Huel Flavor Boosts Now Available at Huel USA!

Hey Huelers,

We’re excited to announce five Flavor Boosts are now available at Huel USA!

Each pouch contains 150g of flavor, or enough to flavor your Huel about 75 times.

How to use

These flavors have been designed to be added to our Vanilla Huel, but can also be added to our Unflavored Unsweetened variety if you prefer.

We suggest you start with approximately 2% flavour to the volume of vanilla Huel you are using, e.g. if adding 100g of vanilla Huel, start with 2g of flavour (half a teaspoon) and then adjust if necessary. If you are measuring in scoops, you need to add approximately 0.7g per scoop of Huel (so for 1 scoop of 38g you need to add just under a quarter of a teaspoon).

This means that there are roughly 75 servings per pouch when adding to Vanilla Huel.

Because the Unflavored Unsweetened version doesn’t contain any sweetener, we recommend you use at least 4g of flavor (a teaspoon) and adjust the flavor from there.

Get Huel Flavor Boosts here:

And let us know which one is your favorite! :+1:

Huel Flavor Boosts


Awesome! I am looking forward to trying a couple of these out.


Cmonnn pay day, think I’m gonna pick up at least four of them.

Nope, didn’t wait for pay day lol I went ahead and scored Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and the Strawberry. I put bananas in mine already and I make my normal shake with coffee instead of water anyway so… :smiley: I’m very excited! :tada: :tada:



Great to hear @Lizadizzle! :slight_smile:


Very interested to try some of these. Any chance there would be some kind of Trial pack with a small tester of each type?


I saw the facebook announcement about this. The comments mentioned being able to add it to a subscription. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that - how can I add the flavors to my monthly subscription?

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Hey @slugnet,

We’re still working on the option to add Flavor Boosts to existing subscriptions.

An update to our subscription management system should be live soon.

At the moment Flavor Boosts is only available as a one-time order.


Bought the Strawberry, Cappuccino, and Chocolate Mint today. Excited to try them.


Okay, so as soon as I saw this on the forum I immediately ordered the Chocolate. It’s been about three days, when will these be shipped?!

At the moment, we don’t have that option, but it’s a possibility in the future. We have so many exciting things in store for 2018, so keep a lookout!

Can you message me with your order number and/or the name used to place the order so I can look into this for you?

It was like as soon as I complained I got an email that my order shipped! :slight_smile:
So it’s on its way, but thanks for the concern, Teresa.

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Second this. I’d like to trial before going all in for something that I won’t end up using.

I was actually coming to say that mine shipped today in case anyone was wondering. So, three day turn around I think to ship. Probably be here Tuesday or so if nothing moves on the weekend.

It would be nice to add to our current subscription so I can avoid the $5 delivery fee as I was planning to order just 2 flavor packs.

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Nobody liked chocolate mint?

I’m curious to hear what people think of the chocolate - I tried 2Tbsp of Hershey’s dark chocolate powder in about 100g/500mL but it was so bitter that it bothered my stomache. I assume the Huel boost will be less harsh than baking chocolate powder, so hopefully we hear good things soon after people receive their boosts. :slight_smile:

I’m actually looking forward to the chocolate mint bc it’ll be different from my normal stuff.


@Lizadizzle @miked

Team Chocolate Mint! :slight_smile:


A group of us in a little town in Illinois are extremely excited to try all the flavors! We love Huel. <3

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