Got my Flavor boosts yesterday

I got my flavor boosts yesterday and I tried the Strawberry last night and will try the banana one tonight. My impression of the strawberry was that it was very, strawberry flavored. This is fine with me. I added 1/2 teaspoon of flavoring to approximately 2/3rds of a cup of Huel with 600ml of water and it was fine for me. I am sure everyone’s ratios and impressions will be different.

Looking forward to trying the banana tonight.

I mixed up chocolate mint for lunch today. The scent is VERY minty. I’m excited! I’m glad you said strawberry is potent, I got that one also.

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The banana was not as good as the strawberry. I think I will stick to tossing a real banana in there when I want some banana flavor.

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I was going to get flavor boosts this week, not a big fan of the extra 5 bucks for shipping, I think I’ll hold out until I can add it to my powder order.

5 bucks is 5 bucks, why not just send it with our subscriptions, we would both save on shipping costs.

Hi @PaulieJ,

We’re working on a solution to include addon items such as Flavor Boosts to existing subscriptions.

An update to our subscription management system should be out soon.



Thank you for the reply

I just started drinking Huel last Friday and the vanilla is pretty tasteless. I ordered the chocolate flavor boost and received it yesterday. I’m at a loss because my shake tastes like I just mixed unsweetened cocoa powder in my unflavored oatmeal and tried to drink it.

Yeah, even the vanilla Huel is lightly sweetened. And their chocolate poweder is a cocoa powder with no additional sweetener. They do that since not everyone likes their stuff too sweet, perhaps.

The chocolate powder is just to change the flavor, not increase it’s sweetness. You can easily add more sweetener. A half packet of stevia might do the trick. Another option is to mix this in a 50:50 mixture of water and you favorite milk. I really like milk in mine.

Surprisingly, there are a few users on this board that feel the vanilla Huel is too sweet and they mix the vanilla with the Unflavored Huel.

You can always add more sweetness to Huel. You can’t remove it. So the makers probably chose to go light on the sweetener and let people add more if they need.

Thank You for the info. I really hope they did not just charge me 14.00 for three dollars worth of cocoa powder. My wife thought I had purchased UU when she tried it and she is very sensitive to sweet.