Going hungry waiting on Fed x

Well I don’t even know where to begin. I love the Huel but the shipping is really an issue for me. I’m on a fixed income and I spent Most of my food budget on Huel. Today I ran out of food that I bought at the store and I’m still waiting on a delivery from Huel. I realize that you have no control over FedEx but maybe you could find a shipping company that would work I am pissed off and hungry

Hi Tom! I am very sorry to hear about your frustration, it is truly not our intention for our customers to feel this way. With that being said, I can see that you have emailed us and have replied to you now.

Thank you for responding. I am still hungry and I will not bother Huel anymore…

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I bumped my subscription up 2 weeks so I would be sure the next batch would get here on time. If things get too fast I can always delay a shipment but better to have 2 extra bags waiting than no bag at all.

My last cycle ended up saying shipped 5 days before I ran out but still went another 5 before I actually got it.

Thanks for a response. I just got my refund from Huel, so at least they are honest about that. I ordered from another company with my refund and hope to be eating in a few days.