Huel-er Introduction

Hello Fellow Huel-ers,

Well after two weeks of thinking about it, I finally did it. I submitted my FIRST order for Huel tonight and I can’t wait to receive it. My name is Matthew. I am a 30 year old male who for the first 25 years of life had a fast metabolism and never had to worry or think about what I ate. Sometime though at 25 my body changed, and I noticed I started to become sick more frequently, was having bowel issues and put on a few wonderful pounds. I also struggled for the last three years with a pretty intense bout of Depression and Anxiety/Panic Disorder. After struggling with therapy and SSRIs, I found that exercise was the best way for me to cope and gain my identity back.

Now that I am hitting the gym regularly (4x min/week), I am seeing some improvements in my body but am wanting to see more, specifically wanting to see my body fat percentage decrease. I am also noticing that what I eat is starting to have a bigger impact on what has been diagnosed as IBS. I currently eat a pretty high card, high sugar and high fat diet, yay. Most of my meals are processed and I love most anything that comes in a bag. I stumbled across Huel and found myself intrigued, but wanted to do more research. So after doing so I have arrived here…eagerly awaiting my delivery so I can began the initial steps of this new dietary journey. I am hoping to be able to communicate with you all for tips, advice and any progress that I may achieve. Looking forward to speaking with you all more in the near future!



Hey man! It sounds like you are being very proactive with both your mental and physical health which is great. IBS of course is a multiheaded monster. I have friends who have IBS due to issues with fat intake, and other whose IBS is more related to refined carbohydrates. It takes a lot of experimentation to figure out what macronutrient ratios, food sources, and calorie amounts work for each individual. I don’t have IBS, but I made a post about my diet on the forum if you wanted to check out how I use Huel. Health and fitness is a journey, with its foundation in nutrition, so I wish you luck!


Cool. Glad to see you trying it out. You may find the first few doses a bit jarring, since the product has very little sugar and the texture is a little something to get used to. So if you notice this, give it a few days. It may take a little adjustment. But once you get passed that, you won’t notice at all.

Many of us add an ingredient or two to our Huel shakes to flavor it up. not necessary, but it adds some variety.

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