Favorite Flavor Boost?

Hey Huelers!

All of us over at Huel are curious- what is your favorite Huel flavor boost? I know for me personally, chocolate mint is my favorite. :yum:

Would love to hear what your favorites are as well!

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Banana. My girlfriend likes banana and chocolate mixed.

I’d love to have more options in the US.

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Huel chocolate is the only one I use. I don’t like artificially flavored fruit flavors.

My GF loves the Huel cappuccino

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Any flavor boost with caffeine is a friend of mine. :coffee::coffee::coffee:

Chocolate banana sounds delectable! Has she tried strawberry and chocolate?

My favorite by far is 3 scoops of vanilla Huel mixed with a full teaspoon of chocolate flavor in 20 oz of either skim milk or water, I crave it! I shake it but you can use a blender for a smoother texture. I happen to love the texture when it’s shaken!

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Mint Chocolate. None of the others come close

We bought the strawberry shipped to my Mom’s house when we visited her in July and forgot to bring it home, and we didn’t have Chocolate with us there, so we have not yet had the chance to try that.

I really wish they’d bring the toffee flavor over here, and the coconut pineapple, those both sound really intriguing to me.

Are you ever going to get them back in stock? I have been waiting for months! I am out of everything I had.

Same here, I’ve also been waiting for flavor boosts to be in stock for a while.

Why would you ask this when none of us can buy them…

somebody resurrected a thread started by a Huel employee back in 2018.

But, yes, I need to order more flavor boosts and haven’t been able to due to shortages.

I didn’t want to start a new thread with the same subject. I hope this is okay to do.
I did see a post from someone recently, possibly even you @Deron, that they were shooting for mid-February to restock their website.

Still out of stock unless you like Chocolate Cherry or Mocha!

Oh yeah, adding to an old thread is fine. The above poster was wondering why the original poster of this thread would advertise for the flavor boosts at the exact time when none were available. I was simply pointing out that that original poster made her post a loooooong time ago, when boosts were available. So we can’t hold it against Alex

And we are getting near a point that we can no longer define this as “mid” February. In the lovely month of Black American History Month, we have only 5 more days.

I will be waiting to make my next product order when the flavor boosts are available. I’ll tack on some bars at that time, just to see what they taste like. But until then, I’m keeping my money.

This is why I like not doing subscriptions. It avoids any potential charging errors or disruptions when the product is backordered. It also incentivizes the company to keep the operation running smoothly. If they want my money, they gotta earn it. I don’t mind paying the higher per-meal cost.

Just like I don’t mind being paid a slightly lower hourly rate for being hourly. At my place there is an option to go salary with a slight bump up in pay. However, this allows the employer to potentially take advantage of me. being hourly means that if my workload becomes too much, I end up staying late and getting overtime. In the long run, my “effective hourly rate” from going salary but staying late is less. Hourly keeps me honest and my employer honest.

We’re working on getting the Flavor Boosts back in stock, we’re so sorry for the delay. Will be sure to post here when they’re back! Which ones are you excited about trying?

Update. Flavor Boosts are BACK! (with the exception of strawberry) Sorry for the delay.


Guess I better order before they’re gone. And, BTW, nobody likes the strawberry flavor boost anyway, so it’s nobody’s loss.


Have you tried Black yet or are you still ordering the OG?

On a whim (and because they have a little pop-up when ordering advertising Black) I decided to order one bag of Huel Black Vanilla. I may do one scoop of each. Or I can add in some quick oats to it when I blend. :slight_smile:

I got more of the Huel 3.0 and also 1 box each of the bars. So I’ll be trying two new Huel items.

Specifically what kind of quick oats? My wife eats steel oats soaked overnight in milk. (She does not eat them in her sleep :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). New to huel been a rough ride if you know what I mean. So I want to try and add some solids to my life!!!