How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Suggestion: A flavor-boost sampler pack.

P.S. Love the product!


Hi Teresa,

  1. I have been using the unsweetened/unflavored powder. I have mixed it with Huel Chocolate Mint, as well as cocoa powder/agave nectar. I have a bag of vanilla powder, but have not tried it yet. As others have suggested, it would be great if there were a sampler pack of Huel flavor boosts that we could purchase.

  2. I have read it. I hope this is true, but it is still a concern.

  3. I read that here: Question about the Heavy Metal Report from 2017
    While one serving is below required levels, multiple servings would not be, according to this post. It makes it hard to want to drink more than one serving per day.



Hi Julian. I am about to place my third order. I really like the product and the flavor boosts. The referral program leave a lot to be desired. I have had issues with every order I’ve placed. I was told by email I could only use one referral bonus per order, but on the rules and regulations page, it says I can use multiple ones. I got my referral code for this order and got an error message that my order didn’t qualify for the discount. (2 bags and a flavor boost) I have found nothing anywhere on how to remedy this, much less why my order doesn’t qualify… what gives?


Hey there. We do only allow one referral coupon per order. On the FAQ page it says “While there is no limit to how many $10 discounts you can earn you can only apply one per order. Multiple discounts cannot be applied to a single order.”

I’ll send you a PM to get more details about your recent referral.


I think a flavor boost sampler pack would be a really hot seller!


I too would be interested in a bar. However in the past I have struggled when eating meal replacement bars, because they do not give the same feeling of fullness as eating a meal or drinking a full Huel shake. So I would want that bar to still contain as much fiber as possible to help me feel full. The bar would probably be pretty chewy too, which is OK and actually what I would prefer for slower eating.


If you want to try Fruit Loops…check out this protein powder! I just got mine this week and tried some last night. It is very sweet - much sweeter than plain Huel, but the flavor is really good!


Better packing. Just got my latest shipment and one of the bags was split. Lost a bit of product and wound up with a huge mess on the floor (due to flipping the bags around trying to see which one it was). The smaller boxes just don’t protect as well, it seems.



Sorry about the mess you experience with the damage bag. I will reach out to you via private message for order details to resolve this.


I’m no mathematician, but I think the Hueler who posted below the original poster showed the math on how Huel is within the safe levels. :nerd_face:


Hi Teresa,

The Hueler who replied to the original poster showed the math on how only a single serving of Huel is within the safe levels, which was a number that was established in 1993 and is probably too high (they are currently in the process of finding a lower safe value). Anything more than a single serving of Huel and you are above safe levels, according to that post.



Check it again. :wink: The OP’s math is corrected and the OP acknowledges the correction. Just to be super sure since I’m not a nutritionist either, I have reached out to our very own @JamesCollier and @Rebecca_Huel to help clear things up. :+1:


Hi Teresa,

I think you need to check it again. From the reply you are talking about:

“So if my unit conversions and math are correct, then there is theoretically 5.588 mcg of lead per serving of Huel. While this is below the maximum daily intake of 6mcg of lead the FDC set in 1993, as you stated, the FDA is now reviewing this daily maximum based off of new scientific data.”

Keep in mind that is per serving, meaning that more than one serving of Huel per day puts you above the daily limit.



Sorry, so many numbers going around, I got a little confused. I’ve confirmed with @Rebecca_Huel that it’s 5.58mcg per serving. On the surface, this can look concerning, but keep in mind that heavy metal content in a vegan or vegetarian diet is usually very high & as such, it is difficult to reduce the heavy metal content in Huel as it is plant based. Since heavy metal levels in crops vary due to the soil things are grown in, we are always on the lookout to source ingredients with lower heavy metal content. Also, it’s worth noting that the bio availability of heavy metals in plant sources is not the same as in animal sources. I thought this table from that other thread was really interesting.


Thanks for the response. I agree that the table shown helps put things in perspective, but it is still concerning. I’m curious, how much lead is in a serving of Huel RTD? Is it the same amount?



What mechanism clears these metals?

While exploring a cenote in Mexico they warned us to not drink any of the water because of high levels of limestone could [be bad] - but the native Mayan ate chayote to minimize/negate that danger.

Is there a process by which human metabolism can naturally rid itself of heavy metals?


I believe listening to any Baby Metal song will instantly remove any inkling or semblance of heavy metal. I can’t stand them.

On a serious note, I think removal of heavy metals is a job for the liver. We’ve also got a few “chelating” agents than can be used in some specific circumstances.

I just don’t see a lot of patients (or any for that matter) admitted to my hospital for heavy metal poisoning. We’ve got the iron toxicity occasionally seen in pediatrics who overdosed on the chewable vitamins they thought was candy. But, in general, heavy metal toxicity is really not something we worry about in the united states. It’s like 357th on the list of things that we worry about.

Sugar and the consequences of overindulgence in sugar are far, far, far more worrying than the level of manganese or lead naturally found in plant based foods. Trans fats are way worse. And some of these studies showing a correlation between consumption of large amounts of animal meats and heart disease worry me more. (Especially, cause I like pork.) Not getting enough fiber is problematic. Consuming too many energy drinks is concerning. Smoking… good God, don’t get me started on the dangers of that. Overexposure to the sun.

Seriously, this manganese and lead levels naturally found in the food stuffs that is in Huel is really not something to be worried about. Until Huel started actually putting all these numbers up, I bet people didn’t even realize these heavy metals were even in oats, peas, rice etc. I’ve eaten a lot of oatmeal and rice and peas already growing up, and I never worried about manganese.

Really, the only discussion we should be having about heavy metals this year is that phenomenal comeback album by Judas Priest. Firepower was released earlier this year. It’s 44 years after their debut album and these guys can release material as strong as anything they’ve done their whole career.


We’ll be posting some results next week.


Yeah, I’m mostly looking for perspective on this part of this conversation. Comparing MICROgrams of metals i a serving of oats or peas with an absolute “safe” threshold that had little/no context is needlessly scary.

It would be nice to see how much of these metals come out of our tap water. Miles of municipal plumbing that’s 50+ years old? Surely that water is “acceptable” but is it “safe”? Yeah. Run it through a filter before you drink it. You have well water? That might be better, but even 100% natural water contains who-knows-what that you still want to filter. If you live in an area where fracking ruins groundwater, you may have unsafe levels stuff that probably doesn’t even occur naturally and isn’t measured or reported.

Even after all that is said, I think it would be helpful if the Huel page about metals included some education about how a working liver removes toxins. Also if there is some functional difference between plant vs animal sources, that would be interesting too.


I thought I would revisit this topic. I first wanted to mention the bottles. I was thinking of getting some, but I am sad that they have less protein, even when you account for the fact that they are fewer calories. Also, I know you have to have a special coating to preserve the nutrients, but I think you should look into a cardboard bottle like the one that muscle milk uses. Muscle milk is not a complete meal though. It is only a protein shake, so maybe you can’t use their type of bottle with the coding that you need. I don’t know. Another thing that could save on waist is if you could buy a huge carton of premade Huel, Or a huge bottle, and then just measure it out so that you get the right amount. Know that it can only last for 24 hours in the fridge if you make it, but I have a feeling that a big carton would last longer in the fridge if it came pre-made, and also you are putting a lid on the carton. Another thing I would suggest is to possibly add more citric acid because I have noticed that when I add lemon juice to it, the annoying aftertaste goes away. I was reading an interview or something that was seeming to say that you purposely did not make it taste good so that people would not over eat. I hope that is not true because people will not over eat just because something tastes good. We over eat because some manufacturers specifically do things to the food that make you addicted to it, which is different then just making it taste good. Of course, nutrition should always come first, but don’t purposely make it taste bad if that makes sense. I really do not mind the taste, so that is why I was wondering about it when I saw that interview. The next thing I would suggest is to see if you can get more of the vitamins and minerals coming from Whole Foods sources. If you can’t do this without significantly increasing the cost of the product though, then don’t do it. Also, I think that in addition to the shaker, you should sell something like a hand blender or something. Like maybe you don’t have to plug it in and things because that will take away the convenience, but there must be something where you can hand crank it or something like that to have a blender if you want to get the powdery text you’re out. I don’t mind it, but some people want it gone. I would also like to see more savory flavors. I have just been adding Mrs. Dash to the original one when I want it to be more savory. You can have it hot with Mrs. Dash, or cold with Mrs. Dash. Parmesan cheese to it one time because I thought that would make it better, but actually, that made it worse, so maybe you should not make flavor is that taste like cheese or maybe I did something wrong. However, Mrs. Dash without cheese is great. Also, the vanilla one with lemon juice is great. It gives you that hang after it like having vanilla yogurt. You don’t really have to worry about people getting too much vitamin C because it is water-soluble, although I know you don’t want to megadose people. However, just adding some citric acid or some lemon powder or something to make it taste a bit better would not be harmful and it would not be expensive. I like the taste until the end where it has a really bitter finish like if you drink a wine that has not been aged or if you brew really strong tea. I don’t like that taste. I tried many ideas from the Internet to get rid of it including adding more fat even though that adds calories, adding chocolate, adding Salt, baking it, and disguising it with spices like cinnamon. Basalt was a terrible idea and even though I used only a pinch, that made it way worse. I added it to the vanilla, thinking that it would be kind of sweet, but a little bit salty like the way the cookies. All it did was really make the bitter flavor stick out even more. Baking muffins with it mostly worked, but now I just realized that that was because I added acid in the form of vinegar. Adding fat or yogurt really did not do anything except just make it creamier. I don’t care if it is creamy or not. Only thing that has worked is to add acid like a lemon, orange. Adding lemon juice is the best because it doesn’t affect the taste. Don’t worry about making it taste good. The bitter taste being gone just makes it more pleasant for me. It does not give me the urge to over eat like I have with Doritos. For some reason, I do love dark chocolate and aged cheeses, but I don’t like this after taste because it is a bit different. Also, adding banana or peanut butter does not work to get rid of it. Lastly, I will say that it would be great if you could have the granola in the United States. You are really going to capture sales from more Americans if you can have something be a complete meal without being a liquid. Definitely keep the powder so that you don’t kick low income people or people who want to save costs out of the market, but it would be great to have the granola, and also, it would be good to have a few other products like you could have something that tasted like a honey bun, but it would be a complete meal, or you could have something that would seem like a bag of chips, but it would be more filling and it would be a complete meal. We like to eat what you would consider a snack as a meal. Like instead of Doritos, I could have Huel chips instead. I am sorry to say, but I don’t think that the bottles will take off as well because of the cost, and because they have less protein. Hopefully I am wrong though. I don’t think you should rush to get the bar is over here though. I think the granola is the most important. I also think that more Americans would go for some thing like a cookie or a honey bun or a muffin instead of a bar. Here, bars are kind of scene as it grows, and only for bodybuilding or health-conscious people, not just for someone Who wants to eat a complete food. Also, I would like to be able to buy A special bowl for the granola so all I have to do is fill it up to the line, and then fill it up to the top with milk. Oh, and the last thing I forgot is maybe consider changing the fat source from coconut. Maybe coconut is the best fat source. However, it does seem a bit high in saturated fat.