Flavor boosts question

First time huel user here. Are the flavor boosts best with the chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, or unsweentened unflavoured version? Does it matter?

I would suggest mixing them with any of the flavors, and see how you like them.

I’m pretty new, and I only have Strawberry. So far, I’ve only mixed it in Vanilla. I have Chai coming with my next order. I’m guessing that will be best with Vanilla, as well, but I plan on experimenting with them.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you can definitely tell the difference between a level scoop of the booster and a heaping one. I actually prefer extra Strawberry in my Vanilla.

I would say most go with vanilla because its pretty neutral while still having flavor to it. But really the boosts are for any flavor. For example, chocolate goes well with banana and mint while strawberry goes best with vanilla.

you can order a sample pack of all of the booster flavors and try them out for yourself, in whatever combination that you wanted. seriously. DO IT!!