Wondering how Huel Bars are doing, sales-wise

There is very little mention of them here, unlike on the UK discussion board. Are people quietly enjoying them, or is there just no interest?

I tried them before the new flavors were introduced. I got a little tired of those first two flavors and took a break. Now I plan on ordering more with my next subscription. I do wish there was a variety pack. I’d be far more likely to buy them routinely if I could mix up the flavors without having to purchase one whole box of each.

The chocolate and salted caramel bars get a 3 out of 5 from me. I use them a few times a week, but they are not a main staple of my work food, like the powdered Huel is. A good option to keep around and I’ll reorder when mine get used up. I kinda view them as one of those special K bars. It’s a bridge to get me through to a real meal.

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I have one a few times a week. Not super enjoyable but they serve their purpose. I still prefer the powder and RTD to the bars.

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i also think there should be a varietypack

peanut butter is delicioso

Lost opportunities IMO. Wanted to give them a shot, but a 2 box minimum order for the chance to try just 2 flavors seemed a bit excessive. (I still feel the sting of giving away bags of 2.0 Vanilla) Unless a sub-$20 sample pack comes along, then RX and GoMacro bars will do just fine.

I’d purchase them if they had lower carbs like the Huel Black Edition :worried:


I don’t love them, but they’re edible. I’ll probably buy them again when mine run out (I think I have 4 boxes…) but powdered Huel is definitely wayyyy better.

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I’m in the same boat. If they made a Huel Black bar, I’d try it for sure.

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i think the oats are necessary in the bars and that counts for most the carbs