After tasting the new chocolate I realized that was the new normal, except the chocolate isn’t as bad as the vanilla. I could eat the chocolate if I was starving, but it doesn’t taste good. The vanilla is repulsive.

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I’m pretty close to throwing out the bags I have myself. I cancelled my subscription today. The new stuff is just gross.

Wow, I actually emailed support thinking I had a bad batch. This was a mistake, I Imagine it will cost them a large portion of their customer base. Time to find another company I guess.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yeah, I just emailed asking for a refund as well. I’m honestly baffled how anyone at the company thought that this change was a good idea. I suspect it’s profit motivated. Certainly not motivated by making customers happy.