Autoimmune Life Saver

I’ve been using Huel for about four months now and to say it’s changed my life isn’t doing it justice. I have multiple autoimmune diseases, some of which have damaged my GI system and make getting the nutrition I need from solid food nearly impossible. Not only have nearly all of my autoimmune symptoms disappeared during my time using Huel, I also know, at 35 years old, what it means to be and feel nourished. I had no idea how bad I felt until I saw the energy (mental and physical) proper nutrition gives you. I have sustained energy throughout the day, my mental health has greatly improved, my skin is better looking, my hair healthier, and feel like I might actually feel how a perfectly healthy person does. To top it off, I’m saving a lot of money on groceries and with the chocolate and chocolate mint flavor boosts, I’m really enjoying drinking it.


I’m in the same boat. Huel is amazing! Welcome to life like normal people.


Absolutely love this! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Welcome to the Huel life. :tada::tada::tada:

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This is great to hear! More proof of the medical benefit potential! I also have GI issues that plagued me for 15 years, and started going away after a week of Huel and water. I don’t know that it is necessary to do that for most people, but I have no idea what would be safe for me to eat. Huel has proven life-changing for me. I know exactly how it feels to have to learn how your body is supposed to be. I was way more malnourished than I ever understood due to years of barely being able to eat anything for fear of even more agony than I was in. In retrospect, what I thought was normal was malnourished and when I got really bad off, I was starting to waste away a bit, I think. It is harder than anyone who does not go through it could possibly understand. I do not claim to understand your situation, but I am glad you shared your story.

Did you notice any changes in inflammation? I was shocked at just how many of my problems were related to a lot of inflammation everywhere. Even my vision was affected. I think a lot of people could benefit from your story. I told my doctor mine today and he was shocked. If you had the same experience with doctors that I had, I would urge you to share your story with your doctors. I feel strongly that they should be recommending Huel as a diagnostic step, if not a treatment. If everyone shares their stories with everyone we can, we may be able to help change the face of medicine, or at least enlighten some people.

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I have definitely noticed changes in inflammation, both in my skin and joint pain level (I have lupus so joint inflammation has been a problem for the last 30 years). I will definitely be sharing my good results with my doctor next time I see her and I wish more stock was put into nutrition and the problems not being properly nourished can cause.

Very happy to hear you’ve also had such a good experience!