How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Thank god, I thought I was being an oddball adding mio to the Huel trying to get something other than vanilla flavoring… I like the Orange Vanilla one in it as well… I’ll have to try the black cherry tomorrow.


Try the unflavored version so you don’t have to overcome the vanilla. You will probably want to add some kind of sweetener though; compared to the vanilla the unsweetened stuff is very not-sweet.


I wonder if you got a bad batch or if something happened during the shipping process to make it spoil. I would recommend reaching out to Huel directly and relaying your issue, then ask for a replacement bag of a different batch lot. Worth a try before giving up completely on it?


Thats easy. You need a customer service department that will actually respond.


If there is anything specific I can help you with just let me know! We are doing our best to respond on all platforms in quick, timely fashion.