How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


I certainly wouldn’t mind some Huel vinyl decals to stick around. Extra advertising for Huel too.


I bought a little container from the local paintball supply store. Pro Edge paintball. It looks like a long tube and has a snap closed lid. I use this as my take to work or travel out of town.This is a blue one pictured here.


I think Huel is great the way it is and yes maybe on a second order include samples for us to give to friends and family to try. I’m bold enough to have bought it with lots of reviews good and bad. I like probably most here have the "have to try it for myself " genes in my dna. Some people do not and like someone said have to try a sample. I have sent a request for more marketing materials to like a thin sun protection jacket that has huel on it. Black and white like photo. As a conversation starter . All of these will look great with a big Huel logo. Or iron ons so we can do it. There are online companies that do it. Tshirts are ok but a lightweight sun jacket is awesome. $39-50 is a good price range. Or free with 3rd 2 bag order.


Yes I agree. I use one with the screen and it works very well indeed. I make my breakfsst and lunch Huel at night and it softens up great in the fridge. Good job. Any chance on getting the GMP certification? Or do you already?


Have you pitched it to the Military? This would be a suitable for Vegan replacement for a MRE’s. Urah!
The New Space Force…lol


Ideas…Yoga Studios ! I already do a Cardamom and Turmeric in the vanilla mix flavor , the Yoga Journal for advertising, Movie Theatres, Buttered Popcorn or Kettle Corn flavour ! Yum. Temples for Monks, At Smoothie King , Whole Foods, packets near the single servings of Almond milk so when I forget to grab my Huel from the fridge like today, I can just run to whole foods and put it in the Almond milk shake and go, but I hear ya on the waste…etc @Julian-Huel

Brain Storming from Self proclaimed Huel Brand Ambassador…


I’d like to suggest a decaf version of your Cappuccino flavoring. Some people might benefit from less caffeine.


Oh yes! I think this would totally work as a replacement for “Meals Rejected By EVERYONE”. Not just for the Vegan this could work for everyone. Dude! This stuff is rocket fuel. I have more energy now than I did 30 years ago in basic and I could probably beat my younger self in a PT test on Huel.

Go Army! Suck it Marines! :wink:

J/K thanks for your service!


@Av8tr My husband was in the Marine Corps and when we had to hunker down for a hurricane in New Orleans, we got to know those MRE’s well… Wish I had Huel back then!


I’ve been a long-time user of Huel. The first bag I ordered was UK v1.2, and I remember when samples of Huel Bar UK 1.0 went out! Despite moving to the US, I still receive emails from the UK branch, and love seeing everything you guys are up to. The only improvement I can ask for is to see some of those amazing UK products (Huel Berry and Coffee, Bars, and granola!) rolled out here in the US.


I really can’t wait until the Huel bars get here. I have not been able to find anything similar that does not have soy/whey/etc. in stores around here. Any suggestions from anyone on a good replacement until we get them?


Bake some Huel cookies or muffins, store in the fridge for up to a week.



New to Huel and receiving my first delivery on Friday. Appreciate the quick delivery.

  1. I’ve read from some users that repeated delivery times are not always quick. I hope that future deliveries go as smoothly as my first order.

  2. Love the branding and your team seems really on top of giving great service.

  3. Since I’m new and haven’t received the product yet I’ve been geeking out on any written review or video off of YouTube. I’m not sure if you’ve incentivized any of these videos but I see a lot of dumb videos of people reviewing simple making the product. Seems pretty cheap, and I understand you may not be responsible but If you are please knock it off :wink: I’ve read several written reviews on Medium, which are quite lovely actually. Also a few decent reviews on YouTube that are in-depth. I appreciate these unlike the mixing videos.

  4. I hope the company is doing well as a whole. I hope to continue using this product for a long time and hope that this company doesn’t go anywhere.


@rypaby welcome to the Huel family and thank you for the feedback. We are constantly improving our delivery systems, they are not currently as fast as we would like but we have some improvements planned over the next couple of months. :slight_smile:

@kris4183 and @deron here are the recipes for some of our baked goods -
And more recipes here:
We are working on improving the bars before they are launched in the USA. I’m not sure when they will launch, these things often take longer than I would like and I hate letting people down so I not even going to tease you with a rough launch date.

@rbpatt2019 Huel Berry pre-blend is not far away from a USA launch.

Huel bars not sold in US?

My diet order arrived friday. I love the flavor and even the grainy texture. Love throwing strawberries in it for more flavor.


@rypaby that is great to hear, thank you for the feedback :hugs:


Huel stickers !

And Maybe intro in schools! Fun colorful flavors for kids! BLUEBERRY ! BANANA! Fruit Loops! Yes!
I added Strawberry Nesquick to mine just as a meh > I’ll try it. Kinda sweet but EXACTLY like what me as a kid would have loved for breakfast.
Alternate universe mid 1980’s
Mom: Did you eat breakfast before watching cartoons?
Me: Yes mom I had a full glass of Strawberry Huel.
Mom: Good! now go clean your room.
ME: :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

It would be just like what’s left at the bottom of the cereal bowl if you had the last serving of cereal in the box.


Sticker/decal/cheap marketing stuff is a great idea. I love decals and would totally put some stickers on my FJ. I’m all for advertising products I support. Also, i’m a little addicted to stickers :sweat_smile:.


Right!? Stuff I like and support, I become a self glorified brand Ambassador…! Speaking of that, where’s my Huel app? :wink: @Julian-Huel @Teresa_Huel

And or
Emergency huel storage for food shortages, floods hurricanes, power outages. Long car trips !


There’s an unofficial one I saw on the UK forums. Here’s the link: