New Huel Bar Flavors!

Here’s something to cheer you all up for the weekend.

Peanut Butter Bars with crunchy roasted peanuts and chocolate chips are a go - personally they’re my favorite!

We’ve also launched Chocolate Orange and Coffee Caramel flavours too!

You can find them here.


A PB&J flavor would be suupppeerr awesome!

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That sounds delicious!

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I wish there were an option of bars that don’t have added sugar or low sugar and low carb. That would be great to have and I will definitely get it, like the keto bars (I mean literally keto bars). So I can get everything from Huel :smiley:

Any plans for making higher protein Huel bars, similar to the Huel “Black” powder formula?


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There aren’t samples of each flavor…

I just ordered 2 sampkes, don’t really wanna invest in a whole box in case they aren’t edible

Talking about chocolate orange. Make it happen.

This sounds like such a great idea! We are definitely planning new and delicious products/flavors in the future… I just cannot say what exactly! :zipper_mouth_face: Additionally, we love hearing about products/flavors Hueligans would like to see so I will be sure to pass this along to the team!

We do offer the ability to order a single Huel bar with any existing order to give them a try, including the chocolate orange flavor! :grin: Let me know if you are running into any difficulties with this and I am happy to help!