Huel Flavor Boosts Now Available at Huel USA!


I finally got mine on Wednesday January 17th, 2018 when I ordered it last Tuesday.

Anyway, I ordered the chocolate and I used one whole teaspoon for the unflavored, unsweetened version and the only thing that was different was the color. It still tasted like the same old Huel.
Something that’s 75 servings at 2g per serving and then when I used 4g it didn’t taste like chocolate at all. This flavor booster did not change the taste at all.

I only drink this once a day, so I will see how adding 8g to it will boost the flavor tomorrow, but so far I am disappointed. I was hoping this would be something that would last a long time. Using one bag of flavor booster over the course of two to three months is far more appealing than having to buy this every month.

I’ve read good things about the strawberry, so I will get that and banana. I am not interested in anything mint or coffee flavored.


Yeah, the chocolate was a complete waste of my money. Adding more chocolate to it just made it taste bitter with NO chocolate taste whatsoever. $9 for a product that doesn’t boost the flavor of Huel at all. I don’t know if I want to spend more money on being disappointed.


A heaping 1/2 tsp of the Chocolate Flavor added to 127g of Vanilla Huel does make a delicious difference. (But, I use 4 parts cold water to 1 part hot water. Maybe the heat opens up the flavor… However, there’s also a huge difference in taste between the unsweetened Huel and Vanilla Huel - could see how it would be difficult to alter the unsweetened stuff, and the website explicitly states that the flavor powders are designed for Vanilla Huel.)


I purchased strawberry and I’m excited to try it. That said, I enjoy the vanilla Huel just fine without any flavoring.


I’m drinking the Strawberry flavor boost now for the first time and it’s great. I’ve been drinking Huel for 6 months and have tried a few different things for flavoring, mainly frozen blueberries. I would say this is by far the simplest and most cost efficient way to do it. I’m excited to try the Banana and Chocolate now.