Another noob to Huel

I’ll be receiving my 1st shipment tomorrow. Super jazzed to be starting! I’m impressed by the friendly helpfulness I see here. Kudos on building such a great group!


The vegan, eco-friendly aspects of Huel speak to my heartstrings. However, I was drawn to this primarily for the nutrition and weight loss potential.

I’ve been stalking the forum and absorbing all your good advice. Thank you all! So my plan is to spend a couple days easing my body into this and then go full steam ahead toward a different path than the one I find myself on.

I’m just introducing myself and letting you know that you’ve grown by one more member. :blush:


I got mine yesterday. It took about 5 days from placing the order till arrival. Pretty good for free shipping. Already had a few servings here and there. The taste is pretty decent. I personally like oat and vanilla flavor, so it sets right with me.

Just had a “half dose” this afternoon at work. It’s really busy here, and it was convenient being able to just sip my mix here at my work area.


Hi @Deron :blush:
I got mine just 2 days after ordering! Shocker! :open_mouth: I really like the vanilla flavor too. That’ll be a big plus in sticking with it. I’ve developed a bad habit of skipping meals all day and then eating too much at night. I’m hoping this will help me break outta that because it’s so effortless.


@Sondi I also tend to skip meals, usually because I run out of time or I just forget. That’s part of the reason I am trying Huel. I like the fact that I can quickly pour some almond milk, add huel, cinnamon and nutmeg, shake and go before work.

I’m curious how you’re liking it so far? I haven’t done much experimenting yet, which is why I signed on to the forum, but I don’t see much variety in the “Recipes” section, especially any vegan recipes. :frowning: I will have to do some experimenting I suppose. I’m great with shakes, but I’m always nervous to try baking. I really want to experiment with some vegan banana bread using huel…

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You are right, there have not been many recipes posted on the forum. I imagine you already saw them, but if not there are some on the Huel website:

Also try this other forum, there are recipes there as well.

I received my first box tonight!! Already mixed a cup for b-fast tomorrow. Reading the let’s get started book has helped me decide to ease into it with 1 meal for the next 3-5 days.

I’m very excited about this journey!! I’ll continue to post my results…currently 5’10" 225lbs (husky)!!

Good luck to everyone!!


I better add myself. I’m waiting for my order to arrive. Im 5’11” 207lbs. I have a few health issues I need to balance and lose a lot of weight. However I’m getting into Huel for overall health