Seems like a lot of people have shipping Issues

Lots of threads contributing to the shipment delays in their orders. Just making sure Huel is aware that this seems to be a common problem. While my order has been “delayed” they did quote 5-7 days, my order arriving on the 8th. Could be a COVID issue but just assuming. My second order arrived as a really beaten down box, barely holding the meals inside together, but when i took them out they were unphased. Looks like they reused a box like 10 times before it got to me, or Fedex just throwing boxes around.
Hope we find a solution soon.

We understand that shipping times are not the prettiest at this time & we thank our customers for being patience with us. We have advised the delay of shipping on our website & subscription pages as a way of communicating about our delivery dates.

As per your order, I have gone and messaged you to get more details and investigate why it is taking longer than 7 days to be delivered.

I have to commend Huel then, cause I seem to be getting 1-2 day shipping (not counting weekends) with my subscription.

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