I'm the founder of Huel, just saying hello!

And in my opinion, the customer service here is extremely polite and responsive. Please keep up the excellent work. You are appreciated.


Hi Julian,

You have a great product and I have been a champion of it for a long time. However, the customer service or complete lack of it, is very disappointing. My order was to be delivered last week and never showed up. I have emailed ‘support’ four times, I have tweeted and sent private messages on twitter three times and still zero response. Im almost ready to dispute the order and be done with Huel and thats very unfortunate because I have enjoyed it, up until now.

Hi David, Your RTD order is being processed and fulfilled. Please keep an eye on your tracking number as you should see movement shortly. We ran into some fulfillment issues during the holidays which has caused a longer delay than we expected. Not to worry, your RTD order will arrive soon for you to enjoy. Our apologies for the poor experience this time around. Let us know if you have anymore questions or concerns.

Ditto here. The customer service has been outstanding for me as well. @Teresa_Huel @Tyler_Huel @Tim_Huel @Julian-Huel I have yet to have had any hiccup with any of my orders. And the company has bent over backwards for me a couple of times.

However there are exceptions to every rule and our experience may not be everyone’s experience.

@Stretch922 Give them a chance. Now that Julian has taken personal interest in this I would expect it to be resolved right away. Not that it should require the founder to get involved I just think you have a unique situation. On average (better than average) the customer support has been steller for most people. Mistakes get made on occasion but the company stands behind its products.

Huel is life changing for many people (it was for me) and well worth the trouble. Hang in there and give them a chance. You will not regret it.

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Thank you!

A life saver. I’m allergic to so much, mostly veggies and fruits but with HUEL I can mix in anything and know I am eating better. My life is now on track for a better, heathlier me. I am so appreciative if HUEL. Kellie AKA Mijack

Hueler for life👍🏽

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What is going on with your USA support Team? I have sent 3 messages and have got no response. I have a discount code to use on my first order and it has not worked. I want to order your starter pack but i wont order it unless i can use the code. Can you help me get some answer? Also no one answers the phone number you put in a previous post nor does anyone call back.


Hey Kevin. We found your email and responded. I recommend only sending one email rather than multiple as this pushes your request down the queue because it recognizes your request as “new”–and the system works on a first come first serve basis.

Great to meet. Exited to begin the Huel journey.

I will report back with results. Current: 255

Last year was 270 - went vegan for 1 year lost 30 pounds = 240.

Got sick in July, started to eat bad again, have gained 15 pound since.

I’m healthy again, and looking to rebuild my habits. Currently not vegan.

I still have not had red meat since 2017 nor do I partake of dairy.

I’m going to have Huel for breakfast, snack and lunch.

Then for dinner, chicken or fish.

32 years old. Dad and happily married.

Business owner and very busy so Huel will be a perfect fit given all these details.

Great to meet you all, I look forward in sharing my results.


Waiting for my first order which should be coming tomorrow. I’ve been following all things Huel on and off since last April before finally deciding to try it out. Would love for Matcha to be added as a flavor. Other than that I don’t have any suggestions or opinions yet.

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Is the next major product launch going to be the bars?!?!?!?!

@rbpatt2019 depends on how you define major. We do have some exciting new flavours and new products planned this year, as well improvements to our existing range.

I’m never too keen on give specific dates or order of launches because there are some many moving parts to each project that things can slip, and I hate to over promise and under delivery.

What I can say is that I’m on it and will push improvements and launches through as fast as I can.

I love the product. I love the community that backs and powers it. I am taking it slow and so far it is going great. I am liking the Vanilla with unsweetend Vanilla Almond milk. I tried the unsweetened with the flavor packets and it was alright. But, I think the vanilla is my Huel of choice. I am on a long road. Trying to manage HBP and Diabetes. I think Huel will help me with this.
Thank you for founding Huel.


thank you @Michael_Orr that is great to hear.

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A few weeks ago, my mother got her 2nd order, and since she had some left, she gave the extra to me to try. I was amazed at my energy levels for a week!
Then I ran out before my own order arrived, and I was astounded at how quickly I felt sluggish again for a few days until my order arrived…

Thanks so much! I’m glad to have found this product, it’s a real game changer!


I am a month in using only Huel with about four meals along the way. I love this product. I am grateful for something that I can make quickly and use at work. I am 65+ and I feel strong, energetic and well being a Hueligan.:sunglasses::


Hi Julian

Brand new user as of my first meal about 30 minutes ago! Love the vanilla flavor and I’m feeling very satiated. Looking to use Huel to lose weight and actually get better nutrition than what I’ve been getting over the years


Good luck! We’re on the same weight loss/health journey, on and off but I’m down about 27 lbs since starting back on May 28.

Huel is a huge contributing factor to helping me achieve my goal!

Is there any chance that you guys can make a coffee version of Huel? Just like how soylent has coffiest. My friend loves soylent but I want him to convert over to the Huel side but I but I believe he would be sold and so would I if we got a coffee concoction haha. Thank you for all your hard work!


Thanks for bringing Huel here. I found Huel while searching for food alternatives due to some dental surgery i had scheduled and knew chewing would be a problem for a week or two. Since then its has become a regular part or my day and has helped me reduce bad snack habits. While I have seen that it might not be for everyone, this is exactly what I wanted. No extras, no flavor boosts, just a 50/50 mix or chocolate/vanilla powder and I’m good!

Hello all I hope 2020 is off to a great start for everyone! I’ve been a Huel advocate for quite awhile - love the product and like so many other people say it has really helped me with my diet and my weight loss journey! @Julian-Huel just want to say thanks for making such a great product that has helped so many people!