I'm the founder of Huel, just saying hello!

Hello everyone,

I’m Julian, the founder of Huel.

It’s heart warming to the see the community of Hueligans has crossed the pond.

I will be dropping in from time-to-time to answer questions and engage in discussions. But if you need me for anything else my email is julian@huel.com

Love you all,



Well, hello!! Thank you for creating Huel powder and this company. I just began like 3 days ago, yet each sip, my mind just reinforces how happy this little drink makes me and keeps me. It reminds me of happiness from my ReMag, a picometer magnesium liquid. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy? I am calm, happy, and satisfied. So, thank you very much!! The last 3 days have been like a vacation!! A real pleasure!! Thank YOU!!


Hello and thank you. I truly love this stuff. #hueligans — can’t wait to use that one on the ol’ Instagram. :wink:


@PursueHappiness and @Vandercook4 thank you for the kind words. It’s so nice to when people love Huel.


As a Vegan I would certainly be a buyer, but you lost me with artificial sweetner sucralose! Why would you put that in there?! Also synthetic b12. Too bad you’ve ruined your formula with these ingredients. If you ever rid them, please let me know.


there are two versions, one with sucralose and one without. as for synthetic b12, the vitamin breakdown page mentions this:

Vitamin B12 – As vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, and Huel is vegan, all of the B12 in Huel is added in our micronutrient blend in the form of cyanocobalamin. ​Although this form is artificial, other forms are either not as well absorbed by the body or are not stable in food products over shelf-life, so nutritionally cyanocobalamin is the superior form of B12.​


@Julian-Huel, I cannot express enough how excited I am that I found Huel! It has made a big change for me in both health and weight. A little over 2 months in and down almost 20 pounds! Not to mention the doctor is impressed by the change in my blood work numbers as well. Huel may not be for everyone but it is definitely for me. I look forward to seeing you around on the forum. Thank you!


Hi Julian!

I’m Frank, nice to virtually meet you! :smiley: Thanks for an amazing product, I’ve slowly started to wean off of solid foods and I can already feel the effects of a nearly perfect clean diet after only a few weeks.


I’m only a week in, but I’ve since subscribed monthly and already referred a friend. Just want to say thanks. This stuff is life changing.

I grew up never really enjoying food. The food I do enjoy is horrible for me. Also it’s a chore at times. HUEL popped up on some random Facebook ad. FB listens to your convo, but that’s ok, they nailed it.

This stuff is easy, healthy, and really doesn’t taste that bad. If healthy stuff tasted great, some of us probably wouldn’t need HUEL.

I think you have a permanent customer.


                                            Max Doyle

You need to trademark this pronto. The similarity to Hooligans is amazing. All kinds of potential marketing ideas can come from this.

Anyway, you’ve got a great product. Been using it since February myself. My GF is now a user. And I think I got someone at work interested in Huel as well.

Very convenient for nutrition at work. Also quite healthy and useful for trimming down the ole midlife crisis gut. I haven’t been this lean since Junior high.


@jeff0516161 Unsweetened Huel already exists.

And as far as the “synthetic b12” issue is concerned… You really gonna cut your nose off to spite your face over such a non-issue? Your choice.


@omikes thank you for your answer to jeff, perfect. :+1:

@kris4183 great to meet you, congratulations on your weight loss, that is amazing, thank you for sharing.

@Frank_Valenziano nice to meet you too, and thank you for the kind words

@MaxD38 yes unfortunately the food we often “enjoy” can be bad for us. I like to call that entertainment food, we all like to indulge in food that is bad for us from time to time. It’s the frequency that is the problem. I personally use Huel for breakfast and lunch during the week whilst at work. Then have a sit down family meal in the evening. Then at the weekend I might indulge in slightly more unhealthy food. This gives me the best of both worlds.

@Deron that is great to hear, thank you for spreading the word about Huel, and congrats on trimming down the “ole midlife crisis gut”.


@jeff0516161 welcome to the forum.

Firstly, not everything artificial is bad for you (most modern medicine is artificial / synthetic) and not everything natural is good for you (deadly nightshade is natural and organic but it will kill you).

We have spent a huge amount of time considering and testing sweeteners and we believe that sucralose is currently the best solution. It’s zero calorie, doesn’t damage teeth like sugar can, it is 600 times sweeter than sugar so you only need a tiny amount, and there is overwhelming scientific research that proves it’s safe. If you have a better solution I will certainly give it serious consideration.

Here is a list of all the sweeteners both natural and artificial that we have considered, all of which have pros and cons, there is no magic solution - http://www.sugar-and-sweetener-guide.com/sweetener-values.html

We also provide an unflavoured and unsweetened version which will allow you use your preferred sweetener.

As @omikes correctly points out there are very specific reasons why we use a synthetic version of b12 (an essential nutrient).

Vitamin B12 – As vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, and Huel is vegan, all of the B12 in Huel is added in our micronutrient blend in the form of cyanocobalamin. ​Although this form is artificial, other forms are either not as well absorbed by the body or are not stable in food products over shelf-life, so nutritionally cyanocobalamin is the superior form of B12.​

Kind regards, Julian.


@Julian-Huel, have you and your team considered producing an insulated lunch bag for Huel on the go? Something that would fit the shaker nicely and keep it upright. Maybe with some ice packs included? That is definitely something I would purchase.


Hi there! I run the US accounts, so I’ll keep a look out! :face_with_monocle:


@kris4183 thank you for the suggestion. We have considered lots of different add-ons, but focus is important. Currently, we don’t even have our full UK range of flavours, pre-blend powders, bars, and cereal in the USA which I have to apologise for. However, what I can promise is that our next major product launch will be in the USA first. :smile:


Hello! I am excited to try huel. I am not a wealthy person, and it would be a nice wallet boost if Huel meets my needs. I have tried other meal replacements and have found a few of them are lacking.

Anyhow, thank you for creating a food that isn’t terribly expensive.


Have you considered using sweeteners such as xylitol or monk fruit? If so why don’t you use them?

Are there any health risks to xylitol or monk fruit? I am unaware of any, but do know you need a lot more than you would with sucralose.

Regarding sucralose, I understand it is chlorinated sucrose, and is nearly entirely undigested. I have heard that the chlorine can come off the sucrose backbone and do damage to the gi flora… Even though there is very little sucralose in the product, could you talk about this? I know it is a concern of many, but I am unsure why…


@Julian-Huel heyyy! Why have you abandoned us Europeans?! :joy: I found you!


@tiny.ian welcome to the forum and thank you for the suggestions and question. We sure have considered both xylitol or monk fruit. Xylitol was ruled out because of it’s laxative effect. Monk fruit is very interesting, I’ve tried and liked it, it’s natural and zero calorie. It’s yet approved in Europe so we can’t use it there but we could in the USA. It’s currently under consideration.

Gi flora is super important and super complex and therefore it’s a difficult question to answer for everyone. What I can say is that we use a tiny amount of sucralose and I’ve been using Huel for 3 years and I’m fit and healthy at the age of 46.