My experience with huel 15 months

hello brandbassador viewers and everyone else.

my huel story is one of incredible results.

i really didnt expect it to turn out so well.

first i turned vegan xmas 2018, then first bought huel powder in april 2019. my intention was to have huel everybmain meal and since then bar some occassions i have. i live with food differently now, i dont see it as brekkie luncheon and dinner time. i see it as Fuel for my Human body :slight_smile: that might catch on right.

so i went vegan because i was an alcoholic and put on crap loads if weight during the hardest of times in my life. i deserved better. i deserved specialler. i am special. its me. lets do this.

so i stuck to it, two scoop meals starting off three times a day on a strict diet. adding supplements to my consumption like b vitamins etc. exercising as much as i could. eating nuts n fruit n seeds n veg as my only snacks, plant based milk too… exercise was hard to start with.

i skip a year or a but less and ive lost 40kilos, and now consume 6-7 huel shakes a day… with said snacks.

these are the results.
and the whole process from veganism-huel-> now has been that of unexpectedly high class of health. i am an athlete now.


Woah congrats on the healthier lifestyle and learning how to do what’s best for you! What an incredible story, thank you for sharing! I am a Hueligan mostly to have a healthier relationship with food and nutrition. I look forward to the day I can finally let go of all the bad and only enjoy the good. I love reading these stories of people who were successful as they help motivate me. Keep it up man heck yeah!


i use over 20 other supplements


huel is my main meals

and it works

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Props. As a recovering addict/alcoholic I know your pain, and may have even gone some of the same roads to get here.

Huel has def been a part of a healthier transition from what was to what is.

Traded water for alcohol, supplements/vitamins for drugs, and exercise to stay busy/in shape/positive.

Taken me almost 2 years, and here we are👍

Be healthy. Be happy. Be safe.

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