Day 4 replacing 2 meals with Huel

Hi everybody!

I’ve been using Huel for 4 days now replacing 2 meals a day (3 scoops of vanilla per meal). I’m bipolar and have PTSD and while managing my nutrition is extremely important in my treatment for that, it’s been a struggle for years. Preparing and planning healthy meals always gets to be too much and I never quite make it past a month before I go back to hardly eating or eating junk.

2 months ago my mother passed away unexpectedly and she was a crucial aspect in helping with meals and helping me stay on track. Spent the last 2 months eating horribly or not at all and I became desperate to find something that would help. My brother in law told me about Huel and even though I’m only 4 days in I can tell it’s going to change my life.

The ease of it helps me so much. I get a shake ready the night before and there’s breakfast. Then I get another one prepared for lunch and pop it in the fridge. The stress of making food and planning a meal is almost completely gone. I can manage one “normal” meal a day but doing 3 has always been too much. I am so incredibly grateful that I was introduced to Huel.

I helped a friend pack up a trailer and van for her move across the US yesterday and normally I would get fatigued quite quickly and need a lot of breaks as I also have chronic pain issues. Nope. I worked fairly steadily for 8 hours and I felt so good. I can look back on these past couple months and see how barely getting any decent nutrition has affected me both mentally and physically.

Off to the store now to buy some PBfit peanut butter powder and bananas to add to my shakes for some variety!


Yayyyyy :tada: Hearing stories like this absolutely make our day! So happy we can provide you with an easy, nutritious, stress-free option. :slight_smile: Happy to have you on board! From your profile picture and handle, I can tell you’re an animal person, so you’ll fit right in with us over here in the Huel office!

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Thanks for sharing. Amazing how something so simple as a powdered complete food can really improve someone’s life.

I found Huel was the answer to the problem I was having at work in regards to my dinner break. I could not consistently get to dinner break, or finding enough time to either reheat and consume the meal or walk all the way to the cafeteria. It could get really busy at the time when I wanted to eat, so I was frequently eating too late or skipping the meal and eating at home later. Pre-blended Huel was the convenient answer for me. Now I can consume it at my work station when I want, then go on break later whenever I get a chance.