Flavor boosts not adding any flavor

With my first order of Huel I got the free flavor boost sampler pack. My initial order was of Chocolate and Berry and the flavor boosts were great. With my second order I ordered a few bags of the flavor boosts(caramel, apple cinnamon, strawberry, moca and chai) with Vanilla and Chocolate. It doesn’t seem to matter what boost I use in either Chocolate or Vanilla I can’t seem to taste them at all. Using the recommended 1/2tsp to the 100g (two scoops) or even a full TSP. With around 16-20oz of water/ice I get a slight bit of sweetness but not the flavor like I did with the sampler pack. Are the sampler packs more concentrated or maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Hey MisterSomebody,

I’ve noticed that too, it sweetens the drink but I really can’t tell with both vanilla/chocolate huel bags. I use Caramel and Mocha boosters but it’s very very subtle.
I might just not buy flavor boosters at all, the Huel powder itself is probably sweet enough for me atleast.
I find myself adding two TSP to really taste it on 16oz.

Interesting too that the sample packs hit harder, or maybe its just a mind thing idk haha.


I had the opposite reaction. The flavor boosts I tried (banana and apple cinnamon) actually add quite a strong flavor to vanilla Huel. In fact, banana is so strong that I use less than the recommended amount so it isn’t overwhelming.

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