Back on Huel maybe for good now

Hey Huelers. Newerish user here. I had ordered my Huel 3 months ago and received with no issues. Tried to stick it out through the first bag. I ordered 2 bags of chocolate. I gained weight but was trying to lose 30 pounds. I was so hungry all the time so having Huel and eating like crazy was the cause. I was discouraged by that and couldn’t get past the texture so I quit. Last month I decided to revamp my diet and remove all sugar and low carbs no bread. After the second week an amazing thing happened. I lost 6 pounds and felt better than ever but. I was getting frustrated trying to find lunches to bring to work and thought of the Huel. Well let’s give it another try. It’s not exactly no carb but I was ready to add more carbs back in anyway but still stay off all sugar. To my surprise, I’ve become more accustomed to the taste and texture of Huel and I’m not hungry at all, during the day or at night. I’ve also integrated IF into my lifestyle and seen a few more pounds come off in the last few weeks. Gotta go order some more soon!