Other shipping options?

Hey there! I see that you recently switched shipping to FedEx to alleviate some issues in the past. The FedEx delivery is coming from FedEx “home delivery” and my shipping address is a business.

We have had 2 failed deliveries this past week and FedEx is giving a large amount of excuses as to why they can’t redeliver. We have 3 regular fedex drivers who deliver to our business with no issue and they are very consistent and polite, whoever is doing this delivery is not one of them.

The major problem is that we have business hours and fedex ground delivers ONLY during our business hours. We do have a few things set into place if FedEx home Shows up early (2 neighbors who have permission to sign for out packages) but if this is going to be a massive ordeal every month over shipping I may as well cancel my subscription as this has already caused more frustration and hours on the phone with FedEx customer support than it seems to be worth - thoughts? Help please?


I would also like to know if other shipping options could be offered. I would even be willing to pay to avoid using FedEx.
My experience: I used Amazon for my first order of Huel (2 bags, no issues aside from the slightly higher cost.) I decided to start a 6 bag subscription through the Huel site. FedEx shows that it was delivered yesterday, but the package is nowhere to be found :frowning:
I’m positive this is FedEx’s issue because I’ve had several problems with them screwing up deliveries in the past (usually delivering to the wrong apartment complex). I’ve contacted FedEx customer service and they’ve opened a case for me and I also emailed Huel customer service to make them aware. Hopefully the package shows up somewhere, otherwise I’m out quite a chunk of change.


I am a huge fan of FedEx, and they saved my shipping department a lot of money. Im sorry you guys are having a bad experience but I thought someone had to stick up for Fedex here. When I received my first order I was so relieved that it was delivered by Fedex


I’d also be interested in alternate shipping options. My first Huel order is stuck in Tracy, CA. I happened to look at the FedEx subreddit, and found numerous other people complaining about the Tracy, CA “black hole”. Apparently it’s not uncommon for packages routed through there to sit for days or weeks before moving on.
I get it, COVID-19, shippers are overwhelmed. My wife is a carrier for USPS, so I know. But now that I know every time I order Huel it’s going to get routed through Tracy, CA and sit there for who knows how long, I’d really like a different option.

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Fedex is far more reliable than USPS in my area.


I’ve always had issues with FedEx as well. I would like to have other options.

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I agree that we should have faster shipping options, and UPS would be nice. We ship anywhere from 100-300 boxes a day out of our shipping department where I work and we only use UPS because they offer the best rates, loose fewer boxes than FedEX, and we find them more reliable than FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

In fact, I sent an email to Huel customer service just last week complaining about the lack of expedited shipping. I asked for at least a 2-day option, but also for overnight. And the customer service person who emailed me didn’t care at all, she didn’t even understand why I was irritated. She just kept writing that average shipping is 3-5 days, they don’t ship the same day an order is placed, and I get my packages on average in 4 days…like that’s OK in the 21st century lol.

Some people may say, “well, just set up a subscription,” and that is an option for some people, but not for everyone and I for one don’t like having a subscription because I don’t like any website having my CC info because every site is vulnerable, especially one with a single website programmer (at least that was the case for Huel a while ago).

What if I order on a Friday? It doesn’t ship out till Tuesday and won’t arrive till Friday. So that’s 7 days at least before I get my order…that’s WAY too long of a time to wait for FOOD. I mean, it’s not like we’re ordering crayons that we can wait a week to arrive.

And the galling part is they use a contract manufacturer in the US (I believe), so they have no excuse for not offering same-day shipping with overnight and two-day options. It’s not like they’re shipping from the UK.

And yes, I am currently out of Huel and HUNGRY. Waiting impatiently for my order to arrive by the slowest possible shipping method on Earth.