Going hungry waiting on Fed x

Well I don’t even know where to begin. I love the Huel but the shipping is really an issue for me. I’m on a fixed income and I spent Most of my food budget on Huel. Today I ran out of food that I bought at the store and I’m still waiting on a delivery from Huel. I realize that you have no control over FedEx but maybe you could find a shipping company that would work I am pissed off and hungry

Hi Tom! I am very sorry to hear about your frustration, it is truly not our intention for our customers to feel this way. With that being said, I can see that you have emailed us and have replied to you now.

Thank you for responding. I am still hungry and I will not bother Huel anymore…

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I bumped my subscription up 2 weeks so I would be sure the next batch would get here on time. If things get too fast I can always delay a shipment but better to have 2 extra bags waiting than no bag at all.

My last cycle ended up saying shipped 5 days before I ran out but still went another 5 before I actually got it.

Thanks for a response. I just got my refund from Huel, so at least they are honest about that. I ordered from another company with my refund and hope to be eating in a few days.

An update.
The other product SUCKED.
I tried Huel again and so far my deliveries are on time.

BTW I keep hearing the question, “Are you losing weight”?

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Just curious, which other product did you try out?

310 nutrition was like water. I can’t remember the name of the other one but I just tried one sample pack and I’ll try to go through my bank and see if I can see who they were but oh my God it was just nasty

Large but not in charge

Seems like you made a great choice with us! Just saying :raised_hands:t3:


I agree @Domenique_Huel! :smiley:

And regarding the question you get, I understand where it comes from as there are many products out there with that goal in mind, but that is not Huel! Huel is nutritionally complete food that can be consumed for many different reasons (nutrition/health, time, access, affordability, etc.) and while you can lose weight with Huel in your daily intake if you so choose, you can also maintain or gain too!

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I can use Huel consistently and my system tolerates it VERY well.

Once again Thank Y’all for working on the shipping…


I wanted to update you because I resubscribed and once again I’m told I’ve got to wait extra time for shipping. Thanks but no thanks I canceled my subscription again and I guess I’ll just have to not use your product anymore

It’s the start of holiday shipping delays. It affects all products, not just Huel. At least they are giving you the heads up to plan for it.

They DID give me a heads up and I moved my shipping date up to the 20th. I checked on the 23rd and they said that the shipment would be delayed anyway. I have to eat! This is NOT the first time I’ve had shipping issues…