How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)

Hey Hueligans,

Can I pick your brains please?

I would love to hear your ideas on how to improve all aspects of Huel, the product, the website, our customer service, emails, etc, etc.

I’m very proud of Huel but there are always way to make the experience better. Big shout out to @Deron who raise a very valid issue in another thread which we are now fixing.

Thank you for any help you can offer,



Well, one of the obvious ones I’ve noticed is the want for additional flavor boosts. Also, and I know it’s been posted that it’s being worked on, Huel bars in the US.


Depending on the cost, a 500 calorie Huel bar sounds intriguing.

I just upped my quantity count for my subscription, the problem here is I want to expedite my shipment so I don’t have to wait for the recurring date. Maybe add an option to skip to the next delivery/billing date.

The taste is okay for me, so long as you don’t make it worse, it won’t complain.

Some people complain that the carbs are too high. I have to disagree. As someone building muscle mass, I’d like to see over 200 carbs a day in my diet (Ideally 40% calories through carbs ). So I would prefer that you don’t drop the carb count, unless there is a specific low carb version.

  1. Agreed on 500 kcal bars
  2. Keto Huel!!!
  3. Chocolate Pre-Mixed Huel!

Website is good. But subscription system is a little confusing honestly, it’s not optimal.
Customer Support is flawless.
I can’t think of much else.


Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated, a few comments…

@kris4183 yes you are correct on both points.

@JKDOS all good points, we are working on improve the subscription part of the site.

@Squizzle we often get asked for a keto version but when you say that true keto is up to 80% fat, and only 10% protein and 10% carbs they typically quickly change their minds. Is it keto you would like or a low carb version? Yes a chocolate pre-blend would be great, and we have worked on it but it’s surprisingly difficult to get right. but we won’t give up.

Thank you for the kind comments on the website and the customer service, we are working on improving the subscription section, should fixed in about 2 months or less.


I’d agree with you on this. (just my opinion.) I think the macronutrient mix in Huel is fine just the way it is.

At first when I saw the macro-nutrient breakdown I was a little skeptical. “So many carbs” was my knee-jerk reaction." But after consuming Huel for months, both in it’s plain form (Huel + water) and with various additives, I have come to realize that the complex carbs in Huel are not bad. Using Huel for roughly 60% of my daily intake on work days, my diet is not “low carb” by any means. Yet, I have continued to be successful in my fat loss program these last 6 months. And I’ve seen people who have used Huel as part of a weight gain program, too. I don’t feel like my blood sugar spikes after eating Huel, even though it has a decent amount of carbohydrates in it. I also don’t have the “crash” feeling an hour later, like if I eat something with a lot of sugar and wheat flour.

When it comes to powdered meal replacements or powdered “complete food”, they may be limited in how much fat they can put in it. A lot of fats exist in liquid form at room temperature. And I also think that certain fats are susceptible to oxidation and may have a limited shelf life (become rancid after a while). Someone please correct me if wrong.

Me personally, I add peanut butter to my evening Huel, so I’m not without an added source of fat to my Huel.

@Squizzle I don’t think Ketogenic Huel would be possible with oat powder in it. I just don’t think any keto diet can use oats. You’ll burn through you carb requirements so quickly, leaving you nothing but butter to eat the rest of the day. :smile:


I lost 50lbs on Huel mostly … looking back I think it was basically a reduced calorie diet. I have switched to a product called KetoChow and it is a keto diet meal replacement.

Like Huel it comes in powder form and you add water and can vary the calories. However … you add a fat to the mix, I use heavy whipping cream, others use avocado oil, mct oil or a blend.

Based on this and my try at low carb Huel I think it seems impossible to make a keto Huel … and a low carb version is likely a stretch too … unless the new product is very different from the current one.


Could you offer an iron-free version of Huel powder? Most men don’t need to consume much iron, and consuming significant amounts of readily-absorbable iron (like the iron in Huel) can lead to high iron levels in the blood, which isn’t healthy.

I donated blood in February 2018, and since then, most days I have had 1,000 calories of Huel, a can of black beans, and half a cup of almonds. I had my blood tested a week ago, and my iron was high. I’m not interested in changing my diet, so I’m going to start donating blood every two months (I just donated this past week after getting my test results back).

Is anyone else interested in iron-free Huel? Anyhow, I also want to say thank you, Huel, for creating such a great product. I LOVE Huel, and don’t want to imagine having to live without it.


I’ve wondered if Huel regularly tracks metrics on new customers per month or forum posts per month etc. If you think those numbers could be shared, I’m curious about them - and the transparency could further the reputation of Huel’s brand.

In that sense, I feel like an early adopter in a company that supports a lifestyle of sustainable health: both for myself and for our environment. I believe vegan nutrition is the future, but it has to be the kind of easy/ convenient as Huel. Many of the vegan food prep rituals are just too time and attention intensive.

I’d also like to hear ideas for how Huel can grow to be a mainstream solution (especially in the American wasteland of negative- nutrition food) i realize this is a much larger vision than solving the chocolate Huel challenge. :slight_smile:

I guess a summary is just for you to be an active member of the forums - it makes us feel more connected in the way knowing the produce manager at your local grocer is just a good idea.


@Deron here is our guide to fats and oxidation -
and here is a more specific one on EPA and DHA -

@ClemsonDad a 50lbs weight reduction that is impressive, well done.

@huell.babineaux all the iron in Huel is natural occurring. Mostly from the oats and rice protein. Therefore, it would need a fundamental new formula.

@miked our approach to growing into the mainstream in old school but remarkably simple… make customers happy. We do our best in terms of product, ingredients, nutritionals, packaging, branding, delivery service, website, emails, customer service, etc. A happy customer will tell their friends, family, colleagues, and this is how word spreads. It all starts with the early adopters like yourself and spread from there to the mainstream, as we constantly improve all aspects of Huel. We sure do track new customers, it’s in the tens of thousands per months.


I’d add my vote for a 500 cal bar version. I’d love to have the same Huel goodness for quick snacks, or when I’m out. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy with my Huel, I haven’t had any problems with the product or orders, so I have no other suggestions.


I’d like to see a single serving size. As you know I travel a lot and I would like to be able to throw a couple of small packets in a bag and go. Right now I am bringing a large bag with me everywhere I go. I’d like to see little single serving packets that I can mix with water in a shake bottle. Maybe a plastic or biodegradable envelope with 125 grams?


@Av8tr thank you for the suggestion. We have looked single serving pouches. However, two issues…1 it will dramatically increase the cost. 2 it will dramatically include the packaging waste, biodegradable is not currently possible.

This has been discussed on the UK forum and here are some good ideas to try…


I understand the aversion to carrying a bag of unlabelled powder, especially through airports.

I also appreciate the non-degradability of packaging is antithetical to sustainability. I heard the inventor of K-cups regrets the mountain of waste that convenience has generated. I think the increased cost of a single-serve package would also be antithetical to Huel’s philosophy.

Do you think it would be feasible to make a roll of huel-branded labels (qr tagged, logo, etc.) that have space for writing the amount (scoops/weight) or day (like a pill reminder) that can be affixed to our own packaging (ziplock, gladware, etc)? If Huel had a prior arrangement on account with TSA that cleared what this stuff is, we could feel more confident that no questions need be asked. I imagine a few pages of adhesive labels could be inexpensive and keep indefinitely.

Honestly, my ocd would enjoy branded labels much more than shirts or extra scoops worth of swag.


You can bring up to 12 ounces in your carry on. Over that it goes into your check luggage. If you try to carry on they bring out the dogs :wink: J/K but it will go through the xray. And likely get some extra scrutiny.

@Julian-Huel Maybe Huel can offer a reusable bin to carry powder? Something similar to the bottles but smaller. I am thinking a plastic container that is small enough you can fit 2 or 3 inside of one of the shake bottles. Kinda like a Japanese bento box. Huel can then sell them on their website.

I’m off for a 4 day trip to DC and back. I put 8 snack bags full of 2.5 scoops and 6 PB&Js in my flight bag with 2 blender bottles. I look like I am smuggling cocaine. With the amount of energy I get from this stuff I might as well be. However that’s 4 days worth of meals. It weights next to nothing. Normal trip out would be 5-10lbs of food with me some frozen, some dry. Along with cooking equipment. LOL, Now I’ve got too much room in my crew cooler.


A lower carb or a higher protein blend would win me over. But your current unflavored is good for me as is. I just add my own protein powder. I would definitely prefer a more “fatty” macro profile though. Just never lower the protein content!

Huel, just keep doing what you’re doing. You are doing so great.


The product is perfect. One thing that might be nice that others have mentioned would be to include one of those metal protein powder mixer balls in the first order. I found one in my closet a week ago from my gym days and it works quite well with Huel.


I’ve been drinking huel for about a week, as my primary diet.

I’d like a more homogenous texture I’ve tried making it in a blender and a vitamix thing, and I’ve waited overnight and blended it, but I can’t quite get it to a uniform smoothness with home kitchen appliances.

I like it over all. It feels more like food than similar products.


@miked I really don’t think that would be practical, how can we or TSA clear stuff once a packet is opened? Naughty people could mix anything into it.

@Av8tr I looked hard at bento boxes at the like. But getting the powder into them is fairly easy but getting the powder out isn’t. I personally think the best way, and most environment, is to reuse a Huel brand pouch. It can be sealed, it blocks light, it has Huel branding and ingredients on it, and the top can be rolled down to the size you want. I accept it won’t go super small but if you squeeze the air out you can get it pretty small.

@skelooth thank you for your kind comment!

@omikes thank you for your kind words! The mixer balls are an interesting suggestion. I’ve tried loads and I’m convinced they don’t make a difference. However, others believe they do, including people at Huel HQ. We will do some testing.

@tiny.ian thank you for the comments. For sure Huel powder is not super smooth like protein shaker and some other complete food powders that use Maltodextrin as a primary carb source. Maltodextrin is a synthetic carb and devoid of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients. We use Oats which are natural, lower GI, and provide protein, carbs, plus many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients too. I prefer the texture of Huel it feels more natural and substantial, and thus more filling. As you say it feels more like food.


If someone was able to have discussion enough to get “tsa approved” luggage locks, so they can sell a product with that language on the packaging I would expect that other conversations might be had to officially notify that tsa is pre-aware.

I’m sure naughty people have clever ways to smuggle illegal materials - i don’t think we can fix that. Tbh, the purpose of huel-branded labels is to make the customer (us) feel more secure traveling with Huel. If i knew that sticker referenced an on-the-books conversation between Huel and tsa, then i wouldn’t feel like I’d have to first explain what Huel is before i could explain why I’m traveling with it. I don’t know if tsa has any particular policies on vitamins (could be smuggling narcotics) or bulk supplements (could be cocaine, etc.) My point is that I don’t want to look it up if I can buy a roll/sheet of stickers from Huel that lets me feel like I’m doing the right thing by all parties.

Another use for stickers would simply be for use as a marketing device. I’d consider sticking them on my own stuff (like the case of my laptop or a gym bag or bumper sticker, etc.) before I’d wear the shirt.

But yeah, i second the suggestion to keep the bag you’ve most recently emptied - it makes a useful “to go” bag for a weekend/overnight. It’s also useful to give away a few servings as a sample when you find someone who is curious but won’t spend $60+ to see if they’ll like Huel.