New Version of Huel Powder (v1.1) and New Berry and Chocolate Flavors

Huel Powder US v1.1 is now live with following changes:

  1. Further improved omega-3:6 fatty acid ratio
  2. Started using natural D-alpha tocopherol acetate as our additional vitamin E source
  3. Change to retinol acetate for vitamin A
  4. Increased vitamin B12 content
  5. Now includes plant-based vitamin D3

To view more detailed information about these changes with references, see the article here and the nutrition information here.

As well as Vanilla and Unflavored & Unsweetened varieties, we have two great new flavors - Berry and Chocolate!

In addition to all this, we actually have a new and much easier scoop and serving size system! After feedback from you all, we have changed the size of our scoop.

  • Used to be a ‘38g’ scoop (152 kcal)
  • Now will be a ‘50g’ scoop (200 kcal)
  • The recommended serving size goes from 3 scoops (456 kcal) to two 50g scoops (400 kcal)

Any queries, please post below!


Wow! Merry Christmas to us Huel users!

One question: Your article mentions that there are now 15g of Omega-3s per 2,000 calories of Huel. Isn’t that an extremely high amount? Or am I missing something? Isn’t a “normal” daily intake something like 1-5g?

Thanks for the awesome announcement!

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Hi @bobbins

We’ve been working on this for some time.

Great question: 15g is high, but that’s a good thing. v1.0 was 14g and it’s been tweaked up a little. Have a read of this article which explains why we need a good amount.

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@JamesCollier - Thanks for the quick reply! That article is super helpful. If I am understanding it correctly based off a quick read, the majority/all of the Omega-3s in Huel are ALA, which the body can convert into EPA/DHA (the good stuff found in fish and seafood). The human body can only convert a small % of the ALA, so the higher level is needed to get to the recommended amount of EPA/DHA? Do I have that right?

I was also happy to see the changes to vitamin B12 and Vitamin D!

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You got it!

Where do I find these new flavors? I tried to swap my subscription, and just gives you the option of v1.1 nothing about no chocolate or Berry Flavors… IS this available in the powdered form or only the ready to drink? Even in the ready to drink I only found Vanilla or Berry

I will try to change my subscription now, looking forward to trying the new flavors! I usually get one bag Van one bag UU. Wondering if I should get one UU still or just go for choc and berry. (I trited to change subscription flavors and it says I haven’t any active subscriptions.)

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@Hueler @Jonathan_C_Ross I just spoke with our tech team and this is a temporary system error that is currently being worked on and should be resolved shortly. If any urgent changes need to be made, let me know, otherwise, I will provide an update here when it’s fixed. :+1:

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Any chance that you could send out samples of the new flavors before we spend money on one that is brand new and exclusive to the US so it has no reviews on the EU forum?

I may just wait a few weeks until some feedback is posted on here.


I second this. I dont want to order 3 bags of it and end up not liking the flavor profile.

Also, to be clear:

A serving was said to be 3 scoops or 500kcal.
3 scoops is known to actually be closer to 450kcal.
Now 2 new scoops will be about 400kcal.

That’s a large swing in serving size. I may need to do some testing. Instead of 4 500kcal meals I may now be able to do 5 400kcal meals. Less mix should mean a more fluid shake and easier to drink.


At the moment, we don’t have samples available to send out @CJsDaddy. If anyone orders the new powder and doesn’t like it, we’re always happy to help you set up a return for a refund! (Hopefully that isn’t the case though. :yum:)


Hey @JamesCollier, thanks for the exciting update! I do have a question about the new suggested serving size though. Does this mean that the bags are now smaller or will there still be the same amount of powder in each bag? I’m not sure I will reduce to 400 and want make sure I will still have the same amount of meals in each bag.



500kcal x 14 servings = 7,000
400kcal x 17 servings = 6,800

So I think they are the same amount of powder. I seem to remember v1.0 says “about” 14 servings on the nutrition label versus v1.1 just saying 17 servings.


@CJsDaddy @Jonathan_C_Ross

I am thinking I will place an order today for 1 bag of berry and 1 bag of chocolate to try, and I would definitely post my feedback here for anyone to check out. The email that went out says they will not ship until 12/27, so it could be a little while.


Awesome! Guess I won’t be needing Vitamin D3 supplements anymore. Just bought a pack of Chocolate and Berry. Will report my findings.


Hi @kris4183

The bags are roughly the same size - I say roughly because although the gram amount may be slightly different, each pouch is still 7,000 calories.

That’s how we work out the amount that goes into a pouch. Huel is based on being nutritionally complete at 2,000 calories and 2 pouches 100% Huel at 2,000 calories per day = 1 week = 14,000 calories.


2 1/2 scoops would be a more precise 500 cal than 3 previous scoops.


Update on the subscription issue:
This system error has gone on longer than anticipated. The good news is that we can make changes from our end. Please send us an email at with your desired changes and we’ll get it set up for you. :ok_hand:


Very true. My point was more that the new size scoop will give us more options. Currently I aim at 2,000 kcal a day from Huel. I have been using 3 scoops 4 times for an estimated total of about 1,800 kcal. Now, with the 50g scoop the option of using 2 scoops 5 times a day becomes viable. This will have the added benefits of both coming much closer to my 2,000 kcal Huel goal but will also allow me to increase the water to Huel mix for a less thick shake. Now that I think of it - this will also allow me to safely add protein powder to my shakes without making it way to thick.

More options is never a bad thing.