Huel saved my life in one week

On 8/19, after 15 years of struggle, I sent my manager an email saying the GI pain was getting too much, and I was barely functioning in all aspects of my life most days. Today, I am better than I have ever been in my life. I am 45 years old and feel like I am back in my 20s right now. Part of that could easily be associated to the euphoria caused by being pain free finally. Until this, I had been in pain so long, I did not actually know that on days I was feeling better, I still had a layer of pain that was like a nagging tension under it all.

Everyone around me knew of my pain and struggles, but nobody could possibly understand the torture of it. I work from home, and never wanted to be on video calls, because I did not want to have people seeing the pained expressions on my face, if that gives any context.

There is a massive back story to this that some may find interesting, but I will not try to put it all in here. I am curious to know if people are interested to hear it, as I really feel Huel could be used as a medical diagnostic tool, and maybe other people will show similar results to chronic issues. That starts getting into a crazy cure concept, but there is plenty of data showing nutrition and the impact on health. Not to overstep, but if you believe some of the documentaries, I think it should be tested as a dietary protocol for cancer. I have no idea if it would help, but if you put it all together, I would love to see it be tested using my routine. If Huel has perfected nutrition this well, who knows what could be done from here. It is precise and measurable, so you could use Huel to be the basis for a diagnostic process to which small adjustments are made to either provide data to help doctors and patients understand what to do next.

In any case, I will try to be a bit more succinct, but it is hard when I am this excited and naturally verbose.

On 8/15, I decided to proceed with parallel paths in my treatment.

  1. Find a recipe to allow full nutrition from one meal that could be used for every single meal as a diagnostic tool.

  2. Request assistance from Grand Rounds to conduct a little research into some data I found on genetic causes.

  3. Sign up for AbleTo counselling to try to deal with the psychological toll the torture was causing me.

  4. Look into Traditional Chinese Medicine as an option.

When I searched for the recipe required for the diet, I stumbled on Huel. I did not even hesitate. I knew of Soylent, but the ingredients are many things I have been told may be a part of the problem. Huel, on the other hand, was my dream made real. Low FODMAP, low GI, low sugar, mostly natural, low allergen potential AND complete nutrition. I ordered my kit without a second thought about going on a Huel only diet, other than my decision to also give up coffee.

I started Huel on 8/17 as soon as it arrived and have not been back to “food” since. Here is the incredible transformation.

By 8/18, I still had a lot of digestive issues and pain. I had been in a full flare-up before starting Huel, so I was not sure which was causing the problems, as they were much the same as a flare-up. I knew a normal person should ease into such a change, but my system was more screwed than I would prefer to describe here, and I was suffering immensely, so I just went for it, I was only able to get down 1500 calories of Huel. I had tried mixing PB Fit into it, but it did not improve it much.

By 8/19, I decided to cease everything except peppermint oil every two hours, and Zenwise enzymes with every other Huel. Nothing else would be going through my digestive system other than water and an occasional cup of hot green tea. I had already stopped all the medications I was on so not to corrupt results, and they never really worked well anyway. I set the mark to 2000 calories, but I started the day not very good. My journal entry started “Very bad day. I felt like I wanted to be put in a coma all day”. That afternoon, I sat on the floor of the bathroom ready to cry over the torture in my abdomen to the point of wondering if I needed to call a crisis line or something. I was still not feeling better and I was having real issues getting Huel down, or out. My best hope also seemed like it was destined to fail. I sent my boss an email that I was near the end of struggling one way or another, gave him my plan, and told him if none of them worked, I was probably going to need to talk about disability options.

8/20, I was feeling slightly better. Just enough for me to have second thoughts on the email I sent and told my boss let’s just take it day by day for now. My pain was a bit less maddening, but it was still so hard to focus on anything other than trying to find some position that would give me any relief. My mental focus was almost non-existent.

8/21, the magic just started happening. My taste buds or maybe because of my mindset……probably both. My body started craving more Huel. It took me by surprise, but it decided it was not some weird thing I should not be drinking and wanted it. At least, that is my interpretation of it. I was energetic enough to go for a walk on a nearby trail, and to my surprise I managed about 2.5 miles. The initial pain was rough, but I had enough energy from the Huel to push through. Oddly, the pushing was much less of an effort, possibly due to optimism, and possibly due to a theory I now have that we need more calories than we know, but due to diet challenges, we usually do not get in the right mode. I had energy I had been unable to provide all this time, because I associated food with misery, so I barely ate enough to survive, much less thrive. I only got 2000 and my rating would put me at least at 2500, but it was already helping.

8/22, I started getting more hopeful as I began to feel the pain leaving. At that point, I did not know if it was just coincidental or not. The night before was the first time I had been “without pain” for over a year. I did not realize that was not the bottom of the pain yet, but was so ecstatic, I woke my wife up to tell her. That lasted about 10 hours before it returned. I had my first session with the therapist that afternoon, but by that time, I could feel it was really seeming to work. We talked about some goals, but I had a tough time wrapping my head around it all to know. I was very optimistic finally. I was able to walk another 2 miles with some pain.

8/23, my digestive system had adapted! Everything still seemed wrong with the way my digestive system was working, but I could tell it was still sorting it out. 15 years of damage is not going to be undone in a short period of time, but I was still pleased to have some signs I might be able to at least manage things better with this. My appetite always goes up when my digestive system is not in pain, so I pumped in more Huel and reached 2500 calories. Without the pain, and with no real concern that Huel would be an issue, I decided consuming more calories made sense, as I could feel more things happening as more was going in. I had so much energy that night, I could not sleep. I finally did some pushups and crunches to try to get some energy out. I had not been doing much actual exercise and was a little surprised I could do 40 pushups and 100 crunches at all, much less at midnight.

8/24, I had noticed a very different feeling in my abdomen the previous night. It was a kind of unwinding. I felt things moving around without issue. It was still irritating to be hypersensitive to that, but much less so and I was glad for the sensations. This day, I consumed 3000 calories to see what might happen. My muscles immediately absorbed any excess Huel. Every muscle in my body become more developed with only a small amount of effort. My best guess is that either I had enough calories to allow my body to do it, or Huel cannot be converted to fat easily, so my body had excess energy to absorb somewhere. All I know for sure is that it was a starling evening, and I am pretty sure my testosterone levels were either normal again, or unusually high. I had a very interesting meeting with the cognitive behavior therapist that day too. She was supposed to help me deal with the pain, stress and depression, but there is nothing to help with right now and I think the session almost ended up being me preaching to her about the value of Huel.

8/25, my wife and I went on an amazing hike on the Ute Trail in the Rockies. She has become convinced of Huel’s potential the day before, so we both went hiking on Huel and water. It was great, but I neglected to account for the time away and the amount of Huel needed. I was stuck with trying to consume another 1000 calories as soon as we got home to even meet 2250 calories. Mental note, always bring enough Huel! I had some discomfort all day, but it eased after having a Huel and things started moving that evening.

8/26, started the day a little weak and tired, probably due to the calorie deficit yesterday, but once I got enough Huel in me, I had immense energy the second half of the day. The best news was that I had less than zero pain. What I mean by that is the pain dropped off past what I thought was the end, but as the tension disappeared, I realized I had always been dealing with that pain. It was such a relief, I burst out laughing at the realization. All in all, I am better than I ever remember being in my life.

Reading over this, it might seem I am reading too much into it, as not enough time had passed to prove this has cured me, but nobody knows my body like I do. One of the biggest tricks is explaining how it has felt all these years. I suspect a lot of severe IBS sufferers can commiserate on that one. I know this is something big for me and am pretty sure I may be symptom free soon.

if the same protocol could be followed by other sufferers, maybe people can help me prove how big of a deal this may be. I have a scientific mind, so I have been as skeptical as anyone. I encourage everyone to be skeptical, as everyone really should be about anything you read or hear on TV. Do your own research and make up your own mind.

I am not in any way affiliated with Huel, but Huel has become a focal point for me, as it saved my life. I sometimes have to flex my arm to remind myself this is real, and I have not simply lost my mind. I came so close to having the pain drive me mad, I do not fully trust a reality in which I went from that to this level of recovery that fast. So, every once in a while, I have to anchor myself to the fact that it somehow is real. That is how big this is for me.

The other part of my experience that I would like to share is a theory I have about calories. Perhaps this is well known already by some, but I think we have the wrong relationship with calories. A lot of healthy people are worried about getting too many calories, and the majority of people get too many unhealthy calories. What happens when you give the body precise nutrition on a regular schedule and boost the calories higher? I do not know all the answers, but I am dying to find out with Huel. In general, I function better on Huel, and I can feel now when I need more. Even at normal amounts, my vision has improved, my body started filling out with muscle, fat keeps dropping off, and my mind works much faster than before. I have struggled to keep my mind sharp over the years, so I kept pushing but it was hard. I believe the muscle gain and improvements in mental function may be related to how sick I was and my body is simply able to recover now, but I don’t really know yet. If that is not all it is, maybe the body needs a certain amount of surplus calories to be better than just “normal”, and most people are not getting enough to allow nutrition to do the basics right because they think it will go to fat, which is true on many diets.

I know I ran on a lot with this, but I hope some people find it helpful. I don’t want to try to figure out whether I can just eat vegan and be ok without Huel. My analogy would be a prisoner of war, who was tortured for 15 years waiting for rescue. After giving up, he escapes on his own. I am nervous to take any chance to return to that prison, and I am fine with living off of Huel, so long as it proves viable long term. I am planning on another blood test in one month, and possibly blood tests every few months. I have not settled on the plan for that. I am in a mode of telling my doctor what I want to happen, instead of waiting for anyone to suggest things. My doctor is great, but if this journey doesn’t teach me to always keep the ownership for analyzing the problem myself, nothing will. I am thinking to create a Youtube channel or something, so people can keep up with my experiment long term, and show some of the gorgeous locations going on Huel powered hikes. I have so much energy with this, I would love to have the time to show everyone what Huel can do for you, particularly for those struggling with conditions like I did for so long; to call it life-changing is an understatement.

I ran out of Huel last night because my son wanted to try it, and I really wanted him to try it. It happened to be my last serving, as I timed the order wrong. After six hours of nothing, I had some acid indigestion, which makes sense, but it triggered symptoms in my small intestine I had never noticed before. With the storm of symptoms calmed down, I think the rare possibility mentioned by my doctors of Crohn’s in the small bowel makes sense now, even though the diarrhea is missing; they never have tested me for that, so I do not believe anything to date would have shown that. This form of Crohn’s may not even have diarrhea from what I read, and all other symptoms are spot on. The main concern for this type is acid production. The required treatment would be proton pump inhibitors for life…….or I can just drink Huel and not need meds. While in the midst of the pain starting up, I read about gastroduodenal Crohn’s, and it requires “intense acid suppression” to manage. Maybe it is coincidence, but it is adding up, and proves my point that Huel makes an incredible medical diagnostic tool, with or without a doctor involved. Imagine the results of this sort of thing with someone helping you through it, instead of analyzing it on my own. My condition made me hyper-aware of everything, everything still is hyper-sensitive in there, but no issues at all, so long as Huel keeps flowing on the conveyor belt. Once on Huel, I was able to fight the negative hypers with hyper-energy and hyper-analysis thanks to the nutrition in Huel. It gave me the power to help myself; no doctor’s input required. Hual has given me my life back, and I cannot express in mere words how grateful I am.

Thank you to anyone who read my very long winded posting.


Thank is absolutely amazing. What Huel did for you sounds truly miraculous. I once suffered for years from a medical condition that doctors couldn’t help me with, many of whom seemed to believe I was making it up or exaggerating. The problem cleared up after I followed a suggestion my father made, and I felt in some small way similar to how you must feel now. It is an extraordinary feeling, having a problem for so long, and then having it suddenly go away.

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Thanks for the reply. Glad you are feeling better. I respect doctors, but I do not respect the system. 15 minute appointments to describe complex issues is just not enough. They listen, but not so sure they try to put all the pieces of information we tell them together. It always seemed more like they have no time to do anything more than take the easy route and diagnose what they know. In recent years, it felt like they knew what they would tell me as soon as they walked in. If it is chronic and unresolved, they do not have time.

Yes. I also bet with the advent of the internet and WebMD they have to deal with an increasing population of hypochondriacs who will go to the doctor immediately upon suspecting a condition, rather than a last resort.

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Wow, this is such a special story. Thank you for sharing with your fellow Huelers! You’re an inspiration to us all, Johnnie! Looking forward to following along your journey. Keep us updated. :+1:


Really great to hear this!

Which varient of Huel are you consuming, out of interest?

I am using the vanilla gluten free version right now. I bought the unflavored version, but have not tried it yet.

I honestly hoped to use your product to fairly conclusively prove my issues were NOT diet related, and never expected it would not only obliterate my pain and inflammation, but give me back so much more. I now realize my vision likely improved due to my eyes being swollen, and this got rid of all the inflammation in my body. After 15 years of put Hell, I vowed if I somehow someday came up with a solution, I would try to tell the world. Using the miracle product you created as exclusive diet has been so much more than I could have dreamed. I don’t know if the experience is the same while people are on coffee, alcohol and such, but WOW! I know being as bad off as I was, a lot of the feeling is rebound, but it really is truly amazing to feel like this, and rebound this fast. It is a miracle to me.

I understand you put this together. All I can say is you have my undying gratitude. I wanted to die a week ago, and now I REALLY want to LIVE, and drinking Huel may just help me make up for 15 years of lost time; I sure plan to make the most of the time you have given me.


Hi Johnnie - really great to hear you’ve benefited so much from Huel.

Have you ever been investigated for any GI conditions by medics?

Yes, I have been to at least five or six gastroenterologists, two colorectal surgeons, had four colonoscopies, four abdominal CT scans, more blood tests than I can remember, a HIDA scan, small bowel followthrough and probably others I forgot.

I have been going to specialists most of the 15 years. All they prescribed was the usual laundry list of medications, but said I had no markers for inflammation and my colonoscopy was clean of signs of damage, so the chronic inflammation of my descending colon all the way down was never a topic of concern for them, even though I mentioned how it felt like inflammation many times, but they could not see the damage, so they called it IBS and maybe it was, but with debilitating inflammation. Whatever it is, they really should use Huel as a diagnostic step, if not the remedy.

I am sending another inquiry to Grand Rounds to see if they can make more sense of the exact symptoms I had, now that I am able to understand them better. I had not understood how much inflammation I was carrying around down there until it was gone. It is actually shocking to realize I had been in pain so long, I did not really know the inflammation I had when I was feeling “good” was still not normal. I would rather not explain how I know here, but use your imagination. I know that makes little sense, but it was not like I had a point of reference to compare other than my memory from long ago, so I didn’t understand it.

To give you an idea how bad it was, I would sometimes have to lie on my belly on a heating pad for hours. The pain always was much worse lying on my back.

I don’t really care to put a name to it, but I highly suspect I am right on the inflammation. I honestly burst into tears when the pain hit last night. I know I have this dialed in now, and I was just in a Huelless bind, so I was not overly worried, but I was not expecting the pain to be that bad anymore. I really don’t know how I carried that around all this time. I can’t go back to that. I hope you are around forever, but if your business ever falters, I will have a problem.

You cannot imagine the dietary combinations and restrictions I have tried. I am more than happy to provide my medical records if you have any interest. Maybe you can put a name to what it is. I have a cure, so not worried about it, but if it can be named, this diet can tame or cure it.

I apologize if I am a bit wordy. I feel like I am living in a dream still, so hard to get much sleep. It is a miracle I can barely grasp, but I am going to try to sleep.

Thanks again.

So pleased you’ve found a solution; are you planning on consuming only Huel or what other foods/drinks will you consume?

Short answer: Huel, water & hot green tea

Painfully long answer:
I plan to stay on only Huel, water, and hot green tea. If you have a hot Huel drink recipe, I might just opt for that. I just like something hot sometimes, but otherwise I have mentally detached from putting anything in my digestive system other than that. I don’t even want chewing gum, but might give in to that on occasion. No hard candy, or anything that will be absorbed by my digestive system. I had anemia with this problem, so I had been on a iron, b12, folate supplement to prevent getting lightheaded. I was leery to stop those a few days ago, but I wanted to stop anything I don’t really need. No Huel flavors additives either; I have not tried them to know how they taste, but I want as pure of a lifestyle as possible in that regard.

I had ordered a liver detox in the midst of it, but I had decided to stop all of that and the enzymes and see where I am really at now. It might be too soon for the damage to be repaired, but I wanted to test and see, but hope to be off those soon, if not already. So far, I have no signs of anemia without needing extra supplements. I would not normally be able to go this long without having problems if I bent over and stood up too fast.

My son does not understand how I can give up food, but I told him I am not giving up food, I am upgrading. I don’t feel I really have much choice at this point, but even if I did, I really want to do this. Huel saved my life, and I am having stunning results, so I want to prove it is better than what others call food. I am confident I will always want to do this, simply because I despised eating anything. Every mouthful made me fearful for what would happen in there. I don’t need the stress, even if I could eat good food without pain. With Huel, I do not have to worry about that. I cannot tell you how mentally freeing that is.

My plan will be to avoid anything and everything I can in terms of what I eat or drink. I just realized I do not need any medications now! :slight_smile: So no supplements or medications either, unless I do have some problem that really requires meds. I had been diagnosed as having hypothyroidism. I decided to ditch those meds too a while before starting this, but my thyroid is good in the latest blood test. My doctor know I stopped them, so I did not do anything stupid. I do not know if it was already better before or not. I never even fit the hypothyroidism diagnosis. Anyway, like I said, perfect health…now.

Based on my current results, I am hoping this will ward off further disease. I always said I would be in perfect health, if only I could rid myself of the demon in my belly. I don’t have anything more to overcome, so I just need to stick with the program, stay strong and get stronger. I still can’t believe the muscles I have now. I know most of it is just rebounding from the illness, but I have never seen them. I fought hard to stay as active as I could all of these years, but I never was able to eat enough to see the definition, I think. My wife is freaked out by how quick they filled up. I am going to work out and see how much muscle I can add back. I am still a bit frail in stature now, but I am understanding more about how to use Huel to add more muscle, so I asked my wife if she preferred me to be Thor or the Hulk. :slight_smile: I am going to do as much as I can until I reach what she feels is ideal for me. I realized in this process that the way I am starting to work out, I need at least 3000 calories a day. The math was spot on to say I need about 2500 minimum. I never was sure of that because I could not actually measure accurately before. I find 3000 is perfect for my current activity level, but I am curious to know what happens with more. I am just going to slowly try increasing and see how my body reacts to it, until it goes to fat or something. Any upper limits to consumption, or will I be finding those out myself. :slight_smile:

I am still surprised at fat loss with high calories and just some basic exercise. I have a theory that a lot of the sugars and undesirable carbs are considered like having to eat cockroaches on an island, so it tries hard to store them for later, if it can get by without them. With a perfectly balanced makeup like Huel seems to have, the body turns it into what feels like unlimited energy. The downside I have found is possible insomnia from the energy, but it might be just my excitement at feeling so much better. It is 5AM where I am and I still cannot sleep. I am pretty sure it is just excitement.I was going to sleep, but my stomach was empty and telling me to eat. I have not gotten used to listening to it and almost forgot the lesson of last night. I got up and just drank some Huel right when the gnawing started turning into acid reflux. I need to fix my listening skills soon, as I do not want more of those episodes. I felt so much better having it, but I am not sure if I am going to get any sleep at all today. Does my theory make any sense. We are told sugar gets absorbed fast, but do you think it possible the body absorbs it but doesn’t actually use it how we think we do? I just know the energy from Huel is more intense and useful than anything I felt before and the body doesn’t want to store it; it wants it to be used and pushes me to use it. I just can’t quite wrap my head around calories having nothing to do with fat so far. That is not what everyone is told, at least in my circles.

Is my experience typical for other people going Huel only? Has anyone ever been on it this strictly before or tried to push the limits of it?


I enjoy my morning Huel a bit warm. It sounds crazy, and I may be in the minority here, but it reminds me of malt-o-meal and gives me more satisfaction than cold to the point that I’ve come to actually prefer it that way.


A bit more about my condition, suffice it to say I had a bad case of eczema. For about a year I ignored it as best I could, but as it started to affect my studies (I was in college at the time) I started trying various over-the-counter anti fungals, athlete’s foot sprays (even though it burned quite a bit, as it wasn’t on my foot), and eventually even maximum strength yeast infection ointments (I am not a female), but nothing worked. I consulted four or five dermatologists during that time, and each of them drew the same conclusion, that I had become hyper-sensitive to itching sensations, and that it was likely stress related. I was very patient with them, but explained that it started quite abruptly one day and had persisted for several years, and that it seemed more like something living on my skin. I asked many times for a skin graft, which they each found to be unnecessary as they saw no visual signs of the issue, and would instead prescribe stronger and stronger anti-itching creams.
There were many sleepless nights, stress filled days. It was all I could think about unless I was drunk, and I developed quite the drinking problem in large part because of this. One day my dad suggested adding some bleach to the bathwater and taking a bath. I had read a similar suggestion online during the first year of my issue but had written it off as insane (as it is, it is extremely dangerous) but by year three I was willing to try anything. I added about three cups of bleach to a full bath three days in a row, and the problem was gone. It never came back. I don’t equate my story to yours in terms of severity by any means, but I understand the feeling of being ignored by well-meaning doctors. Nobody really knows your body better than you, at least to some extent. I still visit the doctor for checkups but it is by no means something I depend on anymore when it comes to certain issues.

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Thank you very much for sharing that. Don’t sell yourself short at all. My condition is no more significant than anyone else’s; when anything is happening to you and you feel your life is over, it doesn’t really matter to compare severity after that. How do you really even quantify torment? I am asked “What is our pain level today?” I would say 3 or 4 during daily pains, and I think maybe 7 or 8 for a flare-up. That may not sound too bad at 3 or 4. Try having that for many hours off and on every day and it becomes torment, which was a solid 10.

I think we all know our suffering very well, but it is impossible to explain to anyone else effectively. In a case like mine, I probably sounded like everything was wrong to the doctor. One symptom leads to the next and so on, so I really did have a lot of problems. I don’t claim to knows the root cause, just the source of the pain, in my case. It honestly wears your mental state down to deal with chronic torment, so doctors are probably confused too. The only thing I fault them for is when they take away hope. To go to a GI doc and have them say, you already tried everything and I am not sure how to help you is not an answer when the person is suffering and has no place to turn.

I was much closer to the end of my rope than anyone really knew, except me. It is a big deal when you suffer and don’t know who to even ask for help. If I had not made myself give it one last, really extreme attempt, I would have just faded away as a shut-in, at best. You never get the “as seen on TV”, let’s really figure this out approach with specialists from my experience, and they ran out of ideas. Maybe that diagnostic approach only exists on TV. That is part of how I came up with my parallel plan. If I were my doctor, what would I tell me to do. I cannot explain the mental stress of having to really analytically focus on every aspect of a problem you have been trying your best to put out of your mind forever, so you could think about other things. If the doctors had suggested this sort of treatment plan, I would have had less to stress about. Encouragement that it might work means a lot, but when you are doing something seemingly crazy on your own, you lose your reference point. I had nobody to tell me this even could work, so it was harder to accept than I had expected when it did, if that makes sense. I did not see that coming.

Apologies if I am getting overly introspective, but my emotions are still trying to sort themselves out. I had been mentally preparing for failure, not success.

Anyway, I am really glad you are better and I hope it continues.


This morning was rough. I am honestly feeling SOOO much better physically, but I became a bit too overwhelmed trying to understand everything as I get better,losing myself in the process too far. I did not anticipate the toll getting better would take on me emotionally. I am euphoric at feeling better, stunned to think my life is not over, and I can actually LIVE it now, angry at the many, many mistakes the doctors made, angry at myself for not being able to make the doctors listen to what I told them, confused at trying to understand what happened and accept the reality of it all, frustrated that I can’t really work with someone on this the way it needs to be worked, and so many more. It hit me hard today, and my company put me on leave to let me figure this out to conclusion. I didn’t care what to call it before, but it would help for my own peace of mind, and to prove Huel works to help diagnose “it”.

Because of the anxiety and need for validation on my findings, I went to my doctor today. I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on his face; he was stunned just looking at me. He saw me a week ago and can’t wrap his mind around what happened. I am so passionate about this being a diagnostic plan, if not a treatment plan for people like me, I donated a bag of Huel to the cause, giving it to my doctor to try. He seemed excited about it too. :slight_smile:

He confirmed I am on the right track in terms of my understanding of my symptoms, based on his knowledge, but he said he cannot diagnose it himself. He was obliviously careful in choosing his words, but the mouth sores, facial rashes, swollen tongue and eyes should have been enough to have significant doubt in IBS. He said the mouth sores alone are an indicator of IBD, not IBS. So, I am vindicated that much, but I am reluctantly agreeing to see a colitis specialist who can determine if it is colitis, Crohn’s or something else entirely, but those are the likely two. He says he cannot provide a diagnosis, but he agrees it sounds increasingly likely to be Crohn’s due to my Mother and I having symptoms like my niece. The only issue I have with that theory is the doctors only “saw” evidence of Crohn’s once in my niece. I have not read up on testing procedures for Crohn’s yet, but he says they can do a biopsy to confirm. If they mention IBS, I am going to scream at someone this time. I told them it was not “IBS” for years. It feels good to have established some proof. It is just going to be hard for me to get over my trust issue in a 15 minute appointment slot.

So, interesting health note. My blood pressure is amazing, even under the anxiety I felt. I was sure it would be high, as I was so overwhelmed, I felt shaky, but it was 116/80 and my pulse was 83.

Here is some idea of the more recent visits and the progression is enlightening.
1/3/2018 Anemia present. Abnormal blood test. I can’t locate the blood pressure and weight.
2/5/2018 146/95 196 lbs
4/10/2018 123/87 191 lbs
7/24/2018 134/87 182 lbs
I started Huel 8/17:
8/23/2018 112/76 180 lbs
8/30/2018 116/80 178 lbs

I would consider the blood pressure numbers fairly remarkable in terms of the degree of change and consistency in spite of being calm on 8/23, but being highly anxious today.

I am not a doctor, and I do not claim to be, but this is just food, not medicine, so I would really love it if anyone who has health issues, but willing to try a one week of Huel and water experiment, to do so and share their results for comparison. Think of it as an intense one week, whole body cleanse that leaves you energized and nourished. You would be helping yourself, me and if it proves out, maybe a great many people eventually.

So, I decided to really try to detox my body now. After this ordeal, I am questioning everything I put in my body more and more. My son brought home a bad cold…I just caught it, but I am resisting taking any medication. My wife said try this and that, and I told her I want to do this right. I guess it will be interesting to see if Huel helps endure a cold. Maybe after my body finishes recovering, my immune system will be able to help ward them off. For now, I am left to deal with it naturally in my determination to stick with this as fully as I can manage. I can’t promise not to slip, but I am going to try. I can’t sleep with my head stuffy like this and I refuse to take cold medicine, so I just started thinking how things were rebuilding in my intestines. See if this makes sense.

The doctors say eat a variety of food, but if you have such variation, how would your intestinal microflora ever be their strongest, best condition? Most animals eat a staple diet, but we seem to think we can eat anything and with wide variation. Doctors even claim good and bad bacteria battle for space, so what happens when you put in consistent nutrition your body no longer needs to adapt to and nothing to disturb it? My theory would be that in time, you would have the most stable microflora you could achieve. If what they say is true and the bacteria in your gut affects your ability to ward off disease, would it not make more sense to keep it as consistent as you can manage, so you have more consistent microbes to fight off infection and disease? Maybe the only thing better than Huel for the body would be the same exact balanced meal in the same exact proportions, day after day anyway. I am almost to reaching two weeks of Huel, water and green tea now, and although it does not seem to cure the common cold, I see no downside to continuing this, and only see positives. Any thoughts on that concept?

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Your sample size of 1 test subject (yourself) is much too small to be making general health claims. I don’t think you are trying to do more than enthusiastically endorse a product you believe in (most of us here do) - but be aware how you might be misunderstood outside this forum.

I consider that the human animal evolved in an environment where regular/steady food supply was unlikely, so our digestion systems needed to be able to process variety in an efficient way. Microflora and its impact on health is a fascinating and still inadequately understood field of research. It certainly changes how we see ourselves to suggest we’re sentient spaceships for a community of bacteria :slight_smile: it’s good to know we have Human fUEL to ensure top performance.

I know and understand I have too small of a sample size to make claims, but I can make my own observations and share. I apologize if I come across as overly enthusiastic about this product. It not even really the product I am passionate about, more the concept and potential. It is the only product I found in my years of trying to give me my life back. If you don’t know what it is like to have everything slipping away from you day by day, then bounce back to this extreme, you cannot judge how you would interpret it. I am still interpreting it and only wish I had a doctor who could really study this with me. My doctor is with me on this, but only as a doctor to advise me on what he knows, not learn from my experience. At this point, I just keep making notes, and hope at some point, someone will do real research based on these results to find out how to help other people.

If I keep it to myself, I have no idea how to help people as I promised myself to do. That is all I am trying to do right now by sharing my experience, by giving everyone information to make their own opinions. I was wise enough to engage my doctor when doing this, and am planning regular blood tests. I am trying to do this as intelligently, methodically and scientifically so that someone may be interested to learn from this experience. I am not making anything up, and I am not just overly eager to endorse the product. I am endorsing the potential to use it to help with some medical conditions. Going all Huel is a curiosity to me based on my results so far, and I want to push it to the limit now; that’s all. I am also not sure what I can eat or drink and what it is actually doing anymore, at least for now, so…why not. I only know how Huel works for me. In this forum, you may think I am overdoing it. Outside of the forum, I will almost certainly be viewed with skepticism, at best. The significance of this to me cannot be overstated, so I am sorry if it comes across wrong.

I am still working to interpret how much of this is due to eliminating something I should not have and how much is the nutrition profile of Huel; I had tried ever dietary exclusion you could imagine, so I still do not understand the cause, or why this worked. I am on a journey to find out what happened, and see if they can name what is wrong was the root cause of the problems, with the help of doctors, and intend to make the most of the experiment I started as a last ditch effort. I may be taking it kind of far to try to exclude cold medicine, but I am just trying to prevent corrupting the results in any way I can avoid. I am doing my best, but I admit my process is not as scientific as it should be to provide any conclusive data. In the end, maybe I will be the only one fascinated by the information this provides; I have no idea right now. Maybe they already conducted a long term study of Huel and water? If so, my data may be pointless, but if not, I had wanted to share my experience soas to engage people on this process, and possibly get some excitement outside of this community to have a look at the potential of this product.

If people feel I may be causing any harm by sharing all of this, I can stop posting. I have nothing but the best of intentions with this, but perhaps another outlet or medium would be better.

I like your thought about the microflora. I really don’t know, and it was just an interesting theory. I like exploring concepts like that, and totally agree it is not well understood. I took so many probiotics, I am not even sure what I was taking. I also went on many courses of Xifaxan in attempts to treat this. I rarely even noticed a change, much less improvement, so it raised the question in my mind because the last course was just before I tried this, by about a week. The thought just crossed my mind, as I have no idea what my microflora are like right now. As one of my other attempts to get answers, I had a test performed to study the flora by ubiome. The results actually showed markers for bacteria related to IBD, not IBS, but the doctors dismissed it as the test is not something they are familiar with. I have no idea of the accuracy of the test, but as my doctor advised the inflammation excludes IBS, maybe their test does show something. Without a doctor to help interpret their data, it is unfortunately not very helpful. I agree your point makes sense in a lot of ways, but perhaps the body can become better than just adapted to survive. Of course, there is the other side of the question that comes to mind. If I go on Huel and water long enough, would I have issues with other foods at some point due to the microflora. I was so messed up before, that doesn’t bother me, but I would presume a sudden switch back will not go well, after some time doing it.

Thanks for the feedback. It was constructive and appreciated.

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No worries man, I agree Huel is pretty great stuff; just wanted to make sure you don’t oversell it to people who might think you’re making overly bold claims.

I’ll be following your progress reports to see how you’re doing at 1 month, 3 month, etc. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I am going to take it down a few notches, as I know it has been too much too fast. It is quite an adjustment for me and my doctor said it is not uncommon in cases where a person makes a miraculous recovery to overestimate the significance of it; at the same time, he did express a lot of interest in this, so I cannot honestly state which it is yet.

You are 100% correct in what you warn of though, so in the interest of keeping the experiment legitimate, I will be careful about overselling it, and see if I can focus on how I can best demonstrate my results as I progress onward in this process.

Thanks for helping me get my feet back on the ground a bit with it.

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