Huel Active- Calorie Dense Huel

I love Huel, I’ve been on it as a supplement to my diet for a bit now. Currently the biggest problem I have is that Huel is not calorie dense enough. Getting more than 2k calories in Huel is a chore and requires a ridiculous amount of consumption. What I would like Huel to come out with is a calorie dense version that is closer to double the calories of the original 400 cal shake. As an active individual, I churn through 2700+ calories a day. Huel is not enough on an active day and it doesn’t fall a little short, it falls a lot of short. It’s great that it’s complete, but that is the glaring hole in the product, a sufficient amount of calories for active individuals. I know making that suggestion won’t produce a product tomorrow, but it would be cool to see down the pipeline. Especially for vegans(I’m not vegan) where getting enough calorie dense food is on the extreme end of difficult.

Instead of water, use olive oil?

Instead of blueberries, use chocolate chips?

Instead of skinny syrup, use maple syrup?


Hey Michael, to be able to double the amount of calories we would have to massively increase the fat content (because fat is more calorie dense than protein and carbs), which isn’t something we’d want to do from a nutritional point of view.

2000kcal is simply the amount Huel is made to. If you need more calories you likely need more nutrients too, so if you can, just have more Huel to help reach the calories you need.