I'm the founder of Huel, just saying hello!


@squizzle hey good to hear from you. I’ve not abandoned you :smiley: I promise.

This is my first thread on the US forum and I felt it was time to show my appreciation to the american community.

I’ll be back.

How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)

@Julian-Huel if I could be so bold as to offer a suggestion, or just insight.

I’ve been a member of these boards for the last several months and I have noticed there is one issue that sticks out more than any: the shipping time/estimate. The way the website generates a shipping label and notifies the customer that their order is now considered “fullfilled” is the cause of most of the confusion. First time customers, especially, are not aware that this doesn’t mean the package has shipped out. There is usually a 24 to 48 hour delay from the shipping label print to the actual point where FedEx picks up the box. FedEx starts their estimated arrival time based on the creation of a label and this usually is not an accurate estimation.

First time customers are the most upset by this perceived delay. And these are the customers who are the most fragile in terms of deciding to continue using Huel long term or not. Some of the regulars on the board almost have to “convince” new customers to stick it out.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly what the solution is. But an easy suggestion is to alter the wording of your website in regards to shipping. Or to be more clear about shipping times when an order is complete. (Also, a note to let customers know that Huel distributors are closed weekends will help.)

Amazon, for example, has their vendors use realistic shipping estimates and that helps a lot. Not all vendors do “next-day” shipping. And most customers are okay with Huel providing shipping that takes several days, especially if it’s free. The issue is EXPECTATIONS. If the way your system creates expectations that the order is “fullfilled” and new customers assume this means the box is at the FedEx place, this creates problems.

I would hate for your company to lose a potential lifetime customer simply over misunderstood expectations. If you are more clear about estimated shipping times, people will not expect their shipment to arrive so soon. You’ll see less “Where is my order” posts on here. And we can help solve the world’s real problem: too many people drinking Soylent.


Just as everyone else has said Julian, THANK YOU for bringing us Huel. You provide the bulk of my sustenance monday through friday.

Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it, because you’re doing great!


@skelooth what a lovely message, thank you so much. We couldn’t do what we do without great customers like you!


@Deron please do be bold, I like bold.

That is great point, thank you for being it to me attention. We can and will do a better job on the wording of these emails to manage people’s expectation.

Plus we currently looking at ways to speed up the delivery, please bear with us, we are on it.


@Deron we have taken your suggestion to improve the email notification about shipping. See below…


Very nice @Julian-Huel . It’s all about the expectations. That should be a lot clearer to new customers.


thank you @Deron it’s all down to your suggestion.


I am so delighted to hear this. I wasn’t sure if it was of use but we interviewed Julian the founder for our podcast. Further clarifies how much he cares about his community. Link here if at all of interest. https://youtu.be/mMDAV2j5PdA


Thank you for Huel. I love knowing that there is an option of having COMPLETE nutrition in a meal. I have it at least once a day. Also, I plan on having a few bags extra on hand, for emergency preparedness.

I am a nurse and getting great nutrition in a quick-and-easy way is so helpful. I really enjoy your product!