Huel Helped stabilize my weight! TW:ED

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder ? (kind of)

I’ve been wanting to share this story for a long time.
Through my sophomore year in college I developed a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, and I was not getting the calories that I needed; I was losing (kind of a lot of) weight. I was at the point where I knew I really had to fix my situation, or I could end up sick. The thought of eating real food disgusted me, but I felt backed into a corner in terms of options.

Huel, being a shake rather than food, was a savior! I was able to get the calories that I needed, and I was able to stabilize my weight. For a few months I only drank Huel shakes three times a day.

Not only did I feel better because I was getting the right amount of calories, but I know the vitamins and minerals played a large part in that too.
I have been a vegetarian since middle school, and I’ve never eaten red meat. So, already, I was pretty deficient in a few vitamins and minerals that were very necessary. The lack of iron specifically caused me depression, and I had to take iron supplements.
When I drank only Huel, I was able to stop my iron supplement because I didn’t need it anymore.
There is a certain type of power I feel from consuming a nutritionally complete meal at every mealtime.
I’m so thankful that I found Huel!

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What a remarkable story. It’s impressive to see that you were able to overcome your past challenges and turn things around nutritionally and emotionally. Finding Huel has benefited so many of us in so many different ways. Thank you for sharing this inspirational story. Let us know if we can be of any assistance along the way; many of us have made Huel a main staple in our diets for so many reasons, so I think you can find a pretty eclectic bunch hear that can assist you on your journey.