Fedex 'smartpost'! really huel?

Soooo… I order Huel every 2 weeks and suddenly they decided to use FedEx smartpost rather than FedEx Home Delivery. I don’t think 13 days delivery time is acceptable at all. Going cheap on shipping Huel.
Time to say good bye.


I couldn’t agree more. FedEx Smartpost is anything but smart. Chewy can get cat food to me in 1-2 days from the same city using FedEx Home Delivery (formerly Ground).

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I agree. It took 9 business days to get my order when normally I would get them in two. Not a good move.

I do a great deal of shopping with Amazon prime. 95% of the time they use UPS priority mail and I get my orders within 2 to 3 days of ordering. I’ve been trying to get Huel to do that because FedEx sucks. They are not what they used to be, at all!

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That is depressing. I had to stop Huel because of the shipping. I was checking in to see if things changed… IT’S WORSE!

GREAT product killed by crappy shipping. I wonder how y’all stay in business.

Came here to see if they’re as responsive as they are on social, chat, and support email. Did they close?
Mine is also in “Smartpost” limbo.

I’m still waiting on Huel to respond.

They offered me a refund but by that time I already unsubscribed. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted fast shipping and looks like they can’t do anything about it. Probably I’ll try kachava next.

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I really like Huel too but the smartpost shipping is forcing me to find a alternative. It’s not the amount to time it takes to get the product, I don’t care if it takes 10 days, it’s the none existent tracking and poor shipping service. I work out of town and sometimes I will get home for a week. If I order on say Friday or Saturday Huel will ship by Monday, FedEx will say delivery on Wednesday and then it will not show until the following week and on top of that USPS will just barely make the edge of the porch, leaving the package in the rain or easy target for pirates. I thought about trying 10 bags at once, maybe too much weight for smartpost? I don’t know but I may have to find another product until Huel figures out we need accurate tracking.

I have less problem with them using SmartPost as much as it is using FedEx. There is something horribly wrong with FedEx these days. I ordered Huel and it was shipped on October 8th. As of today the 24th they still have not even given it to the Post Office to deliver. It is just stuck in the system not moving or going anywhere useful for delivery. I live in Denver and per FedEx it has been in CO for 8 days just roaming around the area never gets to where it needs to be to hand off to the Post Office. I am no fan of the Postal Service in general but they have been less of an issue than FedEx deliveries as of late.

Yeah. Same. My first order and excited to try it. About $200 spent and my package is on mars apparently. FedEx said it was delayed because from PA to NC is not possible in less than 6 days. Now “oh you weren’t home” so check with your local post office. I have 4 local post offices and I was home the entire day. USPS said call back in a couple days. Unfortunately, this was my first and last shipment. If I knew ahead of time it was smartpost, I wouldn’t have wasted my money. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if your customer can’t get it, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t understand – if you know it will take longer to be delivered, why cancel as opposed to just adjusting your ordering schedule?

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Because this was not the first order that I adjusted the schedule for, due to delays. Just to maintain continuity I order every 10 days. And I always have 2 bags in reserve. I don’t think that only to match their delays, I will start ordering every 5 days. We are talking significant delays, like more than two weeks and 3 weeks sometimes or may be a month as I read other comments.

If you like the product, increase your safety stock by a bag or two and understand that we are living in unprecedented times of supply chain disruption and keep supporting a small business that seems to have developed a product you like.

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I had to cancel another food subscription service because FedEx was so terrible. I was receiving spoiled food every delivery. And this week’s Huel delivery (marked “Fragile”) was a mess. A bag had broken and food was not only loose in the box, but silting out the bottom onto the floor at work. UPS is so much better.

same here, was really annoyed with smartpost , but are these folks listening, i was so frustrated with the delivery that i cancelled my order, the funny thing is if i start the return , they would recieve their product faster than the time i would receive, really pathetic

Sounds like some on here have had a much different experience than me. My latest order last week was delivered as usual within 3 or 4 days by FedEx. I will agree that most of the time the boxes are banged up quite a bit but (*knock on wood) no broken or ripped Huel bags and for the most part are delivered on time.

Ka’Chava gets to me in 2-3 days without fail. It’s a much better product too. Win-Win.

If your wondering “why” they changed, you can be fairly sure it’s because they are paying out less for FedEx than ups would be and the execs already making all the money wanted more. It’s always about the bottom line for every corporate entity there is. Always has been. Profit before people is part of their unspoken mantra.

Tired of capitalism yet? If not you all better wake up or you can only expect more of the same.

We’ll put our hands up - we know this isn’t ideal! It’s a temporary measure we had to put in place for numerous reasons. The majority of our orders that are being shipped with Smartpost are still being delivered within our 3-7 business day timeframe, however in some cases may take longer due to carrier transportation delays. If your order has not shown any updates for a few days, please do get in touch with with your order number and the team can help out as soon as possible.

We are now using UPS for the majority of our orders and we are noticing some really great trends surrounding shorter delivery time frames.

My last order came via UPS - on time and when expected and I live in the middle of nowhere. Great move using UPS, hope it stays positive :smiley:

Came here specifically because FedEx are so inept. Huel – before too long, you’ll lose me as a customer if the delivery doesn’t improve.