Flavor Boost Samples?

It seems like from reading different posts, buying a sample of the flavor boosts used to be an option? Trying to figure out if it still is or not. Definitely wanting to add some boost to my huel, but not sure which flavor I would most prefer, and sampling them first would be ideal. Thanks!


It has never been an option in the US market. Last I looked, it was still an option in the UK market. Not sure which applies to you (your in the US forum, but that is not always obvious and there is sometimes accidental cross-over).

Hi Eric! @vossad01 is correct. The flavor boost samples are only available in the UK and they have a wider range as well. It’s a possibility down the road for the US market, but is not currently an option. However, if you try any of our flavor boosts and are unsatisfied, we can issue you a refund for those flavors. Hope this helps!

ahhh that makes sense. i must have read that in the UK forum. i am, indeed, in the US, so I will just have to order and try some! thanks, @vossad01 and @Teresa_Huel. Any flavor recommendations? Kinda leaning away from strawberry but the rest all sound good? I use Huel for both breakfast and lunch.

I ordered three of the flavor boosts. Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry. I am using OG Vanilla Huel as my base. I’ll have to experiment with the right dosage to find what works best.

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Well I ordered the cappuccino earlier today, so hopefully that is good as well!

So far, my preference for the taste boosters are chocolate > strawberry > banana

I will not re-order banana flavoring. It’s not the same taste as actually adding a real banana to the mixture. It’s an artificial banana flavor that is almost too sweet (almost tart) and leaves a small aftertaste. I’ve tried it twice, once by itself and once while mixing with the strawberry flavor. Neither one worked for me.

The strawberry flavoring + a few frozen blueberries added to Huel was good.

The chocolate by itself added to Vanilla Huel is good. Chocolate + peanut butter is even better. And Chocolate + 10 raw cashews is best.

(I also tried Huel + Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix packet + 10 cashews and that was really really good, albeit with 11 grams of sugar.)

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Interesting, I had never thought to put cashews (or any nuts) into the mixture. That is a great idea, as long as my magic bullet can handle it. I have tried using peanut powder which works pretty well and mixes easily. Haven’t received my new shipment with cappuccino yet so no updates on that front.

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Alright, I’ve now tried all 3 (chocolate, strawberry, banana) of the flavor boosters enough times. Chocolate is the only one worth buying, IMO.

The banana and strawberry flavor added to Vanilla Huel are just not worth it. They have a bitterness to them and regular Vanilla Huel is better. They don’t properly mimic their respective fruit flavors. I understand they add no sugar, but it’s not worth it. A half a banana or frozen strawberries themselves are a much better tasting option. And frozen berries, when done in moderation, shouldn’t increase the glycemic index of the overall product that much. I’ll be tossing most of my Strawberry and Banana flavoring packets into the trash.

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I agree about the strawberry. Not good. :pensive: I haven’t tried banana or cappuccino and I likely won’t. The chocolate is (in my opinion) the best. The chocolate mint was just ok. I’ll just use my own flavorings in the future aside from perhaps getting more plain chocolate.

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