Huel is a life saver (Celiac)

Long story short, I have Celiac. The real kind diagnosed by an actual doctor of medicine.

As a result, I’ve felt like crap to varying degrees for years. Bloated, tired, sore joints, diarrhea, you name it. Part of the label of energy is because we don’t absorb nutrients properly. Enter Huel.

I saw an ad for Huel, and decided to give it a shot. Within 3 days of 100% Huel my life was so much better. In a week, myJoint pain was nearly
Gone, The bloating was significantly reduced, and my energy level was at a 10 year high.
I still have diarrhea, but that’s a way of life for me, so no big deal.

Bottom line, I love this stuff.
And of course- I am not a doctor. This is just my experience. YMMV