How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Whatever happens, if you ever make different varieties, just please keep the unflavored/unsweetened, and the original style vanilla. :slight_smile: Mmmmm


Just wanting more documentation of your suppliers’ compliance with non-use of glysophate and other concerrning chemicals. I saw a place that said that suppliers comply with laws, but that does not tell me much here in the US. Does Huel have testing of it’s ingrediants done? Thanks! New to Huel, but finding it tasty, convenient and with no bad side effects so far. Just want to be able to be sure of purity. Nancy


There was some mention of this in the UK forums:

The oats in Huel have been tested for Glyphosate and the results were < 0.01mg/kg was found.

This was back in November 2016 but I imagine the testing is a continuous thing.


@nancy418 @omikes We regularly analyze our products for a range of potential contaminants including glyphosates. The daily allowable amount of glyphosate is 1.7mg/kg of body weight in the US and 0.3mg/kg in the EU and the levels of glyphosates in Huel products are well within these limits. The highest level found per 100g Huel powder was 0.6ppm which is 100 times less than the US limit and 20 times less than the EU level

We and our suppliers routinely examine our raw materials, and these are also well below allowable levels. Indeed, glyphosate levels in Huel products are often absent altogether, for example in our Gluten-Free Huel glyphosates are undetectable. All Huel products are safe to consume and enjoy. :yum:


Are you using the Huel website for ordering? How you described is exactly what it is. You log in, manage subscription flavors, drop down menu select number of bags and how many flavors of each.


A paid but expedited shipping provision - granted there are a number of tools to alter the subscription settings, but waiting a better part of a week for fedex to show up is not always ideal.

provision for getting samples to friends - the number of conversations i have had with people about Huel - a very small % age of those people will end up actually trying Huel, but if there is a way to reach a sample, that may make the difference.

The amount of water wasted in cleaning my huel shaker - In an ideal world there would be a Huel shaker “sanitizer” that uses substantially less water but cleans it well. Not always you are able to get it into the dishwasher…


Hi Anand! Totally hear you. Just wanted to clarify a couple things. :relaxed: Our shipping takes 3-5 days as it is extremely costly to expedite (Huel orders are typically fairly heavy) and since we also offer free shipping for orders over $25, additional shipping costs are not an option at this time. Huel is also available on Amazon as well, if you have a Prime account and need. your Huel urgently.

We don’t currently offer a sample, but our starter kit is a great opportunity to try out and experiment with different flavors, consistencies and recipes for your friends to find their perfect Huel. A one-shot sample can lead to problems. We’ve seen it all… Basically, there isn’t one perfect way to make Huel and we want to give everyone the chance to find out their favorite mix!

As far as your sanitizer idea, I respect your water conservation efforts! Something tells me, something like that has to exist already, such as for camping. Let us know if you find anything!


I keep the most recently emptied bag in case someone is interested in trying Huel: I give them 2 servings and the bag has all the details on it.

Well, except for the url to actually order their own…
Perhaps that’s an easily fixed improvement too?


I would love to see a container that fits into the shaker that you could store a serving of Huel in. Something you could carry all in one in a bag or backpack. Something simple, for work or a day trip. I’ve seen them by Blender Bottle, but never larger than 16 oz.


I would love to see an option for a new customer to get the shaker without the T-shirt.

You don’t carry shirts in my size, and I would have liked an option to get the shaker without getting stuck with a T-shirt that I can’t fit into. I ended out opting out of the free items instead, which I regret having to do.


Check your inbox! I would love to send you your free shaker and scoop. :slight_smile: I just need your delivery info.


PM sent! Thanks again, Teresa!


Hello, Julian and thanks for reaching out. I like the product and plan to make it a regular part of my diet. As for improvements - I would like to see a no-aspartame (or whichever artificial sweetener is in there) version of the vanilla. I simply despise aspartame and all other fake sweeteners - they all taste terrible, and even in small quantities tend to overshadow other ingredients. Blekh - please offer either an unsweetened version and/or one with a dash of real sugar. I also plan to stay away from your flavor boosters for this reason. Cheers.


There already is an unflavored and unsweetened product, we shorten that to UU. :slight_smile:


I don’t think their Huel flavor boosts have any artificial sweeteners (or sugar). Artificial flavors, but not sweeteners. They don’t add any sweetness to your overall mix. They only alter the way it tastes. For example, I have the chocolate Huel additive, and it’s just unsweetened cocoa mix. The cappuccino has caffeine, but no sugar or aspartame/sucralose/stevia.


Single serving containers, Single scoop containers, and more flavor powder varieties.


I have seen concerns about the packaging in the Granola product.

  1. Half of it is empty.
  2. It has carboard plus plastic.

Are the normal bags not good enough? Why double packaging when granola and muesli are often sold in a single plastic bag?


For flavor boosts, I would like to see maple and birthday cake flavors!


I was really excited to start using Huel! I was desperately needing help with staying full and meal prep, but I couldn’t even finish my first bottle. I got the vanilla flavor and I ended up throwing up twice. The flavor, smell, and texture are revolting. I keep trying it, mixing it in with smoothies, but it’s too many calories. Something in the flavor and taste needs to change! I continue to condition myself to like it, but every time I take a sip it makes me feel sick. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I’ve tried 1, 2, and 3 scoops, with more or less water to change the texture.


As someone who has not yet used Huel I have been making the rounds on the review videos and websites. Rather quickly I noticed there was a lack of flavors available in comparison to what these videos were describing.

Sure enough, after changing my location to the United Kingdom, a huge list of extra flavors, including multiple pre flavored powders, appeared before my eyes.

Is there a way to gain access to these other products being a customer in the US? If not I’m not sure I want to use Huel as I don’t want to be a customer in a part of the world that seems to be less on the company’s mind.

US Customers
Powder: Vanilla and Unsweetened Unflavored

Flavor Boosts: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cappuccino and Chocolate Mint.

UK Customers
Powder: Vanilla, Coffee, Berry and Unsweetened Unflavored.

Flavor Boosts: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate Mint, Caramel, Mocha, Pineapple and Coconut, Cacao, Matcha Tea, Rhubarb and Custard and Toffee.