How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Berry Huel eh? I’d try a bag of that…


If there were to be a version of Huel that had slightly fewer vitamins and minerals per serving, do that they equaled 100% of daily value at a higher calorie count, I wouldn’t be afraid of overdoing it on vitamins and minerals if I wanted to go 100%-Huel with 2500 calories or so.

Or is having 125% of all the vitamins and minerals safe to do?


I wish I could give you a solid answer, but the truth is that it depends on the individual and a range of factors. We have some helpful info on deficiencies and toxicities of vitamins and minerals, here.


RDA is pretty low for mostly everything, so 125% is probably still below what many need (especially considering absorption is frequently less than 100%)

If you have normal organ function you will flush excess amount of water soluable vitamins. I would be very surprised if 2500 calories of Huel could build up levels of fat-soluable vitamin, especially if you are consuming the extra calories because you are working out enough to be so hungry. I’d suggest talking to your doctor with actual lab values in-hand so you know exactly what to be concerned about rather than guess about long-term health impact from too-good nutrition :slight_smile:


I’d like to see berry flavors and peanut butter. Also a container that holds 3 scoops of huel and fits nicely inside the huel shaker.


How about include a one cup scoop so we don’t have to scoop three times. Considering a little particles seem to be static charged and like to hop off of the scoop it makes for less of a mess if we can only scoop just one time because I always use three scoops.


Even for those that don’t do the full three scoops, a simple line on the cup could denote 1 or 2 scoops as well. I like the idea of having to scoop less, because I too tend to get flyaway powder with each scoop.


A scoop with lines is a great idea


peanut butter would be awesome.


You can always put what you need into a resealable sandwich baggie, or the snack bags. This gives you your single serve packets that are easier to carry and that you can reuse if you want to cut down on waste.


Like a lot of others I’d like to see more flavor boost. Bars would be welcomed as well. I do disagree with the scoop though. Weighing your Huel is much more accurate. I’ve never gotten 127g in 3 scoops, more around 100g when weighed. It’s much easier to get only a few grams in the smaller scoop. The bigger the scoop the more powder you tend to grab.

Other than things like the cookies, muffins, brownies, etc. it’d be great to get a recipe to make our own bars. Think I may try it myself using oats and peanut butter, maybe some coconut oil. If I get around to doing this I’ll try to post results.


My suggestion seems obvious but I read this whole thread and couldn’t find it mentioned. In order to have Huel 3 times a day I’d need to order 6 bags a month. For a full 4 serving per day I’d need 9 bags a month.

(30 days * 3 meals) = 90 servings / 14 servings per bag = 6.4 bags per month

120 servings / 14 per bag = 8.5 bags per month

Any chance of increasing the 1.78kg/3.9lb size bag so that there are fewer bags in each shipment? Increased packaging size would not only mean less waste but would be cheaper for Huel to manufacture and maybe cheaper for us to purchase.