Unhappy with Shipping

Still issues with shipping going on with Huel. Not really happy with this situation and the runaround they are giving me. This is the second time in the last couple of months this has happened. If it keeps up, I will have to stop using Huel.

Hey Jerry! Just messaged you to get more information on your order and tracking status!

It seems like if I subscribe the shipping is terrible but if I just order two or three bags at a time they’re much more reliable. I have threatened to quit Huel a few times but it is the best product there is hang in there hope you get it solved

I usually receive my orders in three sometimes even two days. My last order was placed four days ago and it hasn’t left huel’s facility yet. I’m guessing over a week of time will pass from when I placed the order to when I will receive it. It’s a shame because huel is great and has made shakes a large part of my diet, but I’m considering other options now too. If you rely on these shakes as much as I do you need a reliable supplier.

I’m in the same boat too. I have made Huel a major part of my diet as well and now that I have been without product for over a week, I am considering finding other options. This is the second time this has happened in the last couple of months. They even shipped me out an extra bag recently to make up for the issue and it still hasn’t shipped yet. By the way, anyone who orders and your order is being shipped from Millington, TN good luck getting your supply because I don’t think Millington has any intention of filling any orders period.

I went to the store and bought a product called Orgain to use until my order gets here. I wish someone would hold Fed X accountable for a poor job.