I'm so sick of Huel's poor shipping!

I have about had it with Huel shipping! Here I am without food (Huel) now for 7 days, equating to 5 business days, and my order hasn’t even shipped! @dan_huel this is ridiculous! Would you stand for a company with such poor shipping practices if you ordered your sole source of food from them?

I feel like you and your employees don’t care about the time it takes to ship out food. So I want to ask you frankly: do you care that it takes a week to get food? And if so, what are you doing about it?

If companies who sell made to order food can figure out next day air I’m sure you can figure out how to have enough floor stock of your very low water activity product (i.e., very shelf-stable) to allow for same-day shipping and expedited shipping.

I only live 2 states and about 700 miles away and it always takes at least 4 days for my order to arrive. And then tack on one to three days for slow order fulfillment or if I order on a Friday. That is not OK. This is food, it’s not like it’s socks and therefore doesn’t matter when it arrives.

If there was a good Huel alternative that offered rational shipping options I would leave Huel in an instant. I am a professional formulation chemist so I could easily re-create Huel for much less money than I buy it from you, but then I loose the convenience factor which is the only reason I do buy Huel. I know I am not alone in this feeling, just read this two and a half-year-old thread: Other shipping options?

In the 21st century in America, it’s mandatory that you offer expedited shipping, and if you disagree I’d bet Amazon would have something to say about the power of expedited shipping.

Additionally, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the floor each month, maybe even tens thousands depending upon your sales, by not offering expedited shipping. I assume you get very generous negotiated rates from FedEX, and if they’re anything like the rates we get from UPS you pay FedEx at most 30 cents on the dollar you would charge customers for shipping (i.e., the published rate you charge customers).

If this problem is not addressed soon I will have to leave Huel and start making it myself in my kitchen. And while I’m just one person, so you wouldn’t care, if directions for how to easily make Huel at home were known by many I think you may care.

I love your product. But I hate your shipping. And sadly the thing I hate stops me from getting the thing I love.

The last screenshot of the FedEx tracking is from about an hour ago. So, 7 days after I placed my order it still hasn’t shipped and I have zero food to eat:

Thanks for pointing that out. A copy/paste error that I have since fixed. But, your attempted slight is as ridiculous as Huel’s shipping.

Why I choose to order how I order doesn’t matter. What matters is Huel’s poor shipping. Or, do you also try to blame the victim in other situations?

Go sit down fanboy.

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Fanboy (@Cellcubed): I see you’re madly typing a post to me again. Don’t bother. You’re going on my ignore list. Bye-bye.

I guess the OP is cranky because he hasn’t eaten in 7 days. I think I would just lie on the doorstep with the shaker and some water trying to conserve my strength until the Huel arrives…

It’s on its way, hungry guy. :slight_smile:


Patience is a virtue you clearly might not have… That being said, either place your orders further in advance, be patient or keep some RTD backups in the fridge. Do you usually wait until you’re completely out of food and your pantry and fridge are completely empty to run to the supermarket for a restock trip?

And PS: you might get better results by emailing Huel support directly.


I’ve seen other posts recently (past couple months) about longer shipping times, I’ve started to keep on hand one month extra of Huel, where I place a new order once I open those bags up so I know for sure I won’t be running out during wait times for shipping.

The longest I’ve waited so far was 5 business days, usually orders arrive within 3 business days after placing the order. I’ve had a scenario where the FedEx Tracker didn’t update until I already received my order, yours might be on it’s way hopefully. I agree though it would be nice to have expedite shipping that we could pay extra for.

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We appreciate the feedback. I completely understand the frustration with the shipping of your order and understandably it has taken longer than what it should.

For that, I have personally messaged you to make up for the inconvenience and help investigate further and assist so you can receive your order.

We truly appreciate our customers that choose Huel and we are constantly working on making sure deliveries and any other negative experiences can be amended.

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I am also having this same issue. I am a new customer so this is my first order. My FedEx tracking page and Huel account page looks exactly like yours except the difference is they received mine on 7/26/20. I contacted customer service yesterday to find out what the issue could be. I am told they are investigating and that it involves several orders, but the explanation is something vague involving the “fulfillment center and the carrier”.

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Sorry to hear that! I have messaged you personally as well to get more information on your order and assist you.

Hi Domenique,

Thank you, but you seem to not remember I am the same person who has been emailing with you since last week. I emailed last week to vent my frustration about how terrible Huel’s shipping policy is; and I DM’d you just now.

Funny, not funny that after I complained about Huel’s rediculous shipping policy my order never got fulfilled and shipped out. I mean, could there have been any better proof that Huel’s shipping is terrible?

Thank you for the 50% off of my last order, but that DOES NOT help me eat. I would have much rather paid for expedited shipping and paid full price, then wait 14 DAYS to get my food…because now that you told me many orders are backlogged and my order hasn’t even shipped, and it’s Friday, and you refuse to ship expedited, I won’t get my food at least until next Friday. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I want my order on Monday as I wrote in an email. I want it shipped out today, next day air. If not, I will follow through with what I wrote in an email.

Sorry to hear that @Vontroxler. Every experience with Huel’s product is amazing, but sadly every experience with Huel’s shipping has been terrible. Slow delivery, unexpected deliveries, and a broken subscription system, just to name a few.

It’s clear to me that after 2.5 years of the same complaints about using only FedEx Ground @Dan_Huel doesn’t care and won’t do anything about this issue.

FYI to those reading:

UPS and FedEx Ground is terrible. They often loose packages, have slow deliveries, and poor tracking. I have a lot of experience shipping hundreds of packages a day all over the world, by ground and air. And it’s a fact that shipping by air is the more reliable route, plus it’s faster.

I never ship anything Ground unless I’m forced to, like by Huel, because Ground shipping is more likely to get lost, damaged, and slow delivery.

I just want to add that I have had zero issues with shipping in the last 3 years consuming Huel other than around one of the major hurricanes in Florida last year. My monthly order auto renews every 4 weeks on Monday and I always receive it by Thursday. Sometimes Wednesday. I know everyone doesn’t have that same experience but this has been mine.


Thank you for that. I’m sure most people are happy and satisfied. Maybe it’s because my subscriptions are weekly or bi-monthly that I have experienced so many issues, plus adding/removing items from a subscription doesn’t seem possible/easy (something that has occurred a few times) so that puts back the shipment days (when a new subscription is created).

Hoping this issue gets resolved for those affected, but considering it’s been ongoing for 2.5 years I doubt it will happen.

I hear ya. Just curious, what day are your orders typically placed? I know for a while there were a lot of complaints about orders placed on Thursday and Friday (right before the weekend when Huel is closed, at least they were) that weren’t being fulfilled or weren’t until a few days after the weekend. As I said, I’ve always ordered on a Monday. I’m pretty sure my orders come from the same warehouse as yours (Millington, TN) based on your screenshot.

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Hey Kris. I typically place orders on Friday or the weekend. Interesting…

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Worth a shot to shift that to Monday if you can and see if it makes a difference.

@Matt87 wrote:

I’ve had the same issue lately. I ordered mine on the 24th and thankfully it’ll be here on Monday the 3rd. Have three orders coming in on the same day. Was hoping to start a month of straight Huel tomorrow but, have to wait a few more days. I think the previous post about keeping an extra month supply on hand is exactly what’s needed moving forward and order with plenty of time left on the current supply. I simply wish there would at least be an option for expedited shipping. Can’t wait to start a month of straight Huel and see what kind of results I get. Patience is a virtue indeed.

So what’s the use of a food supplier if you can’t rely on the shipment of the food you order? Also, a customer should not have to buy in bulk because the company is either inept or unwilling to modify its actions which delay the shipments. And while @kris4183 made a very astute point, I don’t think a customer should have to modify their order days just because a company is incapable or unwilling to modify its actions.

Patience is great, but a full stomach is better.

@kris4183 of note: If you can set the time, make sure its during business hours. I placed an order on the 27th @ 1743 central time and the shipping label was finally created on the 1st @ 1839 central time. with an expected delivery of the 5th before end of day.

That’s really interesting, because I placed my order on the 26th and the shipping label still has not been created, no ETA.