How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


I saw on a post somewhere that they are working on the ability to add singular items to subscription mailings, but no word on when it may be live.


This statement actually made me think that a single large scoop was an even better idea, rather than convince me otherwise. It might make getting the full 127g easier, since it seems nearly impossible to achieve in the small cups. Also, for weighing, it would be easier to weigh in the singular large scoop vs. scooping into a separate container to weigh. It would be easier to cram/pack a single large scoop, no?


But if I’m at say 122g the small scoop is helpful in only getting the addition 5g I need to get to the 127g needed. The larger scoop would fool your eyes and result in grabbing maybe 15g additional and possibly result in me having to then take powder out to reach the desired 127g.


If you are concerned about the caloric intake of -5 to +15 grams of Huel, you should be using a scale and nit a scoop of any size.

My original scoop was cracked, so I use a 1/4 cup measure because I already have one in my kitchen. It’s a sturdy white plastic because the metal one I have is already in use as as coffee measure. I don’t have issues with Huel dust static. If the first scoop is tightly packed it doesn’t fall apart in the shaker, then I scoop the second one a little less tightly. I once weighed the scoop at about 45 grams - so I’m not hitting exactly 127g, but i don’t care.

idk, seems like it shouldn’t be so difficult


The fiber is killing me to start. I miss a couple of days and it’s like starting over. I’d replace most of my meals if fiber was lower.


Good afternoon,

At first I was skeptical of this product. But as I find myself in the Middle East with not so good dining facilities I gave it a go. I must say I was surprised at the “oaty” flavor and grittiness, so I worked with the amount of water I used and found a happy medium. I’m not fond of the chocolate, strawberry, or banana flavor boosters, but I’m a man that likes full flavor not just a hint of it. So I burn through a bag quickly, but I did find if you add Tang or Black Cherry Mio you get great tasting concoction. As some of the other folks already stated, a lower carb version would be nice. I was on a Keto diet and had great success dropping body fat, will I be able to see the same results with just 1500 calories of Huel and a few healthy snakes in a day? Only time will tell.

Now to my question/suggestion:
Any way to get the the powder in a finer consistency?


Please tell me more about how you use healthy snakes


Tang or Black Cherry Mio + Huel? I like where you’re going with this, @EWA78. The only way to get the powder into a finer consistency that I can think of would be using a blender or perhaps using a blender ball when shaking to really help disperse the lumps. I’m sure you already thought about the blender though!


Darn spell check…


I believe that one surving is actually 7/8 of a cup, not 1 cup, But I suppose it isn’t that important. On to more important things, could you considered using Chia instead of flax? I believe that it would improve the texture, and also flax has an annoying aftertaste. I love the taste except for the flax aftertaste, But my boyfriend will not use the product because of this aftertaste. Also make be bag have a zip or Velcro closure, add a small handle or knob to more easily secure the lid of the shaker, provide a discount if you add a flavor boost to your subscription, and provide an option that you would like to be emailed the digital instructions booklet instead of receiving a paper one. Also sell a sleeve for the shaker so you could put it in there and clip it to your belt or hang it from a shoulder strap. I suppose you could also do this by modifying the design to include a carabiner or a place where you can put a shoulder strap. I walk around and I would like to have the shaker with me because I normally do not carry a backpack because it hurts my back if I carry it for too long. Also, drinking from it while it is on my shoulder will make sure I don’t accidentally drop it or something while I am on the bus. I know that switching to metal would probably be too costly, but it would be helpful if you could apply some sort of oder resistant coating to the shaker or do something so that the plastic doesn’t keep absorbing the odors of different flavors. Perhaps switched to silicone, and it would be collapsible as well as odor resistant. Plus add flavor boosts where you can drink it hot so you could have a Huel Hot latte.




Please help us gluten frees out with GF flavor boosts! I’m grateful I can have Huel with my boatload of restrictions, but additional options (which I think are probably really delicious) would be amazing.


How about a shaker bottle where the top doesn’t try to hit me in the face every time I drink? I own other bottles with similar “snap” closures (which I prefer over a screw top), but you can push them out of the way when drinking. Also adding a loop/hook on the lid that could be used to carry the shaker would helpful when hands are full!


Is there gluten in the flavor boosts?


Yes, to have different opinions at the huel store to purchase. From ordering one bag of huel and one box of 12 premaid huel. This option would be nice. Also a loyalty plan to the company of how many purchases you make. Even though you’re not a subscription get a discount. this would help person like me I cannot subscribe to do the financial reasons.


How about a digital scale for the (insert order amount here) Maybe get the Huel Logo on it somehow? This would have 2 benefits. Customers would not have to keep track of their scoops for so long,and they would be getting the serving size spot on each time.



I just started drinking Huel this week. I like it overall. Here are a couple thoughts:

  1. There is a slight metallic taste for me. I typically love the taste of protein powders and overall Huel tastes good, but the slightly metallic taste is a bit odd. I wonder there is this taste?

  2. Although it has been addressed on your website, the Manganese content in Huel powder is concerning to me. I saw that Huel ready-to-drink has less Manganese. Would it be possible to buy the Huel RTD formula in powdered form? RTD is quite a bit more expensive than Powder, and there is also the environmental concern of packaging and plastic bottles. Are there any other plans to reduce Manganese?

  3. I read that a serving of Huel powder contains 4 micrograms of lead. Is the same true for Huel RTD?



No gluten ingredients, but is not certified gluten-free.


Hi Rick!

  1. Hmm, Huel has a light vanilla, oaty taste, but it shouldn’t taste metallic. Perhaps you would prefer our unsweetened/unflavored variety or a mix of that with the vanilla to create a flavor better suited for your taste buds.
  2. Did you see this section on manganese on our nutrition page? It’s not possible to get the RTD in powder form. I’m not sure of any plans to reduce manganese as it is mostly naturally occurring from our oats and we love our oats!
  3. Where did you read that? We monitor heavy metal levels in the soil wherever our ingredients are grown, as well as in the final product, to ensure these are always at a safe level. The levels of all heavy metals in Huel are safely below the required levels.


Maybe something like this?