Favorite Flavor Boost?


Hey Huelers!

All of us over at Huel are curious- what is your favorite Huel flavor boost? I know for me personally, chocolate mint is my favorite. :yum:

Would love to hear what your favorites are as well!



Banana. My girlfriend likes banana and chocolate mixed.

I’d love to have more options in the US.


Huel chocolate is the only one I use. I don’t like artificially flavored fruit flavors.

My GF loves the Huel cappuccino


Any flavor boost with caffeine is a friend of mine. :coffee::coffee::coffee:


Chocolate banana sounds delectable! Has she tried strawberry and chocolate?


My favorite by far is 3 scoops of vanilla Huel mixed with a full teaspoon of chocolate flavor in 20 oz of either skim milk or water, I crave it! I shake it but you can use a blender for a smoother texture. I happen to love the texture when it’s shaken!


Mint Chocolate. None of the others come close


We bought the strawberry shipped to my Mom’s house when we visited her in July and forgot to bring it home, and we didn’t have Chocolate with us there, so we have not yet had the chance to try that.

I really wish they’d bring the toffee flavor over here, and the coconut pineapple, those both sound really intriguing to me.