Huel Bars... What's the verdict

I’ve seen mostly negative reviews but wanted to expand the discussion a bit. How are most of you consuming them? I’ve read that some of you are microwaving them, but is that really necessary? The idea for me would be to grab one while I’m on the go in lieu of an RTD so microwaving them wouldn’t be ideal, nor efficient.

I’d also like to learn more about the taste and whether or not you feel satiated after eating one.

Looking forward to the feedback before I pull the trigger.

FWIW, there is a lot more feedback on the bars in the UK forum. I don’t know if the bars are identical (and they have more flavors) but I think they’re pretty close. One of Huel’s goals with these changes were to unify the product lines.

From a guy who has eaten many different protein bars across many different brands and flavors, I would tell you these are no frill and light on taste. They are bland and can be tough to bite if they’re cold. Now, if you don’t need a lot of sweetness like me, they’re actually not bad. I put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and they come out soft and rather decent.

Thanks for the feedback… Unfortunately, microwaving them before they’re eaten is not an option for me. I’m not really a fan of anything that’s majorly sweet so I might still give them a shot.

Do you have unsweetened bars? 15 gram sugar is toooo high, like eating candies LOL. Rather have bars with 0gm sugar or lower than 2gm. Perhaps higher protein? That would be a plus but main concern for me high sugar.

Just FYI, they’re 8g of sugar per bar, 15g per 100g (2 bars). Trust me, they aren’t sweet.

2gm of sugar is already pretty sweet for me, just like huel powder. But my concern is not the taste but the content. Even if the food taste bland but really heathy I will eat it. I don’t really care for the taste. I am cutting of sugar completely for health reason.

The ingredients that provide sugar are important for texture and binding the ingredients together. Without them there is no bar!

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I picked up some for December and January.

When they’re cold, they’re hard to eat, so we keep them on the counter, away from the window, and they stay ready to eat that way. Another thing I’ll do is toss one in my coat pocket when heading out, rather than the gym bag or work bag if I’m looking to eat it anytime soon. That warms it up if I want to eat it shortly, and keeps it where it’ll be warm if I want to hold out.

The taste isn’t bad - about the same texture as other protein bars, but thank God, no sugar alcohol flavor!. My kids don’t really like them, so it’s up to me and my wife (mostly me). The flavor is pretty on par with typical Huel. I didn’t find them to be very sweet whatsoever - YMMV.

Overall, not bad. I ordered 2 boxes for the first go round, but will lop off 1 box for the next order. We became accustomed to stuff like RX bars and Lara bars (my kids like the latter better), so the texture and consistency isn’t as enjoyable that it’s the first thing we’d pick up.

They do make for a good snack, and I think otherwise fulfill their purpose well. It’s sometimes nice to just grab a bar to have something to chew on, rather than taking the few minutes to mix a bottle, and know that I’m still getting great nutritional value.

I think I’d actually like to see them cut these things in half. I’d also personally prefer a Black version, so I hope they do well on these.

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Thank you all for your feedback. I think I’m still going to give them a try. I just wish I could buy a sample pack before committing to so many

Peanut butter is my personal favorite. The chocolate has that strange after taste the black has. Coincidence?? Be advised, EVERYONE who microwaves them. You are literally changing the molecular structure of the nutrients/ingredients and not in a good way. Microwaves adversely denature everything they are exposed to. ANY alternative heating method is better than microwave ovens. Even a few minutes in direct sunlight is superior.

This is not true. Cooking anything can cause some nutrients to be reduced. Microwaving takes less time and usually involves less water for nutrients to seep into which leads to less nutrient loss. The only thing a microwave oven does is heat whatever is in it. Any changes to the molecular structure that occur within a microwave oven will also occur anywhere else that matter is heated to the same temperature, including direct sunlight. In fact, direct sunlight would be less sanitary and more likely to cause illness because your food is just sitting out in the open at room temperature, feeding any other organisms that are also interested in it.

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