Seems like a lot of people have shipping Issues

Lots of threads contributing to the shipment delays in their orders. Just making sure Huel is aware that this seems to be a common problem. While my order has been “delayed” they did quote 5-7 days, my order arriving on the 8th. Could be a COVID issue but just assuming. My second order arrived as a really beaten down box, barely holding the meals inside together, but when i took them out they were unphased. Looks like they reused a box like 10 times before it got to me, or Fedex just throwing boxes around.
Hope we find a solution soon.

We understand that shipping times are not the prettiest at this time & we thank our customers for being patience with us. We have advised the delay of shipping on our website & subscription pages as a way of communicating about our delivery dates.

As per your order, I have gone and messaged you to get more details and investigate why it is taking longer than 7 days to be delivered.

I have to commend Huel then, cause I seem to be getting 1-2 day shipping (not counting weekends) with my subscription.

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Typically receive my order in two or three days. On day four of my current order right now and it hasn’t left their facility yet. I think they’ve spoiled me with the previously fast shipping this wait is a bummer.

My mom sent me an order of Huel Black as a Christmas present and asked me today if I had received it yet. She placed the order on November 30th and had yet to receive any update from Fedex. I reached out via Huel chat and was told that the order was stuck in preshipment because a PO box was part of the mailing address.

I get that it was a mistake by my mom to include the PO box as part of the address but I am a bit perturbed that no one reached out to let us know about the issue and I had to make the effort to contact Huel just to get the ball rolling. I can appreciate how busy Huel must be right now, especially with certain limitations placed upon the company due to the current prevailing circumstances beyond their control, but at the same time find it disappointing that this order slipped through the cracks and could have been in limbo indefinitely (who knows?).

Oh no! Orders typically take 3-5 business days but in some occasions there can be some slight delays. Regardless, I have gone ahead and messaged you personally to check more on that order. :+1:t3: