How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Thank god, I thought I was being an oddball adding mio to the Huel trying to get something other than vanilla flavoring… I like the Orange Vanilla one in it as well… I’ll have to try the black cherry tomorrow.


Try the unflavored version so you don’t have to overcome the vanilla. You will probably want to add some kind of sweetener though; compared to the vanilla the unsweetened stuff is very not-sweet.


I wonder if you got a bad batch or if something happened during the shipping process to make it spoil. I would recommend reaching out to Huel directly and relaying your issue, then ask for a replacement bag of a different batch lot. Worth a try before giving up completely on it?


Thats easy. You need a customer service department that will actually respond.


If there is anything specific I can help you with just let me know! We are doing our best to respond on all platforms in quick, timely fashion.


I know this thread is quite old, so I hope its alright I’m replying now. Huel so far has had awesome qualities that you don’t often find in online products, mainly referencing the community! Both the administration and the other customers are kind and enthusiastic, eager to share and support each other in our goals and Huel adventures! Kudos to turning your product into such a vibrant community!

With this in mind, I feel as though Huel has a major philanthropic opportunity. Nutritionally complete meals produced this cheaply has a wonderful opportunity to reach starving and malnourished people, often found in our own communities and cities. I think Huel has the potential for great things and I am excited to continue to be a part of it, and I hope to see some philanthropic endeavors from Huel in the future! Cannot wait to see the company and product improve.


I would love to have the vanilla flavoring made available to use in the unsweetened, unflavored version. I have tried some variations of vanilla flavorings, but can’t get the taste quite right. A vanilla flavor boost would be great.


You can try and figure out why a decent amount of people can not receive the order they paid for. I have read other accounts just like mine, ordering product and not getting it or half the order or a T-shirt and scoops but no Huel. I have had two separate order numbers and a third “shipment “ with no tracking number and still no product! Your customer service people seem nice, just seems like they don’t have any real power to get anything done. Seems like you need to fire whomever is in charge of the warehouse in Texas, because I have also had two tracking numbers with no product, no shipment or boxes that just don’t make sense. Why would anybody pay $89 for a T-shirt and two scoops and no Huel? You would think they would think that there might be a problem.


Did you order from the Huel Website or Amazon ? Single purchase from the site for 2 bags is 66 and 3 is 99. Yup it would suck not getting your order either way. I regularly order from the website on a Thursday or Friday and have the shipment the following week


Well I am glad someone is getting their order. I have ordered from the website and if you sign up for subscription you receive 10%off. Do you subscribe or order what you need when you need it?


I wait until I’m opening my last bag and then reorder.


The grid-like plastic piece for the shaker… the small little hole under the base of that ‘peg’ gets clogged with product. That’s the only thing I dislike about the shaker. Seems unclean and potential dangerous if bacteria grow. Hard to clean


Some guy mentioned in a previous thread that he bought a new shaker and used a hot glue gun to seal that up.


I personally don’t use the grid unless i’m adding ice. It stops a big chunk of ice firing into your mouth.

The grid is an ice barrier, it doesn’t help mix Huel, in fact it makes it worst.


Hi There! Thanks for the note. This is surely something we are always working on! Do you have any current issues with an on-going order? I would be more than happy to assist you further.


My first order just arrived, and I tried the original vanilla flavor today.

Add me to the long list of people who notice the sucralose taste and LOATHE it. Any chance of either increasing the vanilla in the vanilla flavor or making a sweetened version with cane sugar, agave nectar or honey? I would actually pay more for that.


We have thought about sweeteners a lot. Sugar was out because of the effect on the GI and obesity. Xylitol is a good natural sweetener but is just not sweet enough, we would have to put so much in to create the same mildly sweet Huel we have now. Xylitol also has a laxative effect, so the amounts we would need to use would cause adverse side effects. Too much stevia is bitter. Of course, there are options to sweeten it on your own. Many of our Huelers do sweeten Huel with their own ideas (honey, blueberries, cinnamon, cloves, etc). We also offer a sweetened version and an unsweetened version so people can make an informed decision.


Oh yeah. No, I figured I could sweeten it myself :grinning:

After trying my bag of UU Huel, I’m just going to buy that version from now on and experiment with it. Thanks for listening and thanks for a great product. Also glad you didn’t take the xylitol route, LOL.


I use 100-125 mL of diet v8 splash as a sweetener/flavorer for UU Huel.

I mostly don’t even try other things anymore because this works for me - and I’m slamming it down rather than savoring it for texture and flavor. The point (for me) is that I get nutrition without having to work so hard to make meals - why have it be it harder deciding how it should be different each days day?


Would love to have a keto huel if that is somehow possible. I started doing Intermittent fasting which with huel was easy, however i wanted to see more results after i hit a plateau. therefore, i implemented keto diet while doing intermittent fasting and since have had good results. But, with huel being so dependent on carbs with oats and rice, i find that i dont use huel at all anymore